Indian Outlook after BRICS

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  • Indian Outlook after BRICS


  • Just to brush in your memory of these two years (Modi’s tenure) in ruling India there has been a phenomenon change in its perspective. Be it economic, commercial, balance of payments, oil pricing, outsourcing energy, managing inward commitments and a road path towards Industrial development, you take any area; there has been considerable and marked development. The Country with a population of 120 billion has been managing its terms and trivial in a decent way.  The formidable Prime Minister Mr.Modi has not taken a day’s leave too and has been around the world engaged in developing this huge Nation and its culture.  The visits have really drawn fruits and emancipated a culture of Make in India to a considerable level.  Not only that our FDI have grown in arithmetical progression.


The Continental tour of our Prime Minister have also envisaged a clear-cut root in our policies and principles against Pakistan who have been responsible for promoting terrorism in our Country and his tours have brought in results that we are now efficiently supported by so many other Nations in our decisions against Pakistan. Please note once the US Government has refused Visa for our Prime Minister Modi. Now the tables have changed.  Both democratic and Republican of US state government is looking ahead of India and its development. They have a keen watch and wait over policy changes and eying on multiple trade relations every now and then.  The various agreements made in Defence and Alternative Energy sectors shall definitely prove a point of his visit and able governance of our country.  On the other hand their investments {FDI} have increased our strength notably.


  • The recent BRICS summit held in India have evoked a sizable response in our economy, though South Africa and Brazil support us and engaged in all the trade relations with us in spite of their depleted conditions. The recent BREXIT have put in England in a tight corner now and to get that revived takes a considerable time. The dwindling levels of crude oil pricing have also affected the European Union’s position in the universal arena. Likewise, the USA has started accepting the growth of Russian and its developments are taken cognisance by them. Russian has played a greater part in the BRICS summit by commissioning two more reactors in our existing Koodankulam Project. Inspire of Russia being not considered by us for signing some serious defense treaties with the USA.
  • Likewise, our implementation of GST will make the entire country go digital and our approach and applications will endeavor us the right place and push us as the best in the Asian continent. This will definitely augment our Trade Section and pave way for Industrial development very effectively. The resolution of adding the participants of BRICS have come as a must by the International Monetary Fund.  In all probabilities, all these five Nation’s would soon be included and it would be not in a distant future.  This is another feather in our caps. Based on these lines China is trying to occupy the Bay of Bengal and wanted to establish its credential over the Nations in the Bay of Bengal.  On the contrary, Brazil and South Africa are vehemently trying to improve the trade treaties with India as they have seen India growing in every shape and if these agreements get materialized this would run into more than 1000 crores and more. Though the occupation by Chinese in the Bay of Bengal is objected by fellow Nation’s like Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and all these countries are interested in India and they all support India in every earnest situation. Added to this Indo-Iran have entered into a cooperative agreement to bring in the pipe -line for oil through Afghanistan and this would enrich our relations with these countries too. This would also develop are trade pacts with Iran and Afghan.
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  • To sum it up the opponents were simply raising the uproar in the Parliament every now and then about Modi’s visit to various Foreign Nations and he has not just toured for the sake of touring. On the other hand brought in vantage results in every section where he had planned.  Every other country he had visited now started  investing in India.  He made it a policy by using the FDI and made them start their ventures in India, which would develop our Make in India culture and develop our trade too.  Every Indian Industry would develop with them and importantly our employment problem would get solved earlier thereby creating avenues for our people. At every visit he had been pounding on the development of our youth who are more than 55% of our population and when they get into the groove of development there are every chances the whole country will start turning the table to a level which all of aspire and this has been his thinking and slowly these have come to take shape.
  • The future of our country will definitely be safe and secure and our economic levels will tend to grow as we approach the future centuries.
  • Jai Hind.
  • T Mohenchander
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