Tamilnadu in Political Pendulous

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Tamilnadu in Political Pendulous


In Indian Democracy each one of us have the right to vote in every state of that Country the political party which is most needed by us, which one has the potential to deliver as per the election manifesto and so on.  We can, by voting the right party to the power to have the end uses as contained in their exhibition during the election process is on… We do go in for the leadership who fulfils the criteria in all aspects and has the will and grit to rule the State and in accordance with the strength, we elect the same leader as ours and we would be suitably satisfied. That would be the leader who lead us as promised and that is why we have selected the leader Ms. Jayalalithaa as our Chief Minister during the just concluded May 2016 Election for the 6th time to our State. She was a monumental strength and a lady with Iron Power and who knows the nuances of the State and acclaimed the masses by her various schemes which went to uplift the downtrodden considerably and that is the reason when her name AMMA occurs in the air every citizen acclaims there is a power which would protect the people and their aspirations. The main reason to elect her was the control she had in her party and who can confront with Centre and nearby states without hampering the owned states interest.  The best example would be dealing the Knavery issues with Karnataka and the Centre in a very efficient way which had opened the eyes of many in the Country.  Lik ewise the Palaru issue which was acclaimed another feather to her cap along with Mullaiperiaru Dam which was prolonging long and long with Kerala and she had tied the knot with fighting with the Supreme Court. This unequivocal talent in her has brought her and the party to power and everyone in Tamilnadu was happy to return her the power for the sixth time.  No one has the power or competence to match her now.  The unexpected demise during December 2016 has created a very big void in Tamilnadu Politics.  She can ever be substituted by any standards by anyone else. She was a great pillar of strength for the underprivileged of the Tamilnadu.  Her modus operandi in envisaging things to suit the common man and the needy were commendable.


Few to cite the low budgeted Amma canteens, Amma water, Amma Medical shops, Amma Salt etc.  Where can we get a leader like her. it is a million dollar question. She was a woman of confidence and strength combined to fight every event and every problem in a most sensible way eliminating the evils in it. She was untouchable by anyone in the Country and stood for her bold principles and her people.  That is the reason even the Central Government was having a look at her always for the outcome of various policies. Her scheme which has acclaimed the global coverage was the adoption of the Orphanage scheme through which all the neglected children are taken and nurtured. This has been appreciated by Japan, Afghanis than, Italy, Syria and Russia.  She was the leader of masses and she lived and died for their welfare. Very able administrator and a very good decision maker. An astute reader and she know the entire departments of Tamilnadu in her fingertips.  When she attends the Assembly Sessions the way in which she answers the questions raised by the opposition parties knows that she was attention to details at every hour and minute.  Where can we find a statesman like this? It is an irreparable loss to Tamilnadu State and the people.


To fill the gap which has been created by her absence in the party, the party can choose any leader who has the acumen and augur to take up the position.  It is their party and their wish.  Knowing fully well we had elected Madam Jayalalithaa as our Chief Minister based on her past actions and ability to lead the party and its functionaries and also the State which has more than 7 crores of people dwelling here. The recent happening in Tamilnadu is putting all of us at a back step.  All the psychophants have opined that Sasikala would be the next choice for General Secretary and in all probabilities she would also take up the mantle of Chief Minister.  This will be atrocious.  Added to this her Mannargudi Group will also join the cabinet to be very specific the famous Sudhakaran on whom there are cases many including the FERA violations when he was an MP. The gamut of things which are happening in Tamilnadu can sufficiently satisfy their coterie in the party, but am for one to be sure that it will not make happy the people of Tamilnadu.  It will be a sin for all of us to have given the reins to such unqualified and unquantified leaders to lead us. We have all voted for Jayalalithaa and not for anyone else in the party and the proposal to elect Sasikala would be a ruining effect on us and their party.  This would definitely disintegrate the AIADMK party too, as we hear and see through media various unrests at various places in Tamilnadu not accepting the leadership of Sasikala and her accomplices.


This one side, in another development there has been posters and publicities about Deepa who is Jayalalithaa’s brother’s daughter and she is trying to loop into the situation as another leader.  She has the right to file suitable writs against the wealth of Jayalalithaa as a legal heir but not to stake a claim her role in the state, as though is awaiting her leadership.  What is her calibre and experience in the party?  This is another gimmick and joke doing the rounds in Tamilnadu. To an extent we can accept Panner Selvam as her deputy, because twice in a predicament he was chosen by Jayalalithaa by herself. If the leader who is going to take the reins is not quite fit and confident to face the situation that prevail in Tamilnadu, it would be a disaster for all of us in the State.  We need someone who can ably put in their efforts to solve various issues that are threatening our State.


On the Contrary the supposed to be opposition party the DMK and its leader M.Karunanidhi has been postponing the decision to find his successor and the mighty leader is also unwell for quite long and it is very difficult he can envisage what he has been delivering to Tamilnadu.  Now that very recently Stalin his son who has been elected as the working President in the Party and his fist is closed and we need to await his actions and inactions should there be an opportunity for him to lead. The fact is both the ruling and the opposition party are not at their best spirits and no wonder what turns our State is going to take. More over there are cases against Sasikala and her coterie in the Supreme Court and the decisions are awaited.

To put it in nutshell, the whole December month has been a black December for all of us in the state and it would be no wonder if I say and utter that Tamilnadu is in dire straits nd what is going to happen………. We need to keep our fingers crossed.

A magic or miracle has to happen to us… Let us wait and see



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