The New President of America – Donald Trump


The New President of America – Donald Trump





The New President of America – Donald Trump


On the 20th of January, 2017 the 45th President of USA Mr Donald Trump has been elected to the office of the Presidency in the USA. I had the opportunity of hearing his speech through the social media and I would like to enlighten upon certain factors on his assuming the office.

The biggest democracy and its shaping cannot be just presumed right today and I remembered of one aspect that When Abraham Lincoln assumed office he was holding a copy of the bible in his hand.  That is to say, his faith and godliness have paved way for his successful tenure. I would like to just refer here to the comment made by the President of International Monetary Fund Mr.Lakortey, In the World Economic Forum held in Davos this year, he was mentioning that the whole word is facing an economic resurgence and the changes that are happening everywhere would not be of the order of similar simulations.  It will and varies from country to country and the whole universe is undergoing rapid change in the economic purview of individual Nations. The yardsticks of their growth and development are designed to different altitudes and dimensions. One thing is for certain that there was a clear cut point was missing in his inaugural address the humility with which all the past American would embrace in their speeches. No word of thanks was there for his predecessor Obama. Instead, Trump was continuing to attack Washington Establishments.  He was vowing to end the carnage the Americans faced. He put American first in all policy decisions and eradicate the Radical Islamic Terror from the Country. He has exhibited many facets of Nationalism in every word of his speech which was at the lowest ebb with earlier Presidents.


If you seek in that purview it is evident that Trump may work in immediately on the employment factors that affect the Americans first than to put his heel on the Welfare schemes of the past Obama government. How is he going to lay his head on such vital issues? We need to wait and see the process. Maybe Trump is right in developing the Human Resources first. Based on the presumptions of Trump counting in on the affinity with Putin would wave in considerably the Russian interest is yet to be decided on the future course of actions. The whole of Britain and the European Union as per their Economic Development and their delink with other Nations in their economic policy are going to govern heavily on the future outcome of American Interest.


The time has come for Individual Nations to embark upon their Individual Economic Policies and plan themselves according to their resources and put in their game plan distinctly and differently and enrich themselves in the world economic existences. The whole world is awaiting how Mr Trump is going to face the difficulties of the most downtrodden citizens who are more than 400 crores in the world and how their needs are going to be met.  We have to wait to keep our fingers crossed. Of course, Trump cannot forget that his country is the richest in the world and it has incorporated its own policies and gained the status what it has today because of its mighty powerful and economically viable nation. For the past 8 years, Barack Obama has been maintaining the country’s strategic elements in a most elegant way and he has been acclaimed as one of the greatest leaders of USA so far. Few of his worth mentioning achievements are:


  1. The way in which he had talked Terrorism against all odds and emphatically managed the rudiments of the nefarious problem.
  2. The way in which he had handled Iran issues which were merging into nuclear weaponry society and confiscating violence has their habit and culture.
  3. He was responsible for the makeshift arrangement with Fidel Castro from Communism to Capitalism.
  4. Though he allowed the growth of Chinese invasion into economic climate in the USA, at the same time he had created his own yardsticks and prevented them from laying a permanent footing in the USA
  5. All these goes to show how well he had been through his eight years of his presidency of the United States of America.

Moreover, when he was participating in one of the Republic Day functions in India he had envisaged a clear-cut friendly atmosphere and his closeness with our Prime Minister Modi has paved ways for a certain strategic alliance in the Defence sector and Power and Alternative energy sources very clearly.  He was also with us the terrorism of Pakistan in our country and countermanded certain treaties with Pakistan because of their unethical infiltration into our Country. He had also called on Prime Minister Modi and informed him before laying down his office in the USA. He had also mentioned that Modi is a friend of the While house.


Based on all this Trump has promised to continue his relationship with India as he was mentioning that 1% of Indian Americans are here and they have been contributing to the growth of USA and he would also render all assistance to them in all matters. He had also promised a continual help in defence equipment growth in India, along with Solar Energy, Information Technology, Growth of Small cities and urbanised development etc.

The Political ecstasy of American Culture and growth will definitely passed on to countries like India in a most determined way and Trump has significantly commented about his interest in growing with India and we shall wait and watch the future of American indulgence in our scheme of things.

We wish to build a fair bilateral relationship which would benefit both the Nations.














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