Awake all Youngsters

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Awake all Youngsters

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I am referring to all the young students who have made a great demonstration of their strength during the recent Marina Dharna and their ability to come together and augment for a cause which has been distorted by many a varied non-interested community and opposed a big ban on the Jallikattu sports activity.  Without mincing words and might and enabling all caste, creed, upper, middle, lower caste barriers come in large and large number which the Marina and Tamilnadu would not have imagined has been the strength of their unity.  Remember there was neither leadership claimed nor familiarity breed.  All are individuals and fought for a common cause and endured with patience and sat in the Marina Beach for a week without even thinking of their domestic errand or their lives.  The cry in Marina has reverberated not only in Chennai but also to every district in Tamilnadu and each one was interested in the fight and every city and district starts amounting their gathering in a more synchronised manner and ultimately they made it.  That means they have made the entire government to revert back to the original position for the sport and made an indelible impression amongst the citizen of Tamilnadu that there is a force which is ready to give in when an opportunity arises. That was the common goal for a common cause and each and every individual who had participated in the fight proved that all these younger generations of Tamilnadu is ready to go in for and serve the cause without any ambiguity.  Their silent struggle unearthed the reverberation from all over the world wherever there existed a Tamilian and started pouring in the support from all corners for the noble cause. All of us have the experience of the same through all social media and other publications on behalf of their struggle. Indeed I was in all proudest moment when I went through all these silent stints by students and was very much convinced these are the guys who would protect this state and the country in case of need. This was a total show of strength in a most peaceful way and I would venture to say that they have followed the Gandhian principle of Non-Violence and stood for their cause without disturbing the normal public.  In fact, the Public has also joined them after two or three days and showed their solidarity with the student community.

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That was the greatness of our student community. After a few weeks just think about our state Tamilnadu, what has happened immediately after the demise of former Chief Minister Jayalalitha and the aftermath of political turbulence in Tamilnadu. The family politics and factors start playing their cards and the entire state is in a turmoil and as citizen of this state make us think, why at all we have elected such Members for the assembly and their fiascos based on the family feuds and political ambitions thwarting the interest of the common man who had voted them to power. I am not mincing words here, the conduct of AIADMK and its MLAs who have joined factions and the way they have taken the credence of the power of their own factors, projecting leadership to hold the main authority and having the magic wand to control over the elected members of the assembly. All these legislatures are behaving like born slaves just for the sake of few pecuniary benefits and throwing the entire state into haywire and the new family fiasco which has come into force now, once nowhere visible when Jayalalithaa was ruling the State. They all come into being and start claiming that they are the legal heirs of Jayalalithaa and they have to take care of the entire Tamilnadu by taking over the reins. The entire people of Tamilnadu is now aware what is happening today and each and every voter feels and regrets the upcoming in Tamilnadu and the party culture. Each and every other person is having a thud on this scenario and all of us here are very doubtful how the remaining four years are going to be governed by the ruling AIADMK. All the MLAs have been ridiculed in their respective constituencies and taken for a ride when they visit their area and they are hesitant to go and meet people because of their shameful experience of voting the assembly when the majority was demanded by the Governor.  Because they have all been captivated by the family fiasco and was put in a Resort in Koovathoor and controlled by the ruling party not to be the runaway by the opposite forces.  They were there more than a slave and adhering to the money and muscle and money power enacted by the ruling government.


For the loot and disproportionate wealth case Sasikala and her accomplice have been sent to jail by the court orders and as she has been elected by her own coterie as general Secretary, now started ruling the state from the Jail quarters.  The CM sponsored by her now and he has to take decisions from the lady and run the government.  Can any one of the Tamilnadu citizen ever imagine such a plight would be there for all of us? We are feeling the brunt and why at all we have chosen this party to power in 2016 and we need to bear this blow and what next is a big and bigger question mark.

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But to our dismay, the dissidents of this party have taken cognisance of the property Poes Garden which was bought by Jayalalithaa and her Mother Sandhya.  Not only taking over them and still wanted to amass the wealth of governance of Tamilnadu to get into the inroads of wealth seeking.  The entire family of Sasikala are to it and they are uttered as Mannargudi factions. The beauty of this is that all these days the slavery has been bent upon raising slogans like Amma and now all of them turned to chorus called Chinnamma and started raising their choirs against her and started prostrating her. We are all ashamed of their actions and they do not worry about us, just brush aside our interest and bent upon their own glory and they need to enrich them every minute. The highlight was Sasikala claimed to become Chief Minister by overthrowing the erstwhile CM who was selected by the forum and cabinet. The fate has other terms to an office when the court has ordered and convicted and she had no other choice than to commute to the sentence awarded and landed in Jail.


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One thing we should understand from these MLAs who had gone to earn their bread and flush by selling their blood and conscience for the sake of their selfishness, we should enact a law when an elected leader or the member of the assembly goes astray us as the citizen should have the power to withdraw them immediately.  They are confident that they can retain their seats for five years intact and do not worry about us until that time and are also under the impression that we all will forget easily in 2021 what has happened today.  I do not think this episode of killing democracy and the electoral will ever remain in our hearts and a suitable lesson will be learnt by these legislatures soon.  Our Student community is ready for all causes like what has happened to Jallikattu Sport.  They have now become very responsible about our state.  They want a clean stream of conduction and ruling now.  They will come to any cause when required now, like our Agriculture have gone from bad to worse, many farmers have suicided themselves for want of water, the water problem prevailing in our state, the neighbouring states betrayal of commitment in giving us water and there evermore issued which affects us and they are very much aware.  When the right opportunity strikes they will meet the consequences with the right terms.


All these politicians who are erring have forgotten the basic root of serving the people and getting into their needs whenever there is a difficulty or a problem faced. Totally all these elected have neglected their duties and relegated to the level of amassing wealth through corrupt and various other practices.  Take for instance the councillors started earning in thousands earlier and they have gone beyond that.  Likewise, the chairman, Legislators, Ministers and Board official each and every one have raised their stakes and it is running into crores and crores of rupees.  This is apart from their regular salary and allowances and perquisites like car, allowance, PA and other office expenses.  They all behave like Big Dons in their areas.  Not approachable and cannot be converted and get things done.

For all these customs and conventions needs a break.  To take the reins from these unruly hooligans and uncharacterised legislators we need strength to control and take over their powers.  Only the student community can cope up with the ideas and involved in such matters which are going to affect the community as a whole.  They have to keep abreast of these things every now and then.  They should get involved when there is an opportunity and see that the entire kingdom of corrupt practices and corrupt officials to be taken to task and booked in time and again and make the people aware and instil confidence in the citizen that the student community is a force to reckon with.

At the same time the student community should be aware of the purchases and demands put forth by the politicians knowing your strength and at the same time, all of you should have a view to work for the entire people of this state and use all your brains before plunging into any activity.  Because you have your own duties to perform for self and your family and the state at large. Be aware of the facts and unite all you might in a standard way to enable that each and everyone reaps the right benefit at the right time.  I am not here to advocate you all to rebel at once, wait and watch what is happening around you and us, explore viable possibilities of impact and implead yourself without succumbing to the interests of the political forces what is prevailing now.

As Vivekananda said, Awake and Arise at the right opportunity.  I am confident of all youngsters who are very vigilant and vulnerable.


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