Who has to Change?(you & Me)


Who has to change? (You & Me)


What is the sanctity of the Medical Profession and its strength?  Have we ever evaluated the services of our doctors and para medical and their invaluable services? We have used them only for our needs and necessities alone and relegated them from their noble activity.  How many times they have saved millions of lives from death, from accidents to active life, from fatal diseases to normal being, from hell to extended terms of our lives and they have aimed all their best to extend our tenure of lives in this earth.

I shall go further on this, suppose for an instance a patient in spite of the best treatment given by the doctor, he succumbs to his illness and dies means., look at the rebellion attitude of our people and start agitating on the doctors and accusing their professionalism and hard work.  These doctors are to be treated to God’s level as they resurrect our lives by their noble actions; on the contrary, we take the law into our hands and start all our negativity if one such case fails. They would have tried their best and there could be reasons beyond a doctor’s control. We have turned a nelsons eye on their good deeds. These agitations have to be stopped and we should go well with the medicos and their plight.


The relationship between a patient and doctor goes on a promise of good faith and without negligence and this has to be totally believed by both the parties and works on a trust.  We should also understand that doctors would always put something on the bed and never hesitate to work on the patients on different methods to relieve him from the ailment or disease. These things are gone by now and all the medical professional is afraid to face such negative realities from the public and also a survey says about 75% of the professional are delaying their decisions. We should understand one common factor that all the doctors are taking their life into risk and serving and saving their patients with utmost care. You know one thing how many medicos have lost their lives by treating AIDS, SAARCS, Dengue patients and other serious Bird fever because they are all highly contagious and these things have not come out to the open.

Every disease has its own impact and it will definitely leave its side effects on patients due to their severity and vulnerability.  It depends on the time of medical attendance and reaches of the medicos.  There has not been any 100% cure for any diseases and it has not explained so in medical theories.  There could be hiccups here and there and doctors and the medical profession still finding out ways and means to get over this scenario but we need to wait for that. In such cases where there have been side effects occur the doctors are taken to task by the family members or by their friends and accuse the treated doctor and his clinic and sometimes they take a ransom on the clinic and affect heavy damages to the exchequer and their profession. The doctors really go through a fine-tooth comb of the patient and do suggest medication as the case may be.  But these entire factors are not taken into account and only those negative in roads take a head start fighting against the medicos.  There are ever more things happen now and we see in the media, the relatives refuse to take the body of patient who had succumbed to injuries and diseases claiming that the treatment has been quite wrong and we have paid enough money on the same, the entire money has to be returned, unless done we do not take the body out of the hospital.  For this, there comes a conglomeration from their caste and community and sometimes the politicians too to support them and create a hue and cry in the hospital and against the doctors. When the hospital seeks the support of the Police, they also do not understand the legal tenacities in the case and start troubling the medicos again and again. Sometimes doctors are taken into custody and treated as a prisoner and face the music without attributing the factors relating to the individual disease and cases.


Just jump into the plight of the doctors, they work all the 24 hours of their time, derelicts their family and children and working on the wellbeing of the patients and endlessly trying to better their welfare and cure. They earn their money off their hard much-sacrificed work, but to our dismay, they have to pay all their earnings for this unruly mob when they attack them.  This is almost extortion of some one’s money by someone who is not entitled to it. You know one thing the students have started getting away from entering the medical profession nowadays. Even in the bridegroom selection, there is no request for the medical man, it has come down now. The reason being the doctors wanted to save the patients from death and bring them back to normality has been the aim and working only towards that, but today’s plight of doctors and their treatment at the time of failure has made them think twice or thrice to take up medical profession.

Added to this the doctors have been put at bay and their disservice can be taken to Consumers guidance council and they have to answer suitably about the whole history and the case details to every claimer.  The implementation of such legal binding on doctors has become a coin of hard thorns in their profession.  You should understand they are not God, they try their best based on their research and study and experience have put in and these factors amount to the right treatment. There is only one solace for them.  The legislation passed by the Supreme Court during 2005 which says that the service rendered by the medical profession is the highest in order and should there be any lacunae the Medical professionals should be given due protection and immediate justification will not land invalid results.  They and their profession are vital for the countrymen and hence they need to be treated properly. They should be also protected from the acts of extortion of money for unruly things.


Their services are to be treated in the highest order as they save lives from death, save someone from dreaded diseases, save someone from a prolonged illness, save from extraordinary terminal illness, save from where the patients have been declared untreatable and bring them back to life. These professional have to be considered as worthy servers of our country and they need not be said good, at least they should not be reprimanded for a fault of them. Of course, I do agree there is some medico who commit mistakes and take this profession so lightly and their aim is to earn money and money alone.  Those are the one who has to be booked and taken to task.  The medical council should not protect their interest and inquiry and an action has to be instituted against them.

If at all you wanted to uplift the medical profession, all the media and magazines should up bring these medico and their researchers, new findings to the forefront and make the public aware of the modalities of their treatment and positive factors they have carried through and what would be their future track record and everyone should become aware of such happenings every now and then.  This would also bring to the fore that there are diseases curable which were all these days are not taken care.  This becomes an eye opener for all of us to know more about medico and their professional improvement.


We should all endeavour to bring in a future which would serve both the doctors and patients in equal measure that we should believe in their treatment and they should work for the welfare of the patients, so that a clear understanding is drawn on clean lines that they are our savers and their services are only to save people from all kinds of ailment.

Let us work together and their services are always needed by us.


T Mohenchander


email id  mohen63@gmail.com

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