The Important Question to our Students Community


The Important Question to our Students Community


Do we really care as parents what are our students do today to reach the challenges in life in perpendicular relation to our curriculum that is available today?  Particularly in reference to our educational systems and syllabus available in our State Tamilnadu.  Has it been revamped in the last 10 years or so?  Do they are conscious about the changes that happen around us and in other states in India?  Are we in cognisance with the present mode and our responsible education department to take care of the entire systems which are revolving around us and what are dire needs of our student community to cope with the strict adherence to customs and conventions prevail over other parts of our country.  Are we making our students get qualified for the d day to meet the eventualities when it has to be met and scored over?  Let all of the lawmakers touch their hearts and pronounce we are in the mainstream of things and we are confident that our student community can easily swim across and reach the shores safely.


What is our set up committees doing to raise the standards of our curriculum? The change of syllabus and how best we can kick-start our systems in confining with the main board and prepare our student community to have enough strength to face the rough waters when they experience it. Do we have the habit of changing the textbooks at regular intervals as per the needs and visions of tomorrow, are we in line with the global standards at least in every three years we propose a change. Likewise are we equipped with proper qualified teachers to teach and are they are willing to undergo any changes that occur in between and does our government take the prescriptions of subscribed levels of teaching by teachers and if they do not qualify, do we educate them in proper forum and channels that would enlist and bring in line their skills and get triggered up for fair and higher needs of the curriculum.


The fraternity of education system has created and prepared our students questioning system.  We are always under the threat of questioning our students through public examination system and they also toil in terms of getting a pass or through the examination with great difficulty. Every other educational system in our culture has an endearing factor of getting most of the students to come out successfully that is pass out in the interest of the school and get the ranks of the high number of pass percentage for their institutions.  This is what is happening and our students are trained only for that. Each and every one, the taught and the learned are trained in such a way that they have been gleefully used to secure marks and only marks to get out of the present grade and go the next grade. In class 10 or 12 the best way to get marks are easier in State Board run schools. I do not see anything wrong in this but at the same time you notice one thing that the students are trained only in lessons and the questions occur at the end of the lessons and they concentrate on going through the same and answer those questions occur there after reading and memorizing, This is known as from the textbooks the sample questions answered to score marks. I have seen many of the taught do not teach the lessons but on the contrary, they refer the last page questions and ask the students to follow the answers and both of them know that the questions will be asked from those models only. As long as this goes on I do not foresee any major changes occur in the minds of the students and their educational values and unless and until the textbooks and syllabus change every three years and also the standards of teachers also grow simultaneously.



The best remedy would be we need to change the statuesque which is prevailing now.  Like the excerpts of a book is written in a few words in the foreword.  The book should specify that the sample questions come at the end of every chapter is only illustrative and please do not think the same would come in for your examinations.  The teachers should train the students in a creative way by going through the lessons and an exhaustive rethinking has to be done and new modus operandi has to be introduced.  The students should update their creativity by proper questioning from the lessons and they should find in different answers as they venture in the lesson thoroughly.  For this, the students have to be trained. Make them feel that all the examinations are felt as a hobby and not an exercise to get their grades


Create an interest of thinking out of the box solutions for the problems enlisted in the chapters and make them think in different ways to enable them to put in the right perspective the factors that relate to the relevant questions and an easy way to convince the answer in reference to experience and explanations.  This will automatically make the students more attentive and they start coming in with the new ideas to reach the goal post by proper middling and trebling.



Create the avenues of interest to the students by bringing in proper anecdotes from various factors like historical happenings, geographical experience, the Role models and their experience to reach to the top and how and what are the ways and means of reaching specific heights which would bring in the students mind an interesting start abiding to the new environment automatically. The lessons are making them score centum or so.  At the same time when you give negative marks to some who had not come up to your expectation, they feel distressed, disappointed and start randomizing with their creativity and have doubts on their strength too,  We need to change all these perspectives.


The backbenchers have to be questioned properly to rethink and rekindle their inner sentiments to get a fillip in their mind and start provoking new styles and systems in their educational approach.  The teachers instead of solving problems should be able to put the right questions to enable the students to think and start brushing their sense of feeling that we need to rework to get into the groove of the teachers’ expectations.

The above are only illustrative and when things are put in the proper forum and proper ways there bound to happen change and lot students community can bring in laurels to their institutions and more than that their lives would turn around for their betterment and our country at large.


T Mohenchander

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