Passion of knowing more


Passion of knowing more


When I say passion it varies from each and every one of us and that too based on their carrier, culture and inculcation from the childhood. Every one of us are passionate about something and we are indeed exposed to that particular action and when you look at the results there are many and many who would prove to us that they have carried such a passion and went through the same in all sphere’s and achieved in the end. We can count upon many who have acclaimed to that level and are very successful too.  It is how they build their connections into the so called interest and develop the same interest into passion and ultimately become the one which they wanted.  Come what may in between as a hurdle they do not just hang back, put in their heart and soul and the entire energy on their need and work like a workaholic to reach the ambition-ed levels in life.  You can read yourself and your heart and mind would automatically venture into the art of your need and your love of doing an activity which would be Flagship of all your sentiments and emotions.  That is known as passion and that particular activity will carry you forward in all levels in life.


Some have passion for sports activity and start right earnest when they are young and energetic and start counting each and every day in to those sports and keep on practicing regularly and do not shy away until they become the master of the game.  Some would have an interest in writing books and they start practicing their passion in multi levels and enable themselves a writer by all means and for that they spend day in and day out writing something.  It helps their creativity and that particular talent which has been in there for them will come out when they start doing the art of continual writing and so on. The essential part of becoming a writer is to read a lot on every day basis.  This alone will develop their creativity.  Likewise some would venture into the art of acting in movies.  For them they need basics, interest, to an amount, a good personality, and to an extent speaking to people without any inhabitant and talking in a clear sense and enabling themselves as a really fit person. If necessary they can attend to classes in Film Institutes wherein you are given clear-cut instructions to do all the manipulations and modulations of acting and talking and delivering the dialogues of different variations in most required manner.  The feelings of expressions are taught at length in acting. How do you feel happy or sad and how do you emote your feelings rights according to the situations and how do you pose before a camera and how best you use the expressions in front of the camera.


There are many other passions also, for instance someone wants to become a public speaker.  This means he wants to develop the art of public speaking. He wishes to become a good speaker at any given forum and become the most wanted speaker in the territory where he is dwelling.  For this he needs to develop his personality under the guidance of masters in the trade and attend their classes, how do you stand in a platform, or before a mike and how do you express your thoughts in seriatim manner and which makes the audiences know what he wanted to convey.  It is important to develop this art, you need to explore your communication skills and trim the same 100% to enable the listeners engage in complete silence when you speak.  You have to develop the language in which you want to become and should have an authority of the subjects which you handle in heart and soul.  You should definitely be a good reader of many books and update the current scenario to quote for the needy people. You should develop the art of knowing more things in a short span and deliver the same in an authentic way so that when people hear you they should get convinced of your explanations and experience in good levels.


When you want to become a dancer, you should know the nuances of the same in details to get into the art.  For example you want to learn Bharatha Natyam and want to become an expert in the art, you need to approach the right person who have the ability to teach and experience you with the knowledge of the dance art and its important implications with which a dance user gets into the art of exponential study.  You have to get into the details of its intricacies in full measure to come out a performer of standards.  It is not easy just an interest, you need to work hard and hard the sung realities of the art and culture and relate your connections in full quota and enrich the drawn heritages of this wonderful art when you get into the huddle. The mastery of the art is exposed when he gets the right disciple to learn the art and getting into the entire trade of dimensions in full length and explore more and beyond the learning and perform before an audience.  The same would enthral the taught and the learned. I could be other aspects of dances also which we see now like ballet dances, Salsa, Hip-hop, Rock dances and many more.  Every dance user has to undergo the strains of learning and practice to the full use and a relentless attitude to achieve the goals alone would empower them to become the right end-users.


The carrier driven youth who joins a company comes with an ambition to earn for his livelihood and once you are attuned to your job and its obligations you tend to get that relevant experience and start doing the routine.  It is not with everyone the same case. If somebody wants to achieve the pinnacle in his carrier he ventures into lot more things in the job and works into various levels to achieve his goal.  It is not only he needs to develop his academic knowledge and at the same time gets into the stalk realties at his workplace and how best to deliver to get to the top.  For which he should have an unrelenting attitude of learning and learning the new modus operandi and always think out of the box solutions to the problems faced by the organization and be a trouble-shooter all the time. His dependency level to increase every now and then and a stage has to come that without him the work cannot go.  Such would be the selection and it would end up in showing your passion for the company you are involved. You need to play a key role in all aspects of developments of the company you are in.


If you want your passion to emulate and enlarge and engulf the sphere you desire you have to cultivate the Humanity in you which alone develops you in to progress your goal and aim and ambitions. How do you do this and it is very simple be like a grass, as the same is stamped by our legs as many times as possible.  Not only us many who pass and wade through the grass it get down and down every time you stamp on it and comes back in an orderly fashion the next morning.  You learn the art like a grass to be ready to grow at every hurdle. You should feel lower like the grass which has been tampered by many a legs.

Be like a tree once it grows it compromises all the heat and rain in the same way and does not bother about any external eventuality.  Grows higher and higher and gives us all shades and germinates seed to develop another and more another tress.

To develop your passion you need to know to respect others always. Your attitude to others should make them feel that we need to develop affinity with this person as he is concerned more about us and we need to be with him always.

On the contrary you do not expect respect from others, that means I do not mean your self-esteem, feeling respected happens naturally and automatically when you start respecting other.  This has to be done without anticipation at all.


To cultivate passion in the right way

You need to be wanting always and there is nothing to desire what you want and it shall happen.

Do not worry about your priorities and everything can happen when you decide what you wanted to do.

Be greedy for your ambitions, find ways and means yourself and you can live yourself and you need to fight for yourself and attain the glory which you have imagined.

Don’t you ever compromise on your passion and set frames at every level to focus your attention on this and never even think you cannot do this?  When you go on and on you find ways and the road.

When you fail do not harm and feel bad about it, the failure is only an experience, do not have self-pity, it may harbinger your ideas, to push them and move ahead and you would find different roads leads to the light of your passion,

Take an amount of a calculated risk to endeavor your passion as there are others you would come across at every nod and you need to overcome them by your wise quotient and enviable knowledge. Be bold and do the right things. Surround with yourself like peers who have a positive ideas. These people will not shatter your ideas. Please be assured you cannot find all of your on lookers are happy with you.  You cannot please everyone as your passion goes on and goes on. Do not judge others immediately and they may be handy in your works too.

The above are some tips which can keep your passion alive and your passionate thirst reaches the end where you want to be, be passionate and that gives pleasure in living and your longevity will be a history to others.

Life’s journey is not that you should arrive at your grave in sober face and take up the routine rig morale, it is not so come to the grave when you have done all that you wanted in live and feel like lived for your passion and then your face will have a smiling note and everyone who looks at you there too feel envy.


T Mohenchander










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