Independence Day August 15th


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Independence Day August 15th

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We get into the nuances of Independence Day celebrations every year and methodically enjoy the holiday and watch the National Flag being hoisted by our revered Prime Minister and at the same by the respective Chief Ministers at the State level.  We have been following the same rigmarole year after year and the difference is in New Delhi it is celebrated as a great function and in all the other states a normal rituals followed. All Political leaders and politicians in the respective states hung a garland to Mahatma Gandhi and announce to us that we should remember him on this day and exhibit their implications about the function and why at all we do it every year.  To be precise and with all humility the respective politicians who pose before the statue or the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi do not know whether he had gone through the ideals of Gandhi and is he really practising at least some 10% of his teachings and the way he had carried his flag of non-violence to get freedom to this country which was ruled by the British for over 200 years. This has been happening in India for the past 71 years and it is no doubt tomorrow also the same rituals will be followed because it would be the 72nd years of Independence Day.

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Our Children and the future generation knows only as independence day and they understand that because of Mahatma Gandhi we got the freedom and you ask them about Gandhi some more details they look at us their head scrolling and do not effort to put in some more about the greatest statesmen like Gandhi and others. The pre and post-independence war and the leaders who were responsible for this work are not known to our children and the present generation of young starts. What is the struggle they have all undergone and to what extent they have been tortured and lost their precious privileges on account of diabolic treatments of British officials and their undemocratic attitude towards all these leaders who had shed their blood and body for the sake of this freedom.  Who has to teach them? Is it not the order of the day they should all know this and the way we have obtained and the leaders who were responsible for this? There has been no one nor any Freedom camps to elicit information’s about the way our freedom was obtained and there are no teachers to explain through these media.  That is the reason we had kept these aspect s in the educational curriculum and the resultant effect is all the students by heart these lessons and answer questions when asked in the examinations. This does not percolate into their minds and they take this as a lesson in the history and do not take cognizance in the effect about their toil and moil in reaching this pedestal.  They do not know who and who all the protagonists in making this happen are and how this has happened.  The regular lashes and imprisonment they all suffered during the journey of freedom and monumental exercises done at every stage and at every corner in their life. There have been lessons in the students’ curriculum about  V O Chidambaram and Bala Gangadara Tilak and they read these lines and exhibit in the examination to obtain those 10 marks for that question.  Only to this extent they all know about our freedom fighters and not more and not anything else. The teachers and the professors should be in such a way when they conduct classes make the students know the struggle and the encounters faced by them by showing real experiences through visual expression and striking examples to enable the students to get into the details in proper perspective and make them understand and guide them to send this message in a manner it is not lasted for that hour of class alone and he should remember this by encoding into his brain for ever. Nowadays the students knows that Mahatma is available in only in Currencies and in all governmental office there hangs a photograph and that is all.


How many of us know about Gandhi and the footsteps he followed being a perfect disciplinarian, his simplicity, his honesty, his truthful principles and the most inundated policy of nonviolence. Does any one of the leaders today follow any one of his principle From Delhi to Cape Comoran today.  Can you finger out any one leader who is the real follower in today’s politics.  You cannot and will not because there are leaders who go and garland Gandhi photographs on these occasions and come back to the pavilion and start wearing their coats as usual. I remember one strong aspect about Gandhi and his ideals.  During 1919 the law Roulette has been in promulgation in India. The law says whoever indulges in the freedom fight can be arrested without any inquiry. Against this the whole India arose and started conducting meetings and congregations everywhere.  There has been lot of arrests going on and especially in Mumbai number of leaders were arrested and put in jail. From Gujarat Gandhi went to Mumbai and asked the officials to arrest him and let them be freed as I am responsible for this.  Then the British officials said you were not in Mumbai and how can we arrest as you have housed at Gujarat.  Then Gandhi said the main influence was me and I am the person who asked all the Indians to revolt against your law, hence I have to be arrested and they should all let free and ultimately got arrested and went to the Jail.

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While touring Tamilnadu Gandhi went to Madurai and saw most of the farmers were not having any upper clothes to cover the upper body and working in the fields and heard that they are habituated like this and they do not earn more to cover the upper portion of the body.  Sensing this and their difficulties he immediately started to throw away his garments from the upper body and started not using the same as the farmers and from that day he does not wore any shirt which would take care of his upper body.  What a reaction and sensibility in engaging himself into other man’s feelings and ability. There was another incident in Calcutta to attend a conference of Congress workers and he was this and while rounding tents he could find the discriminatory treatment for the lower class of workers in congress and he was able to visualize the treatment to upper-class and the food served for them and alienated treatment for the lower class section in all aspects.  He felt very sad and informed the congregation that if you yourself start eliminating them like this who else would support and refrained from eating and attending the conference.

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The Dhandi yathra, Non cooperative Movement, Forbidding the Foreign clothes, wearing only Kadhar Clothes which is manufactured by Indians and you can list so many revolts against the British Regime, and above all he came out winning every aspect by his non-violence methods and peaceful meetings. He was embedded in every Indian Blood and we aware all united in supported this great leader and he was a real person and every British leader and Governor were afraid of him and were reluctant to face him straight. On one such occasion Gandhi was summoned to the court and the judge has been informed of his stature of wearing a dhoti to cover his portion down the stomach and no shirt or cover up for the top portion.  With a pale lean body and a big spectacle and having a wooden chapel for his feet to walk. With all these expectation the judge saw him coming into the court and seeing his inimitable posture, the judge immediately rose from his seat and gave a salute to Gandhi in the open court and welcomed him.  That was the respect he commanded. The judge then thought, is he the man followed by crores and crores of people and all Indians adore him and posing a threat to the whole British Government? Then slowly asked Ghandhiji What you need Mr Gandhi and he waited for a second, Gandhi requested him and said, I do not need anything, but please give this country because it is ours and please leave this country. Likewise we can go on enumerating many things about Gandhi.  He stood for his principles, he preached all good things and at the same time followed in every aspect and wanted everybody to follow.  By his steadfastness in enabling the British about his requirement and the need of all Indians in a very empathetic manner and with non-violence as his weapon successfully earned reputation and good response from the British Government. You know one thing he was a Barrister of Law from the college of London and if he had inclined he could have commenced the profession of advocate on his return to India from South Africa and could have earned millions and millions and he did not prefer that. His main aim was to free this country and for that sake he sacrificed so many things in his personal life and fought for the freedom and encountering many a time arrested and let out and enabled all the sufferings met out gone through the procedure for the sake of India and Indians. How many times he has been jailed, no one knows the account for it. A personal discipline, honesty, integrity and self-styled god-man and he does every errand for himself and does not even bother his wife from preparing tea to washing the toilets and everything he does it by himself. Without creating rancor’s, no slogans, but he had won many a battles just being under fasting. Who can forget the Hindu Muslim rebel which had created most of the difference during his non- violence movement and they have gone up to personal quarrels and killing each one the other and the whole country was upbeat with this and no one could stop this violence and Gandhi successfully achieved their oneness by fasting for number of days.


Like Gandhi for the country’s freedom Mothilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, V O Chidambaram all these great leaders have gone to jail for the sake of our country and Indians. It could be treacherous in a jail and these leaders were in jail for number of years.  Nehru was in jail over 12 years, likewise VO Chidambaram for number of years.  When you say jails it is not the jails of today where you have A, B, C classes.  They have to put into lots of hardship and sufferings.  VO Chidambaram was in jail asked to pull the oil grinding machine by hand on a regular basis. Lot of people who had fought for freedom were sent out of the country, and most of them sent to Andaman Cellular jails where the treatments for prison mates are cruel and dangerous. In this list there are great many leaders along with them, like Rajaji, Malavia, Bala Gangadara Tilakar, Sathyamurthy, Kumarappa, Acharya Kripalani, and Vinoba Bave.  All these leaders and their fight for freedom should be known to all the Indians.  It is a must and it is not enough the same has been kept as lessons in schools and in the offices. The future generation of people should know all their credits and by making this known in a proper way people will understand and start emulating them as examples.  This would give them a resurrection of life to the future and they can embody an idea which would enable them to make their life easier and tolerable in all their executions. We need to create avenues to all the citizens about the lives and values of such leaders and like Kamaraj, Kakkan, and Lalbahdur Sasthri for the simple living and high thinking.  They have been examples of yesterday and we should not leave a little stone unturned and facilitate the way our future children should grow in such an atmosphere how we have won this freedom. The onus is on us and it is our bound and duty to pave the way for our future generation.  If that is done the August 15th every year becomes very notable and remembered.

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Happy Independence Day

Jai Hind

T Mohenchander


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