Atal Bihari Vajpayee 1924 – 2018


Atal Bihari Vajpayee

1924 – 2018

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A man with great courage and self-confidence is no more with us comes as a rude shock.  Of course he has crossed 93 years of life and been an outstanding Parliamentarian and statesman.  He was the first non-congress Prime Minister to rule this country for a full term (5 Years) and did some wonders. He was responsible for the BJPs birth in this congress ruled regime and undoubtedly he broke the shackles of congress dynasty.  That has paved the way now and the BJP is now ruling in almost 21 states under the dynamic leadership of Narendra Modiji.

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The best ruler and knows the nuances of the coalition governments and he created an equal wave lengths with all the affiliates of his government and lent his ears for the good and bad ones in its own perspectives and modules a government which were known and treated on its strengths. He was the strong pillar to create BJP from the early roots of his starting with Jansangh. He was a strong supporter of RSS and its principles.  During the Emergency period which was promulgated by Indira Gandhi he was in Bangalore Jail.  L K Advani was also formerly with Jansangh and worked along with Atalji for a considerable time and both are close associates and are responsible for the culmination of BJP in the future.

When Morarji Desai was the Prime Minister Atalji was controlling the Foreign affairs portfolio and ably supporting the ministry in all the ways. To unite all the foreign countries and create an alliance in the terms of Indian output he had put in all efforts in visiting various countries and enabling the Indian trade and transaction in a much enviable position.

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The Tag RSS on him and Advani created some Jibes in the Parliament by the leaders like George Fernandes as they thought he will take the inscribe of RSS and start creating a much non secular consensus and the whole country would be defaced. By this he and Advani made efforts and started BJP in the year 1980.  This was appreciated by one and all and the first conference at Mumbai was very successful and even Mr. Ram Jeth Malani had all his praise and he joined BJP with his team of members.

The whole Loksabha soon started feeling there is new Opposition in the form of BJP with the leaders like Atalji and Advaniji and so many others and created an effective foundation against Congress government. While Atalji ruled this country even all the coalition partners were with him and appreciated at his every encounter.  People like Mamta Banerji joined his coalition and were all praise for him.  She as the unflinching respect for this man even now. During his regime he made the Americans to know what India is of and what it needs and its collective strength through his foreign Minister Jaswanth Singh. When he speaks either in the Loksabha or in the Rajya Sabha all the opposition parties and their leader will have their attention rapt.  He had such an oratorical skill and his speeches are still valued by others to emulate and exhibit.  Not only his speeches, but at times he delivers poetries and an ardent writer of poems in various forms.  Particularly about India and its character and how all of us have to improve this country. He was a total bachelor and had endeared only this country as his near one and wanted to do many things for the welfare of the downtrodden. He proved by waging war against Pakistan and Kargil was one such striking example and he won that battle. He never turns the deaf ear to any new or innovative things that would serve our country well.

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Today our country has lost a greatest statesman and he has created a void in the Political circles.  His eloquence, administering proper governance and going with the strong principles which would better our Country was his prime goal. Our country has lost a most blessed son of this solid and admired by each every human being of this country and the whole World. He spoke only in Hindi when he was asked to deliver his lecture in the UN. He was the person who joined the Mahatma in 1942 and while joining Quit India Movement he was arrested and sent to Jail. He ruled as Prime Minister of our country for three times. He was decorating the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as a member for 52 years.

During 1998 with all his outrageousness he created a powerful nuclear reactor exercise Pokhran in Rajasthan and this was not looked with comfort by other countries as they were watching India as an under developed country.  But he proved otherwise and all the nations started looking at India in a different way. He was responsible for the BSNL to take a shape and with Arun Shorie created new avenues in our communications.  Also was responsible for the birth of the spectrum and its widespread development too.

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Controlling the prices of commodities especially with reference to petroleum products, Foreign Direct Investment, Various economic forums to subvert and solicit the Individual enterprises getting into the groove of financial stability, Public Private Partnership in developing infrastructure facilities all over the country.  Creating a healthy climate of labor and labor laws infused changes in their work culture and character. Was responsible for the Delhi Metro Rail system and he flagged off the sequence under his guidance. He spoke in His Independence day speech during 2003 that India will send its Chadrayan Satellite to Moon before 2008 and that has been done and what he had spoken has come true now. He was the founder of Sarva siksha Abayan which has catered free education to all those children under 14 years were benefited.

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His dreams were an India which would grow to greater heights in the Universe and all other countries would watch us in all envy and the BJP will attain greater heights in this country.  That has become true now with an unstinted and most dynamic and decisive leader like Narendra Modiji and his dreams are taking shape now.

In his demise we have lost a true guide and philosopher who lived only for the sake of India and India’s growth.

Let us all prey for his soul to rest in peace and wait for a reborn of such a stature in the future.






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