Super Star Rajnikanth




Superstar Rajinikanth

70 not out

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In Cricket language we call a batsman who has not finished his batting innings is called a not out batsman.  I would like to call Rajni is now still a batsman not being beaten by any bowler and his average is 168 and strike rate too. (168 films)

Today The matinee idol of Indian Cinema and Tamil Cinema entering into 70th year of birth.  He is not an ordinary person, an extraordinary human being with endowed talents of making cinemas that would talk and carry to the masses his plans and principles in life.  His audience are mesmerized at every film that is released.

He entered into the tinsel in the late 1970s with a small role in Aboorva Ragangal directed by Balachander who was his mentor, Guru and guided this articulate personality into a mega Super Star. Raijin would not have himself imagined that he would claim to this pinnacle of glory.  Many a times he had said in various platforms, what I am today is given by the people of Tamilnadu and render all this Credit to Tamilians.

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Hitting the box office

His track record of hitting the box office has been phenomenon. He has been a colossal of Indian Cinema. From Sivaji in 2007 to Pettai in 2019 all have grossed 100 crores. Upon 10 of the US box office grossers Raijin stands 6th in the row. His at this age is still commercially available.  You know one thing when compared to Arnold Swazenegar and Sylvester Stallone have lost their glory after their recent releases Terminator dark fate and Rambo Last blood respectively have not hit the masses.

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Secret of Success

He clearly knows how to get into the minds of his mass the audience.  In yester years he has been following the directors like P Vasu, K.S.Ravikumar and Krishna the Batsha familiar.  Now that he had turned to new generation youngsters like PA Ranjith, Karthik Subbaraj and others. He knows that these young directors knows the value of today’s needs of the commercial audience and wants to engage them and get attended by which he comes into limelight and prominence automatically. Now Darbar with A R Murugadas bubbling with new ideas and eventual happenings of tomorrow ande. After this also he had signed up with Veeram Siva to come up with his 168th film.

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The Stardom

He is aware of everything around him in Tamilnadu and Tamil Cinemas too. The Popular Orator Tamil Aruvi Manian has spoken about Raijin’s entry into Tamilnadu Politics at the right time in 2020 he would come out with various pedestals and compete in the Politics.  He has also decided not to go with yester year directors just because of the generational change and expectations of the common mass today. He may be 70 years but stardom and charisma amongst the people will ever cherish because selects the roles and characters for his cinemas which would sream down to present day expectation of the common man.  An R Murugadass said in an interview while commenting about the performance in Darbar, says he is another different Rajini and to an extent he would make us remember the days where he had enacted in the film Moondru Mugam He has excelled in the performance in this character.

Last but not the lease his plunge into Politics will have an impact in Tamilnadu making the sitting ones to get astonished in a way that would make some magic and miracle in the ensuing Tamilnadu Stat assembly 2021 elections.

Wish him Godspeed and Good luck

T Mohenchander




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