Come-on Youngsters


Come-on Youngsters

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In today’s scenario the youth and students are the strength of our Nation. They can construct and destruct any idea, concept and social interest they have the weapon in their hands.  The best period in any man’s life is the life when you are at school or college.  If God enters in and asks me a want, I shall without any hesitation ask for the life of student again. That is so precious and enviable one has.

Today there are no said and established leaders to guide the present students to very communicative and uplifting senses and implant the right ideas in them and get them started.  They are aimless and provoked by the present set of leaders and follow them without any common sense and allow themselves in a most prohibitive way from where they do not know the consequences and end results. Their emotional quotients are being elevated to levels of the present leaders requirements and use them as positive electrodes to create and circumvent their political assignments.  These students have been used as pawns in the hands of the politicians. Because of this the things that have emanated in the Jawaharlal University in Delhi is a striking example of political vandalism.  It has also percolated down to Tamilnadu Universities and the college students here too are the victims of Political set up prevailing here and with particular reference to the Dravidian parties which are always engaged in spreading the vandalizing elements of the student community to all wrong paths and not allowing them to think and take decisions. All these parties only want these students to follow their path and raise slogans according to their whims and fancies. These parties want only slogan shouters and follow them which are alone happening in Tamilnadu today.  The leasers who have been established by the Dravidian parties propounding themselves that they have sacrificed for the removal of caste entities and caste subservience’s. It is not so, on the contrary those leaders are the pioneers to create the discrimination among-st caste, community and religion. They were holding their fort in socializing through these wrong means and making their followers to declare against Godliness and following God is prohibited. They claim as though they have fought for removing untouchability, it is not so.

National Interest

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Without adhering to National Interest and policies these Dravidian parties began taking the stick of Tamil language and propagating that they are the ones who are the first ones to make Tamil as the prominent language and make this student community with all literature that would divert them from the other episodes of reality and oneness created by the Nation.  To thrive and survive their strength these political gimmicks have been the habit of the present politicians; this is because of the youth and students are unable to tenant the right perspective and their unknowing of all consequence have lead them to follow madly these giants who have converted the entire community of youngsters in haywire. Even the legislation passed in the parliament on CAA is not known and said to them properly and communicated.  They have been misled by the Congress parties and DMK parties particularly in Tamilnadu simply to follow suit the agitation whatever they wanted to do against the National Leaders. There is no harm to any existing Muslims at all on this which is not been made known them or make them understand what it is and what not.  They simply fight for Srilankan Tamil refugees and you know there are more than one lakh refugees in India and majority in Tamilnadu.  When the DMK and alliance parties where in power the Srilankan Tamils were kept in dark and they have not taken any corrective steps.  Now the present refugees wanted to go back to their country as we have contributed in setting up their dwelling interest and constructed various houses in Srilanka. All the goodies are overlooked and only the must nots are taken to limelight and the student’s community is provoked and without knowing any basics they are joining hands in this cause and causing rancor.

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There is nobody here to take the lead and present the students how to stream in to National interest and support the elected Government and progress further in building our country and strengthening their life as students and contribute. I am reminded here of Sat guru Jaggi Vasudev Statement, he says


The student community has to clearly understand that the future of India is in your hands.  This Nation belongs to you.  The people who are here are your brothers and sisters and making them and their lives happy rests in your shoulders. If you think you can make it as an Everest and your names would be imprinted in the tomorrow’s history.







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