We Need India, to Live


We Need India, to Live

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After the legislation of CAA in the parliament we see lot of commotion and unrest in certain states goes against the Government. In some states they want to fight against BJP and hence started various agitations ruling against the same and making the state into total unrest and violating the peaceful existence of the people. In particular reference to Tamilnadu the DMK part and its alliance partners are revolting against the same and conducting various dharnas and agitations throughout the state. The moment Mr. Stalin has become the Head of DMK he had taken it as his principle to oppose Mr.Modi against all his deeds and creating a commotion all the time and trying to get a mileage over the issues to him and to his party. To cite an example recently in Beasant Nagar Chennai there was an issue of putting the Kolam in front of the houses and where they have inscribed slogans against CAA and NRC. When the Police took it as a revolt and he took it as an issue was vehemently supporting those residents. His alliance partner Congress and its member Mr Nellai Kannan started his provocative speeches against Amit Sha and Mr.Modi to the extent of finishing both these Politicians.  He then was arrested and jailed.

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Understanding CAA

No one has understood the ruling of CAA. It clearly refers to those refugees who had come here and staying from the countries of Pakistan, Afghanisthan, Bangladesh, being here as Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parces for them the proper citizenship will be awarded. Opposing this there is a conflicting remarks that why Muslims are not been cited and they have been not listed. Added to these refugees from Myanmar, Srilanka has been left out from the consideration. All the Muslims in those countries referred above are quite safe and secured. But those which have been listed in CAA are the worst suffers in the hands of those countrymen.  Hence this legislation. Other countries are not prepared to accommodate these innocent citizens; they are let with all hardship and torcher.  Hence those Hindus, Sikhs, parces, Sikhs and etc. are treated by us the country in which we can take them here and award proper citizenship. This has been considered as our duty towards those suffering non-Muslims

Regards to Srilankans they are all here as refugees and for a quite a long time and there main interest is to go back to Srilanka and they want to maintain their assets in the form of land and buildings.  If they continue here they will be losing their earned assets. We are talking with Srilankan government in this regard and very soon they would get a reprieve and it is our neighbor and anytime we can solve this issue.

In Tamilnadu

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But in Tamilnadu the opposition parties have repeatedly conducting meetings as though Muslims are neglected and they are not considered.  People really do not understand the real cluster of happenings and they are madly following the leaders of opposition and following their words without knowing the in depths of the legislation.  None of the Muslim living here would be affected and they are all made unaware by these partisan attitudes. When they were in Power they have not bothered or cared about all these elements and now that they have taken these Srilankan and Muslim issues into their main agenda and enjoying the fun and frolic happening around in Tamilnadu. People have to clearly understand the plight and plot behind this opposition.  They should get clarified from the right sources and do not heed to these politicians who are only interested in their personal establishment and not to the real people.  If you people do not understand this you are to be blamed and we shall be ruined and lose control of central governments influence and our state will be neglected for all good projects. 

The Plight

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People who have not been born in our country, they are not our relative nor connected to us in any means and they live in countries who are seeing us as their enemies, and the illegal immigrants are to be treated kindly and legally and make and give them the proper citizenship and under this law.  Is it against any human interest?  We need to know the real aspect of it correctly.

As for India is concerned Muslims who live in India are considered as children of our Bharatha Matha means Indian country as Mother/ They have all the rights as any other citizens in all good governance.  They are never neglected nor are their interests not considered.  This every Muslim should understand and they need to carry to those who do not know about this and just for the sake following someone who do not know about this do not get succumbed to pressure and join these agitation groups and revolt against the government.

As a true Indian we should be proud of our Country and our earnestness toward the most downtrodden in other countries who are seeking our help and concern we have to extend our two hands folded and ask them to come over here take proper value for their birth and enjoy the privileges of all Indians and survive for the future. What a country we are living in and we should be really proud of being Indian and India is the place for all the people who are with the governance and formulate a peaceful living and see that their roots are damaged instead grown with the respect and belief.

Hail India and being an Indian.

T Mohenchander


email  mohen63@gmail.com

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