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When I say Patience is a virtue means, yes in every literal sense it is true as for as Hindus are concerned in Tamilnadu.  There are enough incidents in Tamilnadu as Hindus are being tortured and ridiculed to every extent and derelected by the most privileged people who follow the principles of Self-respect and diminish the interests of the people who are called the atheists, take every positions against all Hindus and believers of God and godliness. There is a set of people who are always engaged in the brainwashing of the people and incarcerating all interests of Hindus in every possible way.  They make this as a regular business and create a big business out of this publicity. But they do not get the impression the ridicules have many times boomeranged against them and still they are not bothered about all these acts.

For every goody good things done by the Hindus, these sect instigate an assault and insinuation done at vantage points.  One such striking example was in the year 1971 there was a conference done at the behest of the followers of EVR against Hinduism and Hindu faith openly and very blatantly belittled the Hindu Gods and so on. Those who had done and few of them from that so called unfaithful crowd now they are the regular goers to Sabari Mala  with undergoing all 48 days penance and follow the ritual in letter and spirit. In 1971 there has been a procession taking Hindu Gods and creating a big chaos criticizing Hindu Gods and shouting slogans against the customs and conventions of a true Hindu. Even if you rewind that today, it is quite disturbing and heart-burning.

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   Recently the Superstar Rajnikanth has brought those memories into the open and spoke about EVR and his behavior against the Hindus and specially carrying postures of Rama the God and chapel garlands were befitted into those.  When he had referred there has been a big uproar throughout Tamilnadu about this episode and the talk of the town has been about this by self-respect earned troupe requested the Star to say apologies.  On the contrary he very specifically replied saying that I have not talked anything which has not happened and showed records of the incidence through the newspapers and magazines which had carried the news.  He very categorically said I shall never apologise for what I have said.


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 Because of just being patience at every incidence of insult and insinuations done against a Hindu we are all still patient and you know why we are the oldest established religion and we follow certain norms and natives for being sincere Hindus.  We do not turn an ear of  all these quick shouts at us and we carry all these brick bats against us as a testimony of established existence here.  Come what may we shall face all these and they would also know about the consequences. The so called atheists and their families are visiting every temple at their vantage for the betterment of their spouses who are at the helm of Political scenario.  But still these politicians call themselves as atheists which can be termed as laughing stocks.

I heard through a magazine that in the district of Sivaganga both Hindus and Muslims are most cooperative and believe in each of their principle and created a cordial relationship.  There is a Vinay agar temple as well as mosque in the nearest vicinity.  Both of them follow their cultural heritage and follow the rituals of both the temple and mosque without affecting the other one and have a beautiful understanding.  In spite of all the insults we as Hindu followers bear all the grudges thrown open by the politicians and the so called atheist an do not divulge into any evasive or abusive auctions against those who have determined to fight against our interest all the time. Like Thirupathur in Sivaganga in every district this should start emanating and put in all efforts in a combined way to promote the Interests of Hindus and prove that we are not against any religion and following.  Because of our absolute patience and not revolting attitude we are targeted and abused at every vantage point.  Can they do this against any other community like, Muslim, Christians or others?  The moment they land in there, they are to face enough problems.  They are not like us silent watchers. No one should interfere anyone’s faith whether in Godliness or Politics, they have to remain where they are should never cross boundaries of interest and collapse the other man’s thought and following. The best example should be that you need to be in your place, like a fish is taken out of the sea it cannot live in the land which shall die at once.  The same way if you as a human being thrown into the deep sea you cannot manage but to immerse in the water and die.  Everyone has their place and respect to live and level against the odds.

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The Politicians have come to do good things to the people and they have claimed their segments by promising to the public about their intentions and aims towards serving the public.  Hence they have to indulge in all political matters alone and do never come into the lanes of caste, customs, and conventions of every religion and in fact it is their duty to safe guard the interests of all religions.  They cannot take sides of particular faith and advise and create a publicity against a particular sector and cause all calamities against their interests. This will never augur good to any one and in today’s scenario all the politicians are bequeathing their wants through the cast and communal advantages and making a following their interest and though this factors grown and attain a mileage.  This is not expected of a true politician and forbid such actions against one particular sectarian to gain their vote banks.


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One thing is certain that as Hindus who are always patient enough to draw all these clusters of bad elements in the society but still has a special place in the hearts of all people and they know better themselves that they are not labelled as rebels and can never revolt against such evil forces .  All these elements would be eliminated from here making the faiths as the upheavals of the society and they would be ranking at the top against all unwanted happening and ranting slogans against them and the whole community would come to know very soon who is right and who is wrong.  Let us carry the torch of faith along because this would show enough light for the opponents too to follow our footsteps.


T Mohenchander

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