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You are all very busy in agitating presently against the CAA and the government of India under the influence of some dangerous politicians and you are all being victims of the circumstances at their hands and falling prey to all sorts of agitations and spoiling your valuable time and energy in not concentrating in your studies and education.  Please ponder in the following lines which would open your eyes to come to present level playing field.

1937 there was an agitation against institution of Hindi which was brought by Congress Government. This was influenced by the late EV Ramasamy naicker and followed for three years with some loses of life in the student community. Because of this the ruling congress in Tamilnadu was thrown out and the then Governor Erskin Prabhu promulgated an ordinance in 1940 that Hindi will not be compulsorily implemented in Tamilnadu.

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From 1965 on wards the Government has brought in a rule as Hindi is to be known as National Language and should be used by all State Governments and Central Governments. After deliberations Nehru the then Prime Minister has bought in another ordinance saying English can also be used as another governmental language. In 1965 DMK which was ruling in Tamilnadu created an agitation calling all students to go against Hindi and the response by student’s community was immense and all students participated.  This agitation rendered lot of students engaged in vandalism and hooting and looting the interests of the public and there have been campfires and stone throwing ending up in more than few suicides and enough deaths caused to the students community. Then Lal Bahdur Sasthry brought in a law saying that those states who are not interested in Hindi can use English as their alternative language. The same strength was continued by Indira Gandhi when she was the Prime Minister Too., These brought in some solace to state who were non Hindi speaking.

This has resulted in the student community not to get engaged in English and never learned that too.  Instead as aforesaid the students in Tamilnadu were not educated in Tamil also properly and the language was not also done true to the literary sense and carried to the student’s community.  Parents were denied the opportunity of learning Hindi and English too.

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The Present Scenario

In today’s educational curriculum even the Government schools are training English and Tamil as first and second language. The sophisticated parents send their children to English taught private schools and educate their wards.  Whereas the poor ones and the much unknown society who were simple, ,fighting against Hindi are thrown to dusts and they are not taken care.  The Governments have not yielded either to the Tamil Language top as they wanted that Tamil has to be introduced in the Governmental level as the third official language.  Here our people are kept in the dark leading these students left with either taking up with Tamil or learning English and Hindi. Those 70 students who had lost their lives in Hindi institutional agitation are virtually suffering and one should go and see them to be believed.  They are not properly educated and neither they get their careers in Tamilnadu and they cannot go elsewhere after studying only Tamil and all other states have different languages and these pitiable students are caught unawares.

Because we have not taken seriously the Hindi Language the people from Northern States who come down here for living occupy all the vantage position as they know Hindi as well as English. No one has taught these people to study Tamil along with English and Hindi and advised properly about their future.  They are all in dire straits losing all the opportunities in life today.

Present Agitation

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The students who are all agitating against CAA just lend your ears for a few minutes and start thinking about the following.  People who are at present living in in India will not be affected by these laws. People who have come as refugees illegally migrated from Bangladesh, Mynmar, Afghanisthn and Pakistan are only going to be affected. In 1951 our Indian Population was 36 crores only. Today it is 136 crores and the reason being the illegal migrants from the above said countries.  The Mortality rate today is 30000 deaths and births being 74000 every day. Even if we give those 5 crore illegal immigrants in our country what will happen to our live styles and smooth functioning of our systems. To cite an example the smallest town in Coimbatore district a place called Tirupur known for Knitwear Industry prominence more than 1000 are working in their factories.  We Tamilians are deprived of such opportunities for not knowing the required language. This happens in evey Indian State.

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Think once even for us to live we are all finding to make both ends meet. Agriculture is dwindling; there is no proper food for millions in our country.  Even water resources are becoming scarce and we do not have alternative systems for these. At this stage is it OK to sanction citizenship whoever comes in here and occupy our interests? Is it fair to take in all who come even the terrorist who migrate here using the pitfalls of our existence? Take for China they are bigger in area than us and they do not recognize such citizenship.  Even USA do not admit such cultural exchange and you see to get into USA what are the formalities and the queue lined up in every metropolitan of India to get Visas.

Dear Students look into your own interests and analyse what you are all going to be in ten years. Plan out your future and educate yourself according to the basic needs in this state and elsewhere. The agitation against CAA is going to ruin your future only and understand the plight and remember you are all living in the 21st Century the whole world is growing in different levels every day. What is your working and what is your contribution for upcoming and remember you are all going to form the Nation as a Pride India.  Don’t you want to be part of it?  Come on cheer up and get going towards good things and good governance.


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