Prime Minister Mr Modi’s Foreign Tour


Prime Minister Mr Modi’s Foreign Tour

Visits 108

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There has been always a saying amongst public that our Prime Minister Mr.Modi is travelling all the time to various countries and engaging in foreign trips alone.  This globe trotter has not wasted a minute in his office and sees through all the rigmaroles of his duties in time and in right earnest sectors and earned the goodwill of all the countries he had visited all these years.  Since 2014 May when he had been chosen as our Prime Minister he had counted 108 visits to various countries from Bhutan to USA, France, China, Russia are worth mentioning.  These countries he had visited more than twice during his tenure of office. You know one thing the total visits of him had earned on 14 lakhs crores of Foreign Direct Investment in India.  Can you count on any other Prime Minister likewise he and he is only one and the one who can alone do such feats to the Indian People and his whole Interest lies in India and the Indian people especially the downtrodden? 

The Salient workaholic works and the results year on year follow:

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In Bhutan the High court was built with our support and 600 Megawatt electricity Production

In Brazil the 6th BRICS conference successfully done.

To Nepal 7160 Crores loan for building up Electrical Engineering.

Japan had come forward to help the Clean Ganga Project for 2.57 lakhs Crores along with creating Smart cities in our States. Also for Infrastructure development, Renewable energy, Sanitary works in all vantage points etc. etc. has been agreed

In USA, UNO meeting convened spoke in Madison Square.

In Myanmar an agreement reached for Trade for 14000 crores.

In Austria an agreement signed to buy Uranium at G 20 Summit

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Sessile and Mauritius visits where an Indo Sea Treaty reached

In France an agreement signed to buy Raphael Jets at a cost of 62000 Crores. Also signed an agreement to start a Nuclear Furnaces at Jaidapur Maharashtra

Germany had promised to help out for Make in India Projects

From Canada assistance sought for over 2500 crores for erecting Nuclear Furnaces and import Uranium

With China agreement reached for 21 Projects

For Longstanding communications, Iron, Solar Power, in cinematic Industries in both the countries 1.57 lakhs crores agreed upon

With Mangolia a financial treaty signed for Economic influence, growth in defence sectors etc.

With South Korea an agreement signed for 63000 crores which include 7 Projects in Defence, Inter Trade, and Finance for Infrastructure projects in India.

With Bangladesh 22 Project agreements signed.

With Uzbekistan for Agriculture, Trade and IT sector Project investments signed.

With Kagakasthan Projects for railways, Uranium imports and Defense growth signed.

In Russia the 7th BRICS conference held to promote trade and dynamics of all the countries.

With Kirkisthan for Defense, Election Principle, Indian quality estimate, culture and tourism industries development agreements signed.

With UAE for Economic growth, Defence, Cultural exchanges have been signed.

Attended at the USA the UNO conference

In Britain our PM was the special invitee to speak in their Parliament. A treaty of 83000 crores signed by the both countries for various Projects.

In Turkey G 20 Summit meet

With Singapore for Defence, Culture, Economic differences discussed and agreement signed.

With Russia for Nuclear energy projects, and support agreed by Russia for permanent membership in the UN defence council.

Visit to Pakistan to meet Nawaz Sheriff the then Prime Minister.

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With Belgium first Indo European summit meet. Ports, Science, Double taxation, Law relating to Prisoners etc. discussed and agreement signed.

In USA the Nuclear Proliferation meeting attended.

In Saudi Arabia Modi was honored with the ORDER OF KING ABDULLAJI. A treaty also signed for Trade, Nuclear power, Defense signed.

With Iran an agreement signed to create sea trade through Safar Port engaging Afghanistan and Iran and two way route to be established.

In Switzerland discussion with the Chief officials about the investments of money (Black) by Indians in Swiss Banks discussed.

In USA again there was a meeting with BARAC OBAMA for Defense, Nuclear engagement etc. was discussed. Spoke in the American Congress

Conference in Mexico congress

Shanghai cooperation council meet in Uzbekistan

In Mozambique three agreements signed.

In South Africa agreement signed on Economic restructure, Trade and tourism Cultural Exchange

In Tanzania an agreement reached for supply of drinking water schemes and Sanitation around 4000 crores.

In Kenya for their enlistment of trade, sanitation culture an agreement was signed to contribute 322 crores.

In Vietnam an agreement was signed to promote Science, trade, Cultural exchange, Sanitation and Tourism.

In China attended G 20 summit to protect the borders of India discussed.

In Lavos participated in the East Asian council meet for trade exchanges.

In Japan met to discuss two countries inter



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In Srilanka an agreement was signed to restructure the oil fields in Trikonamala

In Germany an agreement was signed for Indian cities infrastructure improvement till 2022

In Spain an agreement was signed for Cypher safety methods.

With Russia an agreement was signed to by S400 Micro Jets for 4000 Crores.  Also Russia promised to improvise the Koodankulam coal mines for the third and fourth Units. Some more new nuclear mines are also in the offing.

In USA an agreement was signed to buy Natural Gas for 20 years.

In Netherlands an agreement was signed to promote trade, culture, and Social security.

With Israel an agreement was signed to promote the water distribution and systems in India.

In Germany G.20 summit attended

In China participated in the BRICS meet

In Myanmar the Sea route securities meet done

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In Switzerland the World Economic Forum meet participated.

In Palestine six agreements signed worth 386 crores.

In Abhudhabi an agreement signed for Inter Oil Procurement and improvement in railways discussed. First Hindu temple at Abu Dhabi an agreement signed and land allotted.

In Omen an agreement signed of Tourism and Sanitation

Sweden agrees to invest in India for more than 100 crores.

In Brittan participated in the High level Common Wealth Summit

With China a discussion was held to safeguard our boundaries.

In Nepal an agreement signed to help them with 900 Megawatt power plants in East Nepal. A bust route formulated between Nepal and Uttar Pradesh.

In Malaysia the defense Projects discussed.

In Singapore an agreement was signed to safeguard the sea routes of Indian Pacific and a peaceful solution reached in sharing the waters.

In Rwanda 200 Cattles were donated

In Uganda Modi delivered lectures in their Parliament.

In South Africa participated in the BRICS meet

In Japan again an agreement signed for Sanitation and Inter
Trade relations discussed.

In Singapore participated in the East Asian council meet.

In Maldives Modi delivered lectures in the Parliament

In Argentina again participated in the G 20 meet.

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In South Korea an agreement was signed to improve Trade and Defence set up.

In Srilanka Modi met Sirisena to discuss Inter country relations.

In Kirgizstan an agreement signed to help 20 crores to that country

In Japan again participated in the G 20 summit

In Bhutan discussions done to promote in the Space sectors and RUPay cards inaugurated.

In France an agreement was signed to promote defence, Culture, Seasonal Changes in the Climate

In UAE Modi was conferred the highest title of ORDER OF ZAYED

In Bahrain Solar Energy needs discussed.

In France participated in G 7 summit

With Russia an agreement was signed for Hydro Carbon and Natural gas.

In the USA Modi spoke in the UNO and met Trump and delivered a stunning lecture in Houston called Howdy Modi

With Saudi Arabia an agreement was signed for improved air transport between two countries and new avenues of trade discussed.

In Thailand participated in the East Asian Council Meet.

In Brazil participated in the BRICS summit

The aforesaid factors would stand to testimony to Mr Modi’s foreign tour and the realms of his visit and how best he can endure to get the benefits on various accounts and ensure India is ahead of every other country in the world. 

This has proved that what an amount of value additions done to the Country and its citizens and he has been always at the interest of the common man and his growth.  He had illustrated to the whole world scenario that every Indian living in every other Country has to be respected of his indelible actions to accredit the India and its upliftment.  Every other Country is looking upon us as a major striking force and what we are today has never dreamt by us in the past 40 to 50 years by any governance.  He had summarized the whole world, enabled all avenues are thoroughly opened to take its due credits and he has been working for this and shall work forth and right in the future too.,

Should we not really envy our Prime Minister on his untiring work on the shoulders and taking all of us forward and forward all the while.  His entire mind and culture is to improve India and only India We should feel and respect all his endeavors of the past, present and future which would only benefit every Indian in this Country.

Long live Modiji


T Mohenchander

Mob      9003535787




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