Lock down – Inferno


Lock – Down Inferno


Microsoft founder Mr Bill Gates has sent a letter to the Indian Prime Minster Modi today… It says…

Grateful to see that you’re seeking to balance public health imperatives with the need to ensure adequate social protection for all Indians. We also commend your leadership and the proactive measures you and your government have taken up to flatten the curve of the COVID 19 infection rate in India. Such as adopting a national lockdown and expanding focused testing and etc…

The aforesaid are the words of a pioneer and world known statesman and he knows thoroughly what are India and its strength and its people. This has been an historic moment and every Indian is in the vicinity of the unexpected tragedy world over, the Corona Virus. The whole world over every country is behind the tragedy and especially America is finding it’s tooth and nail locked down. The death toll is raising every day and every moment like cricket score. The death toll has crossed 17000. They are all worried and do not know what medicine to be used and eradicate this dangerous virus. USA is blaming the World Health Organization and its leadership because they have sided China in this contagious virus. Because of this America has stopped funding WHO. There is no certainty that this virus will stay for 14 days or 30 days everyone is uncertain. It affects everyone the one cured and untested too. Until and otherwise a vaccine is found to rid of this virus it will be very difficult for every country and recourse the schedules.

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It has created a real Panic in the minds of the people of every country and particular reference to Tamilnadu, some Doctors, Nurses, Police Guards have been attacked and manhandled is a real sorry state of affair. Added to this a doctor in Ambattur, Chennai, who was affected by Corona and died and his dead body was not allowed in burial area and it has been shunted to various avenues and ultimately done with lot of protests and attacks by locals refusing to hold shelter for the burial. People are under the impression that this would be contagious and they are very ignorant that from a dead body this will not spread.

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Let this be there the Central Government is under due stress how to get over this scenario after the lock down. A big inferno has been created and the fire is raging and the same is yet get cool and get acclimatized. What errands and what locations and what activities to get started after 3rd May is still unknown and no one knows a wee bit about the future operations.

After some days it has to be properly gauged how this virus comes down and what shall be the operative formalities and how this has to be followed state wise and central and State conjunctions on this episode has to be clearly drawn. If you really want to initiate federalism each one of us has to think how this is going to decide future imperatives, especially economic balance, economic viability, economic status of the individual, especially the middle and lower middle class how they can tackle this tight situation and come out of it.  More to it the unemployment will shoot up and the downtrodden has to find ways and means to get both ends meet.  There is going to be a big war between the mouth and stomach and we all pretty know the stomach is the priority and it will only win.

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Each and every one of us has a call of duty and as an Indian we all have to rise up to the occasion and do our might to the betterment of the needy behind taking care of us and our family.  We have been taught to share and care with the required and it has to be followed in letter and spirit.

Controlled resumption of economic activity: The pandemic’s impact on the global economy is already being felt. Some of us can work from home. But India has millions of people who do not have that option. So in the weeks ahead, it’s important to consider ‘reopening’ key sectors of the economy ¬—with strict physical distancing, hygiene norms and other controls in place. This reopening has to be carefully planned and even more carefully executed.

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Make public health a focus area: Any investment in public health helps to prevent diseases and leads to the improved overall health of the population. But in India, healthcare, and public health in particular, has not received the governmental attention and financial support it merits. This must change immediately. India needs to view public health not as crisis management, but as a long-term priority.

We also need to make the ‘one health’ approach an integral part of our public health strategy. This involves recognizing that our health is connected to the health of animals, plants and the environment that we all share. It, therefore, emphasizes that efforts to prevent disease should focus not just on human, but also on animal, plant and environmental health. We really can’t afford to ignore this idea, given that SARS-CoV-2 is believed to have animal origins.

Pay special attention to mental health: The upheavals caused by Covid-19 are affecting every aspect of our lives. All of us are, understandably, beset by worries about money and about our own health and that of our loved ones. Bereft of our usual coping mechanisms such as social gatherings or even regular work routines, this anxiety could very easily spiral into mental health issues. So we need to allocate resources to mental wellness programmes.

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(Dr M.I. Sahadulla is Chairman and Managing Director KIMS Healthcare Group and the author of Vital Signs: Reflections on a Life in Medicine and Management.

Let us not sleep and keep our heads under our carpets, think and look about those who don’t have even a shelter to sleep down and eat.  It is not only the State or Central Government, they are all doing and shall be doing their best, at the same time to keep up the federalism and think each and every Citizen is our brethren and it will not be difficult to carry your brother while claiming the mountain as you know there is nothing like weight or heaviness, it is going to be your brother and all Indians are our brothers and sisters.

This hour after the lock down is going to be the real litmus test for all of us and we should stand up and work for the country and each and every one has to bring in their best and contribute the best.

Jai hind

T Mohenchander


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