India Opens up all Sectors


India Opens up all Sectors

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There has been big uproar over the opening up of certain sectors to private by Mrs. Nirmala Seetha Raman, Finance Minister of India recently. This has been the biggest abuse by the Tamilnadu DMK party just because they do not have any hold at the center, started lamenting and ranting against Modi and his governance.  Even leaders like Nehru, Kamaraj, Indira Gandhi, and Rajeev Gandhi had faced such brick bats during their rein of governance. What the finance minister had announced now are very unique and economic restructure. We have seen the whole world has been caught unawares by the Corona Virus and every other country is suffering of topsy-turvy situations. Of course India is not an exception, we have seen the worst scenario, but still we are among the least affected among-st the 212 countries affected by this deadly virus.  Even today the New York times have applauded Modi’s leadership in containing the Corona Virus when compared to country in spite of 136 billion populations in this country.

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In this crisis America can raise up when oil prices grow, Arab state also comes up into the open when the sanctions imposed on Iran are released.  But in India to revive the economy and its structural changes it takes time.  Only to prevent any disaster this privatization policy has been announced. This 20 lakhs crores package is for some important achievements. Our Allocation to Navy around 40000 crores has been deferred on the submarine projects. Import of defense equipment’s also deferred. There have been rumors to spread these 20 lakh crores to individuals in India in their accounts. Then all those will go into unlawful activities benefiting no one.

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Taxing is the form government’s revenue. If we do not engage our funds in the Industrial, health, Defense, and Army there will be no return to the governments as tax.  What we invest is being returned in the form of tax. We have only deferred these high cost projects like ‘Submarine development and management, Ports development and not left over once and for all. We need targeted circulation of big money in the hands of the Government. We need to create Industrial viability opportunities for development.  Hence we have decided to open up the sectors whichever is possible.

For example Coal is a product is a must in Nuclear Plants and if the same is digged in India that money gets rotated here in our country itself. Nuclear development and involvement of Private entities is not new to countries like America and Russia and they have been utilizing their services too. To make spare parts for our nuclear plants inviting foreign companies and asking them to make in India is going to bring in lot of employment and cash liquidity in our country. Our money gets circulated in our area itself. At the same time the Agricultural sector also given some special features for their development.  When our Indian bureaucrats like Mittal, Shiv Nadar, Narayana Murthy and bigger giants have been doing business throughout the world why not we invite foreign sponsors to share in the existing exposures in India. In taking and developing Indian Airports inviting the private sector is going to be an important investment. Because all that required for the airports developments which cannot be invested by the government alone.

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We should take into cognizance of the world is getting changed on account of various ailments due to this virus, we do have an idea of luring those Industries who are willing to get out of China. Of course in Electronics field those industries will not come out of Korea and Taiwan. But they can very well contribute and improve upon the defence sectors and nuclear development programs. That is why all the other bigger nations around the world are eyeing India as the safe center and we are not derelecting such opportunities and wanted to grab them. That is what is done by India now. The finance minister is doing the right things in the right time. There seems to be a definite strength and courage on her functioning and working which will definitely yield results to our country. Like Indira Gandhi during her ruling she leaned toward Russia opposing China, left America in the lurch.  This has affected us by not getting American support and ultimately China got the best of American support and grown today as the biggest country. If Indira Gandhi has changed her leaning towards USA means we would have been in an enviable position. Now that in China also there has been number of Private big giants are in the placement and improving the country.  Hence we need not find fault with the present policy and pronounce the same as the right one and we all stand by the finance minister to lead this great nation into various levels. Today from Software to multiple private industrial developments are because of Tats, and Ambanis and all their projects are aimed at developing India. And their taxes are coming back to us as investment returns.

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We have been gifted to have a leader like Nirmala Seetha Raman and she has been carrying her flag and portfolio in fine mettle and she will conquer the milestones by her sincere policies and projects which are only going to benefit India and the Indians.  Remember, all those bigger projects which are presently kept in abeyance will come into operation once the situation improves.

Let us support India, we are all Indians and all of us have to join hands in the policies of the government at the right time and with right earnest. Our country is second to none.


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