Uttar Pradesh in Revival mode


Uttar Pradesh in Revival mode

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The Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adhithyanath has taken an oath to revive the state and its policies to strengthen. He wants all his migrant workers to be brought back to his state and taken care. He has made it a concern to bring them and provide them shelter and create avenues of jobs in the respective portfolios. He wants to compete with other states and win over in retaining the migrant workers and taking care in all their needs in a systematic way. He wanted to grow more jobs and completing a blue print shorts.  In fact he has an idea to follow Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore who wowed to make Singapore as the best Asean Nation in the world and Mahatma Gandhi, Father of our Indian Nation who made known the prime subscribers to growth of Nation is the people from the villages. Migrants are returning to village from the Cities of various states. This was Gandhi’s vision to get a PURNA SWARAJ, unless all the villages in India till they get economic social freedom India cannot be a free country.

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Lee has declared in 1965 when he founded Singapore that he would make this country as the best second ASEAN Nation in the world. He wants to develop the power of his nation as any other nation in the world. His prime idea was to improve the GDP of the country by auguring his interest on every citizen. His country did not have any natural resources like, oil and minerals for survival. He made use of shipping routes between East and west and started inviting companies from the U.S, Europe, and Japan and asking them to set up Manufacturing Industries by using the Singapore laborers. The companies were benefited by the low cost labors available in ASEAN countries like Singapore. It was the more attractive location for those foreign companies. All of them welcomed his invitation, but Lee had a condition. He did not want his labor force to be enforced in low wages.  Wages has to rise and hence wanted to start such Industries which would give his labor force, high end jobs which would offer them higher wages and the entire country’s per capita income is raised. Resulted in forming global chain supplements. MNC’s were on the lookout for lower cost resources. If the companies improve Lee thought they are tend to move into neighboring countries, hence made them created absolute First class infrastructure in every avenues and at the same time done the up gradation of skills for Singapore Citizens. This has developed their earning power more and more. One of the giants Indian JRD Tata set up a training center and a precision tool room in partnership with the Singapore Government. This has created to build foundations for Industrial development in Singapore.

The rules of the migration set up quite easy for the migration clients to get into offers of the developed countries to earn more. The investors can leave the place whenever they wanted and this has resulted in local labor at a loss. Hence every government should see to it the migrant workers are benefited equally and see that they are not partners in investment but they should be seen as wealth contributors alone. Economist should advise this to government they are not the tool for investment and hence proper care to be taken.

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UP is a complex state, because Singapore is Nation with 6 million population, whereas here the population of UP is 200 million and the comparison is very hard to nerve in between. This has dozens of towns and thousands of villages and the entire citizen have to be taken acute care to control them with Proper economic and social freedom which Mahatma Gandhi said. Unless we strengthen this up we cannot grow our nation as a whole. In Lees, Tata’s, Gandhi’s books diluting the rights of workers to make life easier for investors was not done.

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Now that UP has decided and need to follow the Gandhian Economics only. This is based on a simple principle. One, human beings and local communities must be the means for human progress and their well-being must be the purpose of progress too. The next one governance must be strengthened at the local level, in villages and cities first. Wealth has to be good, but wealthy people must only be trustees of a community’s wealth, and not its owners. The alienation of owners from workers must be reduced with the creation new models of cooperative capitalist enterprises where the workers, not remote capitalists, our state ,are owners of these enterprises.

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The Present health crisis and economic crisis brought everyone to think about regrouping the citizen and their well-being.  Every other state has taken cognizance of this prevalent situation now. Of course UP and its leader has taken and become a forerunner in bringing about thinking their mighty migrant workers who are all from villages has to be dealt with seriously in bringing back the Gandhian Swaraj lifting their economic and social freedom.  Hopefully all other states too take a leaf out of this and see through the message properly and do resurrect.


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