Border dispute with China


Border dispute with China


The whole world is surging with Corona and its survival. But china is pervading with all evasiveness in having border dispute with our Country and the recent Galwan attack has laid down our 20 soldiers.  The whole attack was barbaric and most unwanted.  I don’t think this attack is not just decrying the LAC agreement. It has a different feel and different ethics, which has been exposed. Let us first analyse the History of China in this regard.

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After Wu Zindo, Shi Jinping has been the ruler since 2013. Earlier the ruling has been for ten years alone for any politburo members.  Now that changing the constitutional laws Shi Jinping has acquired to hold the post for indefinite period. The next step he took that was, created a silk route under his plans, One Belt One Road (OBOR) Scheme he wanted to take the Chinese products to European, African and other countries. He wanted to have their centennial celebration effort to complete the same in the year 2049, this being the base he had created the OBOR and envisaged his ideas. The idea is to unite around 70 countries under this plan through Rail route spending around 62 billion dollars. Converting all the ports through rail route and exchange his country’s trade in a decisive manner. Then take on that trade through ships to other continents of this world. Forthis purpose, to give aids to those countries which agree to settle with his plans and creations by monetary support.

In South Asia and Central Asia, the countries that are facing acute drought and paucity of economic development have agreed for such aids and supporting China. This includes our neighbour Pakistan too. It has given its Gwadhar port to China to have its functions. The work on this almost over from China, from Beijing to Korkos and from there to Pakistan then on to Gwadhar has been finished. Added to this China is starting a Rail Route in Pakistan which shall go through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir area Baluchistan and end up here.  The trouble starts here for India. Remember the Belt and Road Initiative has not been agreed by India and not signed it. This will definitely plunge those countries which have been aided by China. India has disputed this rail route strongly. Our proclamation of Kashmir under article 370 and BRI initiative not signed by India is the stumbling block for China. As India has not agreed for aids and help, China has taken the assault on us in Galwan valley. The same is with Doklam for the last 3 years.

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The other reason for the above is, India is started developing the Chabhar Port in Iran which is closer to Gwadhar port and this has irritated China. We have already started our work at a cost of 4000 crores since 2016. India is going to manufacture Aluminium ores and Fertilizers Production Units etc. in the days to come. There is also a scheme through a pipe line from Iran though Pakistan which shall reach India. Not only this, in Afghanistan at Hajigak there are enough Iron ores, those places are taken for lease by our corporate to do business and promote trade. These products would be shipped through Chabahar port to India. We have already created a route of 250 kms distance of 8 way roads.

When there is such an improvement done by India which has clearly affected China in their silk route they are very much in dare straits as for as India is concerned. That is the reason all these recent LAC violations. Not only this, in Taiwan their asking for Independent status, India is supporting.  Added to this Hongkong internal struggle is also supported by India. In this connection the most important aspect, is Modi meeting Shi Jinping in the last 6 years they would have met 16 times. The result oriented meetings were specifically in Wuhan in 2018 and in 2019 at Mamallapuram, Chennai. On these meetings there was no discussion on border disputes, only trade and business were discussed. That is the reason three years ago China was fighting in Doklam near Bhutan for 78 days and could not do anything. Our Indian system is to get anything without fighting and we have been winning by this attitude.

China’s belief at this Corona crisis as there has been severe backdrop financially for all major countries it has taken this as a business opportunity and wanted to strike when the iron is hot. But India’s support has been negative and this puts hurdles in China’s policies.

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Most importantly both the countries are not interested through military force, the object can be achieved. Because India knows that this assault is only Trade and business deals and very much China on the cards to break Indian ideas.  But it is not happening.  Hence they are showing their strength in bits and pieces by this Galwan attack and else. However we have lost 20 soldiers and India will never lag behind in opposing, or our Prime Minister Mode has time and again made sure that we shall wait, when we needed, can definitely show our strength.  Let China be assured we are a great Nation and we have policies to show that we are also capable of violence when needed.

Let us wait and see how this Belt and Road Initiative of China takes on.

Jai hind.

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