Ajith Doval   Indian James bond


Ajith Doval   Indian James bond

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We all know very well the James bond character was developed by Ian Fleming in all his films.  The imaginary character has become a true element through his films.  Every film has its heroic deeds and the hero does it in style and systematic.  We all love thy character James bond.

We can see that character in real life today.  He is none other than our National Defense Advisor Mr Ajith Doval. The 75 year young man is the topic of our Indian history today and he is running the roost. He is basically from Kerala and joined the IPS batch of 1968.  While there was turmoil in Telichery in 1971 he was asked take responsibility of tackling the melee. He was requested by Mr Karunakaran of Kerala Chief Minister then. He brought down the turmoil between the two societies in a week’s time and settled the issues amicably. He then joined the central team in the year 1972 and since then he did everything like a James bond.

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During 1999 the Kandahar plane hijacking incident he was one of the three participants who brought in peace. From 1971 to 1999 he had involved in about 15 hijacking cases of planes and solved those issues in a very subtle manner. He also headed the IB for over ten years and in charge of Operations sector. There was turmoil in Mizoram requesting for separate state status in the year 1980 and Doval was sent in as the emissary and see that they are known about the interest of India and its governance. He also brought to books the illegal activities in Myanmar and intrusion of Chinese forces and brought the same to the knowledge of home ministry. After bringing in peace at Mizoram ,Doval was sent to Sikkim to control the happenings there.  With definitive plans he brought in Sikkim under the Indian control. During his tenure he also learned the action plans to thwart terrorist activities. At the Pakistan Embassy he was also working in the Commercial section. During that period he was looking over the Sikh pilgrims and Khalistan terrorists during the operations there. He was giving information’s about the Khalistan activists and communicating with the Indian Home Ministry. Then in India, he was in the Black Thunder operation in Amritsar and his presence was as important as worthy at that time. During 1990 he was sent to Kashmir to look after the terrorist activities of Pakistan there. The important aspect was, he made the heinous crime makers like Kukka Barova and changed his mind by discussions and talking, made him to stand against such terrorist activities. 1996 saw the change in Kashmir and the assembly’s election was done and presence of Doval was very important in forming a government. In 2014 ISI terrorists have captured around 45 nurses in Iraq and by Doval’s efforts they were all freed peacefully.

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The most important was his participation in organizing and conducting the 2016 surgical strike against Pakistan to show our strength against the URI attack in Kashmir. In Doklam issue also he was working in hand in glove with Ministry of External Affairs to solve certain important issues in China. 2019, last year Pakistan has killed 40 of our police force in Pulwama of Kashmir area. He repeated the surgical strike against them in a planned manner without any hindrance to our routine activities.

He has become the talking figure of Indian Government after taking over as the National Defense Advisor and repeatedly playing his part in securing the lives of all Indian citizens. Our Internal and external intricacies are very difficult and hard to digest.  He plays a good part in handling any such issue in a manner no one would know about his plan and action.

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His credits for his innovative and established handling of very many assignments are as follows.

When he was young he was awarded the Police Medal and also the President’s medal for his deeds.

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He was also awarded the “Keerthichakra”. He was the first Policemen to get this.

National Defense Advisor position equals to a Cabinet Minister rank.

He is also responsible for External Affairs and responsible for the lives of Indian living abroad. He can involve in Space Research Activities, Nuclear Energy ministries and involve and contribute his share. National Defense council researches and connected developments, he can interfere and help out the developmental propositions too.

Are we still thinking to name him as our Indian James bond? Yes, it is very right to name him so, his disposition of things at all levels were really exemplary.  We need such eminent personalities to control and govern our policies and culture. We respect you Sir, and your contributions are more needed for our country.


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