Kamala Harris – Woman in Focus



Kamala Harris – Woman in Focus

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Kamala Harris was born in 1964 to Shyamala Gopalan, a carrier researcher from Chennai and Donald Harris an economics professor from Jamaica. In 2004 she became the first black woman to hold the seat of Sanfransisco’s Attorney. In 2011 she became the first female Attorney General of California and in 2016 she was elected to the Senate from the State.

When she was the Senator Kamala Harris was picked to be the running mate of presumptive Democratic nominee for the presidency, Joe Biden she became the first black and Indian American woman on a major party presidential ticket in U.S. History.

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Her mother Shyamala Gopalan was a cancer researcher from Chennai, both were involved in civil rights moments and she was known for her campus activism. Her parents divorced when she was a child, and Ms. Harris and her younger sister Maya were primarily raised by their mother, visiting their father on weekends and during summer holidays only. Both the children were inculcated in the younger days through her mother’s friends who were all civil right activists and intellectuals. Most of the laurels were learnt for Harris through her grandfather P V Gopalan and Grandmother Rajam Gopalan.  They have taught Harris in the younger days when they were having strolls in the beach in India about democracy and civil rights. The children had adored and admired by South Indian culture adapting to various conventions. Her mother was aware and very much knew that the American society would see the Harris children as black girls and was determined to make sure they would grow up to be confident, proud black women. Ms. Harris attended the historically black Howard University where she majored in economics and political science.  After getting a law degree from UC Hastings, Ms. Harris began working as a prosecutor in Oakland. As a California AG, she was criticised for not adequately investigating charges of prosecutorial misconduct and defending convictions that involved police officers inserting false evidence. She also as AG, she appealed a judge’s ruling that the State’s death penalty was unconstitutional. And also argued on that it was her duty to defend the State’s laws regardless of her personal beliefs. In recent years Ms Harris emerged as a strong proponent of criminal justice reform. Since 2016 as U S Senator was very powerful on various committees on Intelligence, and Homeland security. One of the important things she is known for is her prosecutorial style of questioning the at Senate hearings very easily.

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In terms of Foreign Policy Ms. Harris has said she would work with the Chinese Government on common interests, like climate change, while addressing the country’s human rights abuses such as with china’s Uighur minority. This has complicated her views comparing China and this has damaged US interests.

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While speaking at Delaware last week, MS Harris and Mr Biden at their first appearance together since the VP announcement – emphasised the Trump administrations’ botched response to the pandemic the state of the U.S Economy with more than 16 million unemployed and race relations. Mr. Biden’s economic recovery plan for /America with the theme Build back better will likely be the focus of the initial days if a Biden-Harris administration.

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Now that she has become a serious contender for the Vice Presidency.

The US elections have to have a say on this soon.


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