Border dispute with China


Border dispute with China


The whole world is surging with Corona and its survival. But china is pervading with all evasiveness in having border dispute with our Country and the recent Galwan attack has laid down our 20 soldiers.  The whole attack was barbaric and most unwanted.  I don’t think this attack is not just decrying the LAC agreement. It has a different feel and different ethics, which has been exposed. Let us first analyse the History of China in this regard.

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After Wu Zindo, Shi Jinping has been the ruler since 2013. Earlier the ruling has been for ten years alone for any politburo members.  Now that changing the constitutional laws Shi Jinping has acquired to hold the post for indefinite period. The next step he took that was, created a silk route under his plans, One Belt One Road (OBOR) Scheme he wanted to take the Chinese products to European, African and other countries. He wanted to have their centennial celebration effort to complete the same in the year 2049, this being the base he had created the OBOR and envisaged his ideas. The idea is to unite around 70 countries under this plan through Rail route spending around 62 billion dollars. Converting all the ports through rail route and exchange his country’s trade in a decisive manner. Then take on that trade through ships to other continents of this world. Forthis purpose, to give aids to those countries which agree to settle with his plans and creations by monetary support.

In South Asia and Central Asia, the countries that are facing acute drought and paucity of economic development have agreed for such aids and supporting China. This includes our neighbour Pakistan too. It has given its Gwadhar port to China to have its functions. The work on this almost over from China, from Beijing to Korkos and from there to Pakistan then on to Gwadhar has been finished. Added to this China is starting a Rail Route in Pakistan which shall go through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir area Baluchistan and end up here.  The trouble starts here for India. Remember the Belt and Road Initiative has not been agreed by India and not signed it. This will definitely plunge those countries which have been aided by China. India has disputed this rail route strongly. Our proclamation of Kashmir under article 370 and BRI initiative not signed by India is the stumbling block for China. As India has not agreed for aids and help, China has taken the assault on us in Galwan valley. The same is with Doklam for the last 3 years.

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The other reason for the above is, India is started developing the Chabhar Port in Iran which is closer to Gwadhar port and this has irritated China. We have already started our work at a cost of 4000 crores since 2016. India is going to manufacture Aluminium ores and Fertilizers Production Units etc. in the days to come. There is also a scheme through a pipe line from Iran though Pakistan which shall reach India. Not only this, in Afghanistan at Hajigak there are enough Iron ores, those places are taken for lease by our corporate to do business and promote trade. These products would be shipped through Chabahar port to India. We have already created a route of 250 kms distance of 8 way roads.

When there is such an improvement done by India which has clearly affected China in their silk route they are very much in dare straits as for as India is concerned. That is the reason all these recent LAC violations. Not only this, in Taiwan their asking for Independent status, India is supporting.  Added to this Hongkong internal struggle is also supported by India. In this connection the most important aspect, is Modi meeting Shi Jinping in the last 6 years they would have met 16 times. The result oriented meetings were specifically in Wuhan in 2018 and in 2019 at Mamallapuram, Chennai. On these meetings there was no discussion on border disputes, only trade and business were discussed. That is the reason three years ago China was fighting in Doklam near Bhutan for 78 days and could not do anything. Our Indian system is to get anything without fighting and we have been winning by this attitude.

China’s belief at this Corona crisis as there has been severe backdrop financially for all major countries it has taken this as a business opportunity and wanted to strike when the iron is hot. But India’s support has been negative and this puts hurdles in China’s policies.

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Most importantly both the countries are not interested through military force, the object can be achieved. Because India knows that this assault is only Trade and business deals and very much China on the cards to break Indian ideas.  But it is not happening.  Hence they are showing their strength in bits and pieces by this Galwan attack and else. However we have lost 20 soldiers and India will never lag behind in opposing, or our Prime Minister Mode has time and again made sure that we shall wait, when we needed, can definitely show our strength.  Let China be assured we are a great Nation and we have policies to show that we are also capable of violence when needed.

Let us wait and see how this Belt and Road Initiative of China takes on.

Jai hind.

Uttar Pradesh in Revival mode


Uttar Pradesh in Revival mode

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The Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adhithyanath has taken an oath to revive the state and its policies to strengthen. He wants all his migrant workers to be brought back to his state and taken care. He has made it a concern to bring them and provide them shelter and create avenues of jobs in the respective portfolios. He wants to compete with other states and win over in retaining the migrant workers and taking care in all their needs in a systematic way. He wanted to grow more jobs and completing a blue print shorts.  In fact he has an idea to follow Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore who wowed to make Singapore as the best Asean Nation in the world and Mahatma Gandhi, Father of our Indian Nation who made known the prime subscribers to growth of Nation is the people from the villages. Migrants are returning to village from the Cities of various states. This was Gandhi’s vision to get a PURNA SWARAJ, unless all the villages in India till they get economic social freedom India cannot be a free country.

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Lee has declared in 1965 when he founded Singapore that he would make this country as the best second ASEAN Nation in the world. He wants to develop the power of his nation as any other nation in the world. His prime idea was to improve the GDP of the country by auguring his interest on every citizen. His country did not have any natural resources like, oil and minerals for survival. He made use of shipping routes between East and west and started inviting companies from the U.S, Europe, and Japan and asking them to set up Manufacturing Industries by using the Singapore laborers. The companies were benefited by the low cost labors available in ASEAN countries like Singapore. It was the more attractive location for those foreign companies. All of them welcomed his invitation, but Lee had a condition. He did not want his labor force to be enforced in low wages.  Wages has to rise and hence wanted to start such Industries which would give his labor force, high end jobs which would offer them higher wages and the entire country’s per capita income is raised. Resulted in forming global chain supplements. MNC’s were on the lookout for lower cost resources. If the companies improve Lee thought they are tend to move into neighboring countries, hence made them created absolute First class infrastructure in every avenues and at the same time done the up gradation of skills for Singapore Citizens. This has developed their earning power more and more. One of the giants Indian JRD Tata set up a training center and a precision tool room in partnership with the Singapore Government. This has created to build foundations for Industrial development in Singapore.

The rules of the migration set up quite easy for the migration clients to get into offers of the developed countries to earn more. The investors can leave the place whenever they wanted and this has resulted in local labor at a loss. Hence every government should see to it the migrant workers are benefited equally and see that they are not partners in investment but they should be seen as wealth contributors alone. Economist should advise this to government they are not the tool for investment and hence proper care to be taken.

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UP is a complex state, because Singapore is Nation with 6 million population, whereas here the population of UP is 200 million and the comparison is very hard to nerve in between. This has dozens of towns and thousands of villages and the entire citizen have to be taken acute care to control them with Proper economic and social freedom which Mahatma Gandhi said. Unless we strengthen this up we cannot grow our nation as a whole. In Lees, Tata’s, Gandhi’s books diluting the rights of workers to make life easier for investors was not done.

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Now that UP has decided and need to follow the Gandhian Economics only. This is based on a simple principle. One, human beings and local communities must be the means for human progress and their well-being must be the purpose of progress too. The next one governance must be strengthened at the local level, in villages and cities first. Wealth has to be good, but wealthy people must only be trustees of a community’s wealth, and not its owners. The alienation of owners from workers must be reduced with the creation new models of cooperative capitalist enterprises where the workers, not remote capitalists, our state ,are owners of these enterprises.

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The Present health crisis and economic crisis brought everyone to think about regrouping the citizen and their well-being.  Every other state has taken cognizance of this prevalent situation now. Of course UP and its leader has taken and become a forerunner in bringing about thinking their mighty migrant workers who are all from villages has to be dealt with seriously in bringing back the Gandhian Swaraj lifting their economic and social freedom.  Hopefully all other states too take a leaf out of this and see through the message properly and do resurrect.


T Mohenchander

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India Opens up all Sectors


India Opens up all Sectors

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There has been big uproar over the opening up of certain sectors to private by Mrs. Nirmala Seetha Raman, Finance Minister of India recently. This has been the biggest abuse by the Tamilnadu DMK party just because they do not have any hold at the center, started lamenting and ranting against Modi and his governance.  Even leaders like Nehru, Kamaraj, Indira Gandhi, and Rajeev Gandhi had faced such brick bats during their rein of governance. What the finance minister had announced now are very unique and economic restructure. We have seen the whole world has been caught unawares by the Corona Virus and every other country is suffering of topsy-turvy situations. Of course India is not an exception, we have seen the worst scenario, but still we are among the least affected among-st the 212 countries affected by this deadly virus.  Even today the New York times have applauded Modi’s leadership in containing the Corona Virus when compared to country in spite of 136 billion populations in this country.

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In this crisis America can raise up when oil prices grow, Arab state also comes up into the open when the sanctions imposed on Iran are released.  But in India to revive the economy and its structural changes it takes time.  Only to prevent any disaster this privatization policy has been announced. This 20 lakhs crores package is for some important achievements. Our Allocation to Navy around 40000 crores has been deferred on the submarine projects. Import of defense equipment’s also deferred. There have been rumors to spread these 20 lakh crores to individuals in India in their accounts. Then all those will go into unlawful activities benefiting no one.

is (11)

Taxing is the form government’s revenue. If we do not engage our funds in the Industrial, health, Defense, and Army there will be no return to the governments as tax.  What we invest is being returned in the form of tax. We have only deferred these high cost projects like ‘Submarine development and management, Ports development and not left over once and for all. We need targeted circulation of big money in the hands of the Government. We need to create Industrial viability opportunities for development.  Hence we have decided to open up the sectors whichever is possible.

For example Coal is a product is a must in Nuclear Plants and if the same is digged in India that money gets rotated here in our country itself. Nuclear development and involvement of Private entities is not new to countries like America and Russia and they have been utilizing their services too. To make spare parts for our nuclear plants inviting foreign companies and asking them to make in India is going to bring in lot of employment and cash liquidity in our country. Our money gets circulated in our area itself. At the same time the Agricultural sector also given some special features for their development.  When our Indian bureaucrats like Mittal, Shiv Nadar, Narayana Murthy and bigger giants have been doing business throughout the world why not we invite foreign sponsors to share in the existing exposures in India. In taking and developing Indian Airports inviting the private sector is going to be an important investment. Because all that required for the airports developments which cannot be invested by the government alone.

is (12)

We should take into cognizance of the world is getting changed on account of various ailments due to this virus, we do have an idea of luring those Industries who are willing to get out of China. Of course in Electronics field those industries will not come out of Korea and Taiwan. But they can very well contribute and improve upon the defence sectors and nuclear development programs. That is why all the other bigger nations around the world are eyeing India as the safe center and we are not derelecting such opportunities and wanted to grab them. That is what is done by India now. The finance minister is doing the right things in the right time. There seems to be a definite strength and courage on her functioning and working which will definitely yield results to our country. Like Indira Gandhi during her ruling she leaned toward Russia opposing China, left America in the lurch.  This has affected us by not getting American support and ultimately China got the best of American support and grown today as the biggest country. If Indira Gandhi has changed her leaning towards USA means we would have been in an enviable position. Now that in China also there has been number of Private big giants are in the placement and improving the country.  Hence we need not find fault with the present policy and pronounce the same as the right one and we all stand by the finance minister to lead this great nation into various levels. Today from Software to multiple private industrial developments are because of Tats, and Ambanis and all their projects are aimed at developing India. And their taxes are coming back to us as investment returns.

is (17)

We have been gifted to have a leader like Nirmala Seetha Raman and she has been carrying her flag and portfolio in fine mettle and she will conquer the milestones by her sincere policies and projects which are only going to benefit India and the Indians.  Remember, all those bigger projects which are presently kept in abeyance will come into operation once the situation improves.

Let us support India, we are all Indians and all of us have to join hands in the policies of the government at the right time and with right earnest. Our country is second to none.


Bank Loans write – off


Bank Loans – Write-off

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Most of the Indians are under the impression that by writing off loans given to borrowers in the banks are those loans treated as non-returnable ones.  This is not so.  Even the write off loans of Mallaya and Chokshi and Nirav Mody and etc., amounting to 68000 crores are thought so.  In realistic view it is not so.  Each one of us has to understand the predicament behind that and analysis of such bad loans. I shall cite you with some examples hereunder which will bring in you the real picture of those exercises. For example a person named A has borrowed some loans from the banks and he had returned the installments and interest intact and settled his dues to the bank means he is not a problem at all.

Stage One

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Suppose A is not able to pay back his loan due to difficulty in his business, comes over to the bankers, pleads his inability, seeks more time for repayment of his credit outstanding, and promises by hook or crook he shall pay it out.  Then the bankers will analyse his realistic situation by going into his accounting details and as he has really lost because of promising reasons in the business or diversified his loan and other aspects with his borrowings.  If they were satisfied about the promises then they would call the borrower and do the Restructuring of the borrowed amount.  There are like this some big borrowers accounts amounting to Crores invested in hospitality business and asked for a restructuring because of loss in business, the banks after analyzing permitted for the same and today he is paying his dues on time with interest and again bounced back to normal levels.

Stage two

is (19)

Take for example of A, in a stage where he faces acute losses due to obvious reasons and unable to pay back the bank dues and request the bankers and submits his inability and informs them that he is going to close his business shortly and needs the bank’s help. In such cases bankers will go deep into the cluster of things, analyse the loss aspects including closure of his business whether due to rise in prices of raw materials and competition from the foreign markets like china which is selling its products for half the prices of in India.  The bank would have given him about 9 crores as loan and it should have added up interest up to date might have reached around 13 crores.  In such a case, request A for a one-time settlement and ask him to pay only the principal amount alone, i.e… 9 crores alone. A might try to sell his property and other assets and settle the bank for 9 crores as One Time Settlement and come out of the ordeal.


Stage three

is (17)

We take the case of A again.  If he is like our Vijay Malaya who happens to be an intended defaulter and posing to the bankers that he shall pay today and tomorrow and hanging on with the borrowed amount and pleading excuses all the time. Banks will have no other alternative than to auction his properties and bring forth the revenue into his borrowed accounts.  More than these bankers can sue the individual in the court for collection of the balance amount too.  This authority is vested with the bankers. Like Mallaya the borrower flees to any other country also, our bankers through the government, file an expedite treaty and evacuate the borrower from the foreign country.  That is what is happening in Mallaya’s case and very soon, he will be brought in here and proceeded against.

Insolvency Petitions

is (20)

Bankers can also use the above trump card for the corporate borrowers.  If a corporate has borrowed enough money from the bank and if they have exceeded more than a lakh of rupees in repaying his installment, the banks can infuse Insolvency Petition against them.  The National Company Law tribunal will review this and they would pass on the decision in 90 days’ time. If the tribunal finds fitting of the stage recommended by the bankers then the Corporate will lose its credibility, its directors and others would be fired, and new set of directors will be appointed by the relevant authorities to take control. Suppose keeping enough wealth and the borrowers do not heed to bankers notices and do not repay in time and even after due dates kept dodging means bankers can take up the weapon of implicating Insolvency petition against the borrower and bring him to terms.  There are enough names in the market and in the corporate world, people who have dillydallied liked this, once they have been served insolvency petitions, they run in and rush to the bank settle off all the dues to save their integrity and reputations.

The Bad Debts

Again we shall revert back to borrower A, for example he had borrowed from the bank his present outstanding shows at 13 crores and he is not able to pay bank any amount towards his borrowed till march 31st of the particular year.  In that case the bank by one time settlement given him 4 crores interest waiver and this waiver is taken as bad debts and they would not account the entire 13 crores in the books of accounts. Hence, they would write off the bad debts portion of 4 crores and show it in the books.  They would be deducting this amount in their profits and there would be a provisioning done in the balance sheet.  If total amount of 13 crores taken into the account means the bank’s balance sheet will not permit, as the auditors will also prohibit that act.  Hence the writing off is done because of all bad debts in every year. Tomorrow any case is proceeded against A is for the total amount of 13 crores and not to 9 Crores.  He cannot plead in any court as the bank has written off 4 crores and I shall pay only 9 crores. These are not permissible and please note the bank has the authority to proceed against him for the entire amount of 13 crores.


We may all think if the banks do not lend at all there will not be any problem at all.  It is not so, if they accept deposits from the public bankers have to pay interest to them.  Unless the banks funds are deployed in credit angles, through which the interest income develops and it is the resource, which goes into payments of salary, expenses of the bank etc. Our Niti Ayog says from the year 2008 to 2014 around 38 lakhs crores have been lent to public is their statement. Of course, every loan is lent with all authority, rules, and regulations safe guarding the interest of the bankers and depositors.

This has been the structure of Indian banking and we need not have any doubt about writing off of the loans, everything is done taking proper care and within the permissions of Reserve Bank of India which is the controlling authority of all banks and it is our central Bank.


We need different thinking


We need different thinking

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We, the whole country, India is in a dare straits. We are in a very big tight corner is just because of the continuous lock down and the aftermath of this is going to be the crucial period of life to every Indian in this country and this can be taken forward only by our strong and courageous Prime Minister Mr Modiji. We are going to envisage a thick economic climate, which would protrude so many factors to tackle and see through the valet of goody things, which would see that the common person is not put into more hardship and pushed to the corner. Our country is a very wealthy with so many poor people below the poverty line and they are the ones who need our attention at once.

Recently I read an article in a Tamil magazine Dinamalar dated 26th April 2020 and was very much impressed about his suggestions and am really wondered why not our country takes some leaves out of his finding. His name is Mr. Prithivi Raja Gopal and Administrative Advisor.  He had brought in some hand in solutions and the same is taken in the right earnest we, as Indian can really be proud of about our situation. I have taken some excerpts from his writing.

is (13)              is (14)


We understand that our own Indians hae put and invested their black money in Swiss Banks and other vantage areas to an extent of 10 lakh crores over and enjoying the benefit of hoarding their money without any use to themselves or to our country because they do not pay taxes on that. Added to this we have been told we do have Gold bars worth 14 lakh crores have been kept unaccounted in the hands of certain Corporate Individuals. Due to the Corona and the lock down has put in our treasuries got drowning and if this can be put to use, there would be little to suffer.  Who will bell the cat, create a sound, and see through this ordeal. If these hoarders of black money and Gold, an amnesty be given to circumvent this tight corner.  More so, they are all investing in American bond, which is earning only 2 %, interest for them and that too they all invest for 20 years there. The beauty is that our richest community even invest their black money in Swiss banks just to have security for their assets; they even pay interest on those investments. These healthy assets have to be put into our use and see that our country is coming good on all this tight situations.

There can be certain measure introduced for those hoarders of the black money and gold.  They need to be fully exempted and a permanent amnesty to be given to them for lifetime for bringing in this money and gold.  They should not be put into any other procedural actions for lifetime from the government. The money that is brought in by them can be invested in any leading bank with the permission of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) we should put interest factors with a least ratings to enable them to show a small punishment. This will attract them and see that they bring in their investments and gold to our country. Their black money can be invested in Indian Bonds for twenty years as a cumulative investment and this is matured only after 20 years. They can be paid interest of 2% every year for this investment. Their yearly interest  has to be exempted from the income tax structure. This will attract them to bring in their money possibly in the right way and they are converting their black money into white after twenty years. After this period, the Government can take 20% of their investment and the remaining 80% to be paid to them.  Likewise, the people who are holding gold unaccountable can use this method, bring in the gold, deposit with the government for 20 years, get those gold bonds on previously mentioned interest rates, and make their 80% gold in the accountable circles.

is (15)

You know our Indian Government is importing gold by paying in US dollars, not in Indian currency for 800 tonnes yearly. We have to bring in an ordinance to release big controls on gold and make the people buy and sell gold properly when you take away the unwanted squeezed measures. They can also pay 30% as tax and bring in the balance 70% as accountable and convert the hoarding gold properly.

By these acts all, the black money would be coming back to books.  All gold hoarders will like to come back to books without having trouble for themselves and to the government. If this is introduced, we need not beg to any country for their investments in India, we shall be having assured money from our own investors and the tax-structured income also will benefit the government.


This will also improve our Industrial growth and Agricultural investment as these black money hoarders and bigger Corporate are investing considerable in Foreign Industries and Profitable investments, of course, the rate of interest is very low at the foreign countries when compared to Indian rates of interest on investments. In this crisis hour, if the Governmental thinking goes in this direction means we can easily get over this lock down as well, we shall have abundant funds for investments for various modes like agriculture and other areas where our government is willing. When our Industries grow our unemployment problems also be reduced considerably paving way to very many opportunities. If the status grows as emancipated even a day will come, our country need not tax the individual any tax and can be out of the regime. We as government can use this affluent wealth in various sectors like housing to poor and the downtrodden and the banks can charge lesser interest on housing loans for the new applicants and each and every household will share the benefit and make our country most developed and we can be really pride of India and also being an Indian.  This is my presumption and I do see the future of India is going to be great and it is definitely not at a distance and very soon, we are all going to have this and enjoy the privileges of this wonderful leadership of our Country, Most enviable Mr.Narendra Modi.  Let us take these proposals to him and I do not think he shall ignore and  turn a deaf ear to this act.

Jai hind

T Mohenchander

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Lock down – Inferno


Lock – Down Inferno


Microsoft founder Mr Bill Gates has sent a letter to the Indian Prime Minster Modi today… It says…

Grateful to see that you’re seeking to balance public health imperatives with the need to ensure adequate social protection for all Indians. We also commend your leadership and the proactive measures you and your government have taken up to flatten the curve of the COVID 19 infection rate in India. Such as adopting a national lockdown and expanding focused testing and etc…

The aforesaid are the words of a pioneer and world known statesman and he knows thoroughly what are India and its strength and its people. This has been an historic moment and every Indian is in the vicinity of the unexpected tragedy world over, the Corona Virus. The whole world over every country is behind the tragedy and especially America is finding it’s tooth and nail locked down. The death toll is raising every day and every moment like cricket score. The death toll has crossed 17000. They are all worried and do not know what medicine to be used and eradicate this dangerous virus. USA is blaming the World Health Organization and its leadership because they have sided China in this contagious virus. Because of this America has stopped funding WHO. There is no certainty that this virus will stay for 14 days or 30 days everyone is uncertain. It affects everyone the one cured and untested too. Until and otherwise a vaccine is found to rid of this virus it will be very difficult for every country and recourse the schedules.

is (7)        is - 2020-04-12T194911.630

It has created a real Panic in the minds of the people of every country and particular reference to Tamilnadu, some Doctors, Nurses, Police Guards have been attacked and manhandled is a real sorry state of affair. Added to this a doctor in Ambattur, Chennai, who was affected by Corona and died and his dead body was not allowed in burial area and it has been shunted to various avenues and ultimately done with lot of protests and attacks by locals refusing to hold shelter for the burial. People are under the impression that this would be contagious and they are very ignorant that from a dead body this will not spread.

is (6)

Let this be there the Central Government is under due stress how to get over this scenario after the lock down. A big inferno has been created and the fire is raging and the same is yet get cool and get acclimatized. What errands and what locations and what activities to get started after 3rd May is still unknown and no one knows a wee bit about the future operations.

After some days it has to be properly gauged how this virus comes down and what shall be the operative formalities and how this has to be followed state wise and central and State conjunctions on this episode has to be clearly drawn. If you really want to initiate federalism each one of us has to think how this is going to decide future imperatives, especially economic balance, economic viability, economic status of the individual, especially the middle and lower middle class how they can tackle this tight situation and come out of it.  More to it the unemployment will shoot up and the downtrodden has to find ways and means to get both ends meet.  There is going to be a big war between the mouth and stomach and we all pretty know the stomach is the priority and it will only win.

is (8)

Each and every one of us has a call of duty and as an Indian we all have to rise up to the occasion and do our might to the betterment of the needy behind taking care of us and our family.  We have been taught to share and care with the required and it has to be followed in letter and spirit.

Controlled resumption of economic activity: The pandemic’s impact on the global economy is already being felt. Some of us can work from home. But India has millions of people who do not have that option. So in the weeks ahead, it’s important to consider ‘reopening’ key sectors of the economy ¬—with strict physical distancing, hygiene norms and other controls in place. This reopening has to be carefully planned and even more carefully executed.

is (4)          is (1)

Make public health a focus area: Any investment in public health helps to prevent diseases and leads to the improved overall health of the population. But in India, healthcare, and public health in particular, has not received the governmental attention and financial support it merits. This must change immediately. India needs to view public health not as crisis management, but as a long-term priority.

We also need to make the ‘one health’ approach an integral part of our public health strategy. This involves recognizing that our health is connected to the health of animals, plants and the environment that we all share. It, therefore, emphasizes that efforts to prevent disease should focus not just on human, but also on animal, plant and environmental health. We really can’t afford to ignore this idea, given that SARS-CoV-2 is believed to have animal origins.

Pay special attention to mental health: The upheavals caused by Covid-19 are affecting every aspect of our lives. All of us are, understandably, beset by worries about money and about our own health and that of our loved ones. Bereft of our usual coping mechanisms such as social gatherings or even regular work routines, this anxiety could very easily spiral into mental health issues. So we need to allocate resources to mental wellness programmes.

is (3)

(Dr M.I. Sahadulla is Chairman and Managing Director KIMS Healthcare Group and the author of Vital Signs: Reflections on a Life in Medicine and Management.

Let us not sleep and keep our heads under our carpets, think and look about those who don’t have even a shelter to sleep down and eat.  It is not only the State or Central Government, they are all doing and shall be doing their best, at the same time to keep up the federalism and think each and every Citizen is our brethren and it will not be difficult to carry your brother while claiming the mountain as you know there is nothing like weight or heaviness, it is going to be your brother and all Indians are our brothers and sisters.

This hour after the lock down is going to be the real litmus test for all of us and we should stand up and work for the country and each and every one has to bring in their best and contribute the best.

Jai hind

T Mohenchander

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Lock down – Helicopter Money


Lock Down –  Helicopter Money

is - 2020-04-21T191344.135

The very word Helicopter mney means that it need not have any designated back up or secured assets to bring in the above money as per the governmental requirements.  This money has to be brought in on emergency need and requirements only. Do you mean to say that this precarious period of lock down has brought that necessity? This can be called easy money and bring in the economic status of a country to stabilize and run in the necessary operations. It can also be construed that the money is donated to the people.

The whole world has become to a stumbling block on account of this treacherous Corona virus and every country is suffering economically and their GDP and financial structure has been shattered in all ways. India by its locked down till May 3rd 2020 is facing the acute shortage of currency in the hands of the public and their necessary needs are also is not filled up and lot of people are finding very difficult to meet both ends. Almost all the industrial clusters have stopped and stumbling to revive, the small and medium range of industries are out of this avenues and facing a dangerous hit and that is what is the statement of economist and analysts today. What is the course after this Corona end game? This is a million dollar question too. To circumvent this crisis there is only one hope is this helicopter money has to be introduced necessarily in India too.  When all other countries are into this action why not this be done in India too. This action has to be taken up by the Government with the permission and connivance of Reserve Bank of India.

is - 2020-04-21T191446.922

What is this Helicopter Money? This was introduced by Milton Friedman in the year 1969. This means wherever and whichever country is in dire economic crisis to safeguard this the money can be introduced to the citizens freely and it is just like throwing the required needs to all those who needs this from the helicopter to save the souls waiting in the earth and wanting the same. That means it shall be remitted in the bank accounts properly distributing.

is - 2020-04-21T191422.552

When this format is introduced means the respective governments of any country need not secure proper assets and securities for printing new currencies and safe guard the interest. When the crisis of such altitude has come means, the Reserve Bank can print new notes and circulate them among st people.  This would enable the people to have money for their working capital and other needs. Every country is contemplating to do this exercise because of this Corona situation.

USA in 2008 introduced this scheme to solve the economic crisis. All the houses in America were given no tax regime. Now that, the same government has allocated 10% of the GDP to the Corona crisis. This will enable them to come out of this crisis. This has been shared with Big Industrial establishments and small and very small industries to come up in their operations promoting their ill effects. If the same has been used to the employees rental and salaries means this need not be repaid to the government.

is - 2020-03-18T132314.178

In European countries the citizens allowed loans on negative interest and the residual incomes were remitted in the banks.

In Hong Kong to circumvent the Corona crisis they have decided to introduce helicopter money and those who are 18 years of age 10000 dollars to be given, this was decided in their budget in February.

In Germany all self-employed, small industrialists, shop owners to take care of their losses because of the present crisis each one was given 5000 Euros and so far the government has said more than 2 lakh people have been benefited out of this scheme.

In France more than 6 lakh people have been benefited of having served 1200 dollars for each and every one for self-employed and small industrial owners.

Likewise all these countries have been exercising the benefits of Helicopter Money and printing currencies and helping the needy.  As for India is concerned we are becoming every day from bad to worse conditions and all sectors of people are suffering out of this contingency. Most of the people have lost their jobs because of the curfew.  The consumer’s benefits, manufacturer’s belief and everyone are looking to the worst scenario.  For the laborers alone the government has announced 1.76 lakhs crores ad self-employed and small and very small industrialists and shop owners, no constructive scheme is there in the offing. Indian government has not even allocated even 1% in their GDP for the small timers benefit.

There are merits and demerits of introducing the Helicopter money. The Analysts say that there would inflow of money among st the people and their purchasing power would increase. This augments manufacturing activities too and also employment opportunities will also grow.

is - 2020-04-21T191815.592                    is - 2020-04-21T191707.966

The demerits are some sectors will not be interested in spending this money, hence wanted to save and this would lead to economic inflation easily.

But in today’s status there is no available cash with India and the employment opportunities will be diminishing and at same time unemployment will play a dominant role and increase the burden of the government considerably.  The situation is going to be still worse once the lock down is released. The burden on the government would be more and hence to prevent all the ordeals our government can safely decide to infuse the Helicopter money to ease the situation for the time being.

Jai hind
T Mohenchander

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IMG_20200316_113833_resized_20200318_115539045 (1)


is - 2020-04-12T195707.608 is - 2020-04-12T194951.739

Our body and the constitution have its own physical existence and can create immunity by itself against any virus that would affect us.  Over and above should there be any other virus attack we can plunge into some anti vaccine and settle. If our food habits and the physical maintenance of our body are maintained properly no other virus can affect us because we have created immunity in our body by ourselves through good habits. People who have a disciplined health culture will not have this immunity less feeling at all. That is the reason to safe guard our health our ancestors and elders have taught us a way of living. The most unexpected the virus Corona has come into a play a very dangerous game on our health. It has really ruined our routine and our culture and conventions. The old habits pay and the new western culture and its habitations have shunted our morale and routine.  This has easily paved way to this dangerous disease.

This Corona has brought in the innate talents lying in our Tamilnadu politicians and Government officials who have been hidden all these days and they have now brought into practice. When these were unmindful of their duty sense and liabilities to the people, now that the virus has brought each and every one of them to run around on all errands to deactivate this virus and they have all come to work all the 24/7 every day. We need to give a pat on everyone’s back for their unflinching services extended now to get rid of the virus. The way in which our politicians and Government officials face the media and answer all the queries in utmost with all patience and perseverance worth to be mentioned. Truly following the Prime Minister’s Lock-down everyone in the administration and the official have turned into this ordeal with a true sense and warmth taking every instruction in the right earnest in saving the victims. Now that all have their tables into action unmindful of their differences and like the whole city and its inhabitants joined together, like pulling the Temple car, by catching each one and their sense of duty in pulling the thread by laying their hands in this crisis.

is - 2020-04-12T195527.204

All these days this has not been evinced by Governing Ministers and Government officials, now that it is evidenced by their active participation in day to day assignment and the same has been specially telecast in all the social media. Each and every one is aware of the threat to the general public and they are also satisfied about their duty boundedness. Even the opposition parties have come to join hands in wiping the virus and creating an awareness they are also in the team of duty and wanted to share their might and work in tandem with the Government. The opposition benches have never praised the Police personnel and now that their actions and pro actions are appreciated by them and seen the oneness that prevail in such a situation. Their aim has been always opposing the policies of the government and remain in the hot seat in the eyes of the public, now has come together and raises only one slogan with the government forgetting all slogans betraying the government.

is - 2020-04-12T194942.027          is - 2020-04-12T194942.027

Especially we need to take into account today, Each and every one has counted the heads of the downtrodden and the poorest of the poor who should not be left out in this crisis for want of Food and shelter, government is experiencing the best schemes through Public Distribution system and other schemes and see that the common and most deprived are not neglected in this hour.  All are running helter skelter to shoulder the burden in this hour of need. Nothing should be wanting by them and the Ration outlets are taking care for this sector through financial and Groceries help in fair requirement and everyone in this segment is quite happy and satisfied by the help now. Following the Prime Minister’s disciplined staying at home is being followed with letter and spirit and the whole state is under Police surveillance and each and every citizen is seen staying at home and seeing that the normal life is not taken to roads and full control has been envisaged and followed systematically.  Of course there are some exceptions too where the legs cannot sit at home, those are the one crating panic and chaos in coming out to streets and disturbing the Police personnel and themselves too.

Most interesting than the above is all the Social media and mobile users day in and day out receive umpteen message on pro and against this corona virus submit themselves various medication and ways and means to go against this Virus.  They are disturbing to the disciplined too as these messages are countless and disturb all the natural citizens too considerably.

is - 2020-04-12T195300.173

The people who know all these diseases and who are all habituated to a disciplined life are taking this staying at home quite easily because they have created themselves their immunity and know to get prevented from this virus in practicing simple and neat methods. Our main duty is to help the government and concerned not to allow this virus to go over to everyone, only for that the whole India is working towards its successful eradication for which we need to cooperate in every sense and see that we shall abide by all restrictions laid on us. Our support will only make the job easy to all those are undertaking to remedy this virus and their extra ordinary work to get away from this virus.

We need to put on place here our sense of gratitude and thanks to all the Government Officials from our Chief Minister to all the cabinet Ministers, Government Officials and the most revered the Doctors, Para Medical Staffs, the nurses and the office boys in the hospitals and the Government and Corporation workers who all untiringly work in the road every moment cleaning and sweeping and disinfecting the infected areas, they all deserve all the credits as they make us all to live peacefully and happily.  Hats off to all those involved unmindful of their personal health and their personal family problems. They are the real human beings born to make us all survive.

Sensing the aforesaid, let us dedicate ourselves to follow the footsteps of the ordered and become true followers.

All our aim is to eradicate this virus Corona.


T Mohenchander

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India and our Strength

India and our Strength

is - 2020-03-18T131903.878

As every elephant does not know its power until it gets into the madness, it will be controlled by its Mahout and his stick. Same with the case of India, as our country’s strength was unknown to many a leaders early, the whole world was looking at us as one of the under developed and unworthy nation. The one and only person who knows about India and its strength of the people he was not like the elephant which gets into insanity he threw away the stick of the mahout to a distance. This is just because of intelligence and diligence with which he handles things; the reason now the entire world is looking on us and seeking our help in tackling some important issues. If that is the case, do you mean to say India is such a country which is so wealthy and developed Nation?

We have mixed bags, there are wealthy rich Indians who can contribute 1500 crores for any calamity and at the same time we have people with begging bowels who await the ration products and also the 1000 Rupees moratorium they receive during such Corona crisis. This is also a climatic excellence while the rich and richer weigh the gold and diamond wealthy, whereas the poor and the downtrodden do not bother those things. Our deeds and respectability of every individual is distinct and different. Totally India is a peculiar country.

In India, Indians alone do not live, we have every set of people we have amidst us even the terrorist do survive as we see in the Paddy fields there are unwanted garbage’s which gets cleaned when the paddy is cut and swept. To bring along this cosmopolitan countrymen is really a very hard task any of the previous leaders were not prepared to shoulder the entire burden. The most powerful exemption is our Prime Minister Modiji.

is - 2020-03-18T132154.169

You know one thing when the Corona virus was born, Trump the American President did first ordered about 2 lakhs coffins alone. Because he was feeling that if I cannot tackle this which country would have a gaze and face this ordeal. It was totally different with our Prime Minister Modi.  Let there be sudden fall in the Economic culture and status, we are all known to revive this situation it takes a long time, he was worried about our 130 billion population only and advised the set 21 days lockdown boldly. He wanted people to be isolated and distanced from the virus. It is very difficult to run this episode as there are millionaires has to suffer at the same time the most poverty stricken and the downtrodden who have no conscious of having food for the next meal are also put to suffering. To do everything it is not the intelligence alone, you need courage, confidence and self-esteem to perform.

Now that the country which is known as impoverished, all the other countries are seeking medicines from us because we have set parameters and production modules for all types of medicines. There are always a set of citizens always finds faults with all machines and mechanisms.  There were gossiping too that America has threatened us and that is the reason we are sending them medicines.  Remember gossipers, you live in this country and enjoy all the privileges and still finding fault with our systems and procedures. Don’t you have the sense of gratitude for what you have been enjoying all these days from this government? But our honorable Prime Minister is still seeing you as a human being and you are alone proving time and again you are not so.

The truth is America has requested us Hydroxychloroquine medicines to be exported to them for using to Corona patients.

is - 2020-03-18T131842.996

Our Modiji while agreeing for the same put the three following conditions:

1 By this America should not levy any burden on the Indian Pharma Companies surviving in America and there should not be any hassles in their routine business;

  1. The FDA (Food and drug Administration) for our Indian companies who sells medicines should not levy any control and regulations for their activities. The existing restriction has to be ceased and allow an easy passage of business for them.
  2. The FDA should not intervene in the India Pharma company business and with unreasonable sections and sanctions, they should be let free.

All the above conditions were agreed in 24 hours’ time by Trump and that is the reason we have too agreed to export. This is to prove the Americans how that we can also empower rules and regulations.

Added to this Trump has also threatened that we have bought 400 Nuclear Missile from Russia, through the agreement with CAATSA, but we have never obliged to that, and Americans know that.  Even after that we have bought those missiles from Russia. Every Indian should be proud of his strength that a country like ours is wanted by the Americans for their survival in this hour. In fact America is struggling to come out of this ordeal and at the same there is no harm in helping them through the medicines they wanted. More than 3 laks of people have been infected by the Corona virus and almost 13000 people have died of this treacherous virus and America is topping the list now.

In this juncture the whole world has understood what is India and the value of our Prime Minister Modiji, the beauty is visualized the way in which we are controlling the virus Corona with such a population spread (130 billion people) we are able to control the situation with fighting hands up to date there are only 146 deaths in all the states and we are still finding ways to thwart this virus and doing the best medical treatment available with to prevent more causalities.

Instead of hailing India and Modi why at all stooping to pick in small nuts and nerves to harbinger the interest of other Indians.  Be proud of our stay in India and be blessed with such a country where you are taken care in every aspect finding out the right remedies.

Be happy and feel joyous to be an Indian.


T Mohenchander

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Prime Minister Mr Modi’s Foreign Tour


Prime Minister Mr Modi’s Foreign Tour

Visits 108

is - 2020-03-18T133116.919

There has been always a saying amongst public that our Prime Minister Mr.Modi is travelling all the time to various countries and engaging in foreign trips alone.  This globe trotter has not wasted a minute in his office and sees through all the rigmaroles of his duties in time and in right earnest sectors and earned the goodwill of all the countries he had visited all these years.  Since 2014 May when he had been chosen as our Prime Minister he had counted 108 visits to various countries from Bhutan to USA, France, China, Russia are worth mentioning.  These countries he had visited more than twice during his tenure of office. You know one thing the total visits of him had earned on 14 lakhs crores of Foreign Direct Investment in India.  Can you count on any other Prime Minister likewise he and he is only one and the one who can alone do such feats to the Indian People and his whole Interest lies in India and the Indian people especially the downtrodden? 

The Salient workaholic works and the results year on year follow:

is - 2020-03-18T133023.187            is - 2020-03-18T132956.378



In Bhutan the High court was built with our support and 600 Megawatt electricity Production

In Brazil the 6th BRICS conference successfully done.

To Nepal 7160 Crores loan for building up Electrical Engineering.

Japan had come forward to help the Clean Ganga Project for 2.57 lakhs Crores along with creating Smart cities in our States. Also for Infrastructure development, Renewable energy, Sanitary works in all vantage points etc. etc. has been agreed

In USA, UNO meeting convened spoke in Madison Square.

In Myanmar an agreement reached for Trade for 14000 crores.

In Austria an agreement signed to buy Uranium at G 20 Summit

is - 2020-03-18T132748.634                  is - 2020-03-18T132509.356


Sessile and Mauritius visits where an Indo Sea Treaty reached

In France an agreement signed to buy Raphael Jets at a cost of 62000 Crores. Also signed an agreement to start a Nuclear Furnaces at Jaidapur Maharashtra

Germany had promised to help out for Make in India Projects

From Canada assistance sought for over 2500 crores for erecting Nuclear Furnaces and import Uranium

With China agreement reached for 21 Projects

For Longstanding communications, Iron, Solar Power, in cinematic Industries in both the countries 1.57 lakhs crores agreed upon

With Mangolia a financial treaty signed for Economic influence, growth in defence sectors etc.

With South Korea an agreement signed for 63000 crores which include 7 Projects in Defence, Inter Trade, and Finance for Infrastructure projects in India.

With Bangladesh 22 Project agreements signed.

With Uzbekistan for Agriculture, Trade and IT sector Project investments signed.

With Kagakasthan Projects for railways, Uranium imports and Defense growth signed.

In Russia the 7th BRICS conference held to promote trade and dynamics of all the countries.

With Kirkisthan for Defense, Election Principle, Indian quality estimate, culture and tourism industries development agreements signed.

With UAE for Economic growth, Defence, Cultural exchanges have been signed.

Attended at the USA the UNO conference

In Britain our PM was the special invitee to speak in their Parliament. A treaty of 83000 crores signed by the both countries for various Projects.

In Turkey G 20 Summit meet

With Singapore for Defence, Culture, Economic differences discussed and agreement signed.

With Russia for Nuclear energy projects, and support agreed by Russia for permanent membership in the UN defence council.

Visit to Pakistan to meet Nawaz Sheriff the then Prime Minister.

is - 2020-03-18T132131.050                is - 2020-03-18T132453.867


With Belgium first Indo European summit meet. Ports, Science, Double taxation, Law relating to Prisoners etc. discussed and agreement signed.

In USA the Nuclear Proliferation meeting attended.

In Saudi Arabia Modi was honored with the ORDER OF KING ABDULLAJI. A treaty also signed for Trade, Nuclear power, Defense signed.

With Iran an agreement signed to create sea trade through Safar Port engaging Afghanistan and Iran and two way route to be established.

In Switzerland discussion with the Chief officials about the investments of money (Black) by Indians in Swiss Banks discussed.

In USA again there was a meeting with BARAC OBAMA for Defense, Nuclear engagement etc. was discussed. Spoke in the American Congress

Conference in Mexico congress

Shanghai cooperation council meet in Uzbekistan

In Mozambique three agreements signed.

In South Africa agreement signed on Economic restructure, Trade and tourism Cultural Exchange

In Tanzania an agreement reached for supply of drinking water schemes and Sanitation around 4000 crores.

In Kenya for their enlistment of trade, sanitation culture an agreement was signed to contribute 322 crores.

In Vietnam an agreement was signed to promote Science, trade, Cultural exchange, Sanitation and Tourism.

In China attended G 20 summit to protect the borders of India discussed.

In Lavos participated in the East Asian council meet for trade exchanges.

In Japan met to discuss two countries inter



is - 2020-03-18T131930.612                        is - 2020-03-18T132016.937


In Srilanka an agreement was signed to restructure the oil fields in Trikonamala

In Germany an agreement was signed for Indian cities infrastructure improvement till 2022

In Spain an agreement was signed for Cypher safety methods.

With Russia an agreement was signed to by S400 Micro Jets for 4000 Crores.  Also Russia promised to improvise the Koodankulam coal mines for the third and fourth Units. Some more new nuclear mines are also in the offing.

In USA an agreement was signed to buy Natural Gas for 20 years.

In Netherlands an agreement was signed to promote trade, culture, and Social security.

With Israel an agreement was signed to promote the water distribution and systems in India.

In Germany G.20 summit attended

In China participated in the BRICS meet

In Myanmar the Sea route securities meet done

is - 2020-03-18T132528.803          is - 2020-03-18T131724.014



In Switzerland the World Economic Forum meet participated.

In Palestine six agreements signed worth 386 crores.

In Abhudhabi an agreement signed for Inter Oil Procurement and improvement in railways discussed. First Hindu temple at Abu Dhabi an agreement signed and land allotted.

In Omen an agreement signed of Tourism and Sanitation

Sweden agrees to invest in India for more than 100 crores.

In Brittan participated in the High level Common Wealth Summit

With China a discussion was held to safeguard our boundaries.

In Nepal an agreement signed to help them with 900 Megawatt power plants in East Nepal. A bust route formulated between Nepal and Uttar Pradesh.

In Malaysia the defense Projects discussed.

In Singapore an agreement was signed to safeguard the sea routes of Indian Pacific and a peaceful solution reached in sharing the waters.

In Rwanda 200 Cattles were donated

In Uganda Modi delivered lectures in their Parliament.

In South Africa participated in the BRICS meet

In Japan again an agreement signed for Sanitation and Inter
Trade relations discussed.

In Singapore participated in the East Asian council meet.

In Maldives Modi delivered lectures in the Parliament

In Argentina again participated in the G 20 meet.

is - 2020-03-18T132846.200                          is - 2020-03-18T132154.169


In South Korea an agreement was signed to improve Trade and Defence set up.

In Srilanka Modi met Sirisena to discuss Inter country relations.

In Kirgizstan an agreement signed to help 20 crores to that country

In Japan again participated in the G 20 summit

In Bhutan discussions done to promote in the Space sectors and RUPay cards inaugurated.

In France an agreement was signed to promote defence, Culture, Seasonal Changes in the Climate

In UAE Modi was conferred the highest title of ORDER OF ZAYED

In Bahrain Solar Energy needs discussed.

In France participated in G 7 summit

With Russia an agreement was signed for Hydro Carbon and Natural gas.

In the USA Modi spoke in the UNO and met Trump and delivered a stunning lecture in Houston called Howdy Modi

With Saudi Arabia an agreement was signed for improved air transport between two countries and new avenues of trade discussed.

In Thailand participated in the East Asian Council Meet.

In Brazil participated in the BRICS summit

The aforesaid factors would stand to testimony to Mr Modi’s foreign tour and the realms of his visit and how best he can endure to get the benefits on various accounts and ensure India is ahead of every other country in the world. 

This has proved that what an amount of value additions done to the Country and its citizens and he has been always at the interest of the common man and his growth.  He had illustrated to the whole world scenario that every Indian living in every other Country has to be respected of his indelible actions to accredit the India and its upliftment.  Every other Country is looking upon us as a major striking force and what we are today has never dreamt by us in the past 40 to 50 years by any governance.  He had summarized the whole world, enabled all avenues are thoroughly opened to take its due credits and he has been working for this and shall work forth and right in the future too.,

Should we not really envy our Prime Minister on his untiring work on the shoulders and taking all of us forward and forward all the while.  His entire mind and culture is to improve India and only India We should feel and respect all his endeavors of the past, present and future which would only benefit every Indian in this Country.

Long live Modiji


T Mohenchander

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