Super Star Rajnikanth




Superstar Rajinikanth

70 not out

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In Cricket language we call a batsman who has not finished his batting innings is called a not out batsman.  I would like to call Rajni is now still a batsman not being beaten by any bowler and his average is 168 and strike rate too. (168 films)

Today The matinee idol of Indian Cinema and Tamil Cinema entering into 70th year of birth.  He is not an ordinary person, an extraordinary human being with endowed talents of making cinemas that would talk and carry to the masses his plans and principles in life.  His audience are mesmerized at every film that is released.

He entered into the tinsel in the late 1970s with a small role in Aboorva Ragangal directed by Balachander who was his mentor, Guru and guided this articulate personality into a mega Super Star. Raijin would not have himself imagined that he would claim to this pinnacle of glory.  Many a times he had said in various platforms, what I am today is given by the people of Tamilnadu and render all this Credit to Tamilians.

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Hitting the box office

His track record of hitting the box office has been phenomenon. He has been a colossal of Indian Cinema. From Sivaji in 2007 to Pettai in 2019 all have grossed 100 crores. Upon 10 of the US box office grossers Raijin stands 6th in the row. His at this age is still commercially available.  You know one thing when compared to Arnold Swazenegar and Sylvester Stallone have lost their glory after their recent releases Terminator dark fate and Rambo Last blood respectively have not hit the masses.

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Secret of Success

He clearly knows how to get into the minds of his mass the audience.  In yester years he has been following the directors like P Vasu, K.S.Ravikumar and Krishna the Batsha familiar.  Now that he had turned to new generation youngsters like PA Ranjith, Karthik Subbaraj and others. He knows that these young directors knows the value of today’s needs of the commercial audience and wants to engage them and get attended by which he comes into limelight and prominence automatically. Now Darbar with A R Murugadas bubbling with new ideas and eventual happenings of tomorrow ande. After this also he had signed up with Veeram Siva to come up with his 168th film.

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The Stardom

He is aware of everything around him in Tamilnadu and Tamil Cinemas too. The Popular Orator Tamil Aruvi Manian has spoken about Raijin’s entry into Tamilnadu Politics at the right time in 2020 he would come out with various pedestals and compete in the Politics.  He has also decided not to go with yester year directors just because of the generational change and expectations of the common mass today. He may be 70 years but stardom and charisma amongst the people will ever cherish because selects the roles and characters for his cinemas which would sream down to present day expectation of the common man.  An R Murugadass said in an interview while commenting about the performance in Darbar, says he is another different Rajini and to an extent he would make us remember the days where he had enacted in the film Moondru Mugam He has excelled in the performance in this character.

Last but not the lease his plunge into Politics will have an impact in Tamilnadu making the sitting ones to get astonished in a way that would make some magic and miracle in the ensuing Tamilnadu Stat assembly 2021 elections.

Wish him Godspeed and Good luck

T Mohenchander




Atal Bihari Vajpayee 1924 – 2018


Atal Bihari Vajpayee

1924 – 2018

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A man with great courage and self-confidence is no more with us comes as a rude shock.  Of course he has crossed 93 years of life and been an outstanding Parliamentarian and statesman.  He was the first non-congress Prime Minister to rule this country for a full term (5 Years) and did some wonders. He was responsible for the BJPs birth in this congress ruled regime and undoubtedly he broke the shackles of congress dynasty.  That has paved the way now and the BJP is now ruling in almost 21 states under the dynamic leadership of Narendra Modiji.

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The best ruler and knows the nuances of the coalition governments and he created an equal wave lengths with all the affiliates of his government and lent his ears for the good and bad ones in its own perspectives and modules a government which were known and treated on its strengths. He was the strong pillar to create BJP from the early roots of his starting with Jansangh. He was a strong supporter of RSS and its principles.  During the Emergency period which was promulgated by Indira Gandhi he was in Bangalore Jail.  L K Advani was also formerly with Jansangh and worked along with Atalji for a considerable time and both are close associates and are responsible for the culmination of BJP in the future.

When Morarji Desai was the Prime Minister Atalji was controlling the Foreign affairs portfolio and ably supporting the ministry in all the ways. To unite all the foreign countries and create an alliance in the terms of Indian output he had put in all efforts in visiting various countries and enabling the Indian trade and transaction in a much enviable position.

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The Tag RSS on him and Advani created some Jibes in the Parliament by the leaders like George Fernandes as they thought he will take the inscribe of RSS and start creating a much non secular consensus and the whole country would be defaced. By this he and Advani made efforts and started BJP in the year 1980.  This was appreciated by one and all and the first conference at Mumbai was very successful and even Mr. Ram Jeth Malani had all his praise and he joined BJP with his team of members.

The whole Loksabha soon started feeling there is new Opposition in the form of BJP with the leaders like Atalji and Advaniji and so many others and created an effective foundation against Congress government. While Atalji ruled this country even all the coalition partners were with him and appreciated at his every encounter.  People like Mamta Banerji joined his coalition and were all praise for him.  She as the unflinching respect for this man even now. During his regime he made the Americans to know what India is of and what it needs and its collective strength through his foreign Minister Jaswanth Singh. When he speaks either in the Loksabha or in the Rajya Sabha all the opposition parties and their leader will have their attention rapt.  He had such an oratorical skill and his speeches are still valued by others to emulate and exhibit.  Not only his speeches, but at times he delivers poetries and an ardent writer of poems in various forms.  Particularly about India and its character and how all of us have to improve this country. He was a total bachelor and had endeared only this country as his near one and wanted to do many things for the welfare of the downtrodden. He proved by waging war against Pakistan and Kargil was one such striking example and he won that battle. He never turns the deaf ear to any new or innovative things that would serve our country well.

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Today our country has lost a greatest statesman and he has created a void in the Political circles.  His eloquence, administering proper governance and going with the strong principles which would better our Country was his prime goal. Our country has lost a most blessed son of this solid and admired by each every human being of this country and the whole World. He spoke only in Hindi when he was asked to deliver his lecture in the UN. He was the person who joined the Mahatma in 1942 and while joining Quit India Movement he was arrested and sent to Jail. He ruled as Prime Minister of our country for three times. He was decorating the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as a member for 52 years.

During 1998 with all his outrageousness he created a powerful nuclear reactor exercise Pokhran in Rajasthan and this was not looked with comfort by other countries as they were watching India as an under developed country.  But he proved otherwise and all the nations started looking at India in a different way. He was responsible for the BSNL to take a shape and with Arun Shorie created new avenues in our communications.  Also was responsible for the birth of the spectrum and its widespread development too.

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Controlling the prices of commodities especially with reference to petroleum products, Foreign Direct Investment, Various economic forums to subvert and solicit the Individual enterprises getting into the groove of financial stability, Public Private Partnership in developing infrastructure facilities all over the country.  Creating a healthy climate of labor and labor laws infused changes in their work culture and character. Was responsible for the Delhi Metro Rail system and he flagged off the sequence under his guidance. He spoke in His Independence day speech during 2003 that India will send its Chadrayan Satellite to Moon before 2008 and that has been done and what he had spoken has come true now. He was the founder of Sarva siksha Abayan which has catered free education to all those children under 14 years were benefited.

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His dreams were an India which would grow to greater heights in the Universe and all other countries would watch us in all envy and the BJP will attain greater heights in this country.  That has become true now with an unstinted and most dynamic and decisive leader like Narendra Modiji and his dreams are taking shape now.

In his demise we have lost a true guide and philosopher who lived only for the sake of India and India’s growth.

Let us all prey for his soul to rest in peace and wait for a reborn of such a stature in the future.






Independence Day August 15th


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Independence Day August 15th

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We get into the nuances of Independence Day celebrations every year and methodically enjoy the holiday and watch the National Flag being hoisted by our revered Prime Minister and at the same by the respective Chief Ministers at the State level.  We have been following the same rigmarole year after year and the difference is in New Delhi it is celebrated as a great function and in all the other states a normal rituals followed. All Political leaders and politicians in the respective states hung a garland to Mahatma Gandhi and announce to us that we should remember him on this day and exhibit their implications about the function and why at all we do it every year.  To be precise and with all humility the respective politicians who pose before the statue or the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi do not know whether he had gone through the ideals of Gandhi and is he really practising at least some 10% of his teachings and the way he had carried his flag of non-violence to get freedom to this country which was ruled by the British for over 200 years. This has been happening in India for the past 71 years and it is no doubt tomorrow also the same rituals will be followed because it would be the 72nd years of Independence Day.

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Our Children and the future generation knows only as independence day and they understand that because of Mahatma Gandhi we got the freedom and you ask them about Gandhi some more details they look at us their head scrolling and do not effort to put in some more about the greatest statesmen like Gandhi and others. The pre and post-independence war and the leaders who were responsible for this work are not known to our children and the present generation of young starts. What is the struggle they have all undergone and to what extent they have been tortured and lost their precious privileges on account of diabolic treatments of British officials and their undemocratic attitude towards all these leaders who had shed their blood and body for the sake of this freedom.  Who has to teach them? Is it not the order of the day they should all know this and the way we have obtained and the leaders who were responsible for this? There has been no one nor any Freedom camps to elicit information’s about the way our freedom was obtained and there are no teachers to explain through these media.  That is the reason we had kept these aspect s in the educational curriculum and the resultant effect is all the students by heart these lessons and answer questions when asked in the examinations. This does not percolate into their minds and they take this as a lesson in the history and do not take cognizance in the effect about their toil and moil in reaching this pedestal.  They do not know who and who all the protagonists in making this happen are and how this has happened.  The regular lashes and imprisonment they all suffered during the journey of freedom and monumental exercises done at every stage and at every corner in their life. There have been lessons in the students’ curriculum about  V O Chidambaram and Bala Gangadara Tilak and they read these lines and exhibit in the examination to obtain those 10 marks for that question.  Only to this extent they all know about our freedom fighters and not more and not anything else. The teachers and the professors should be in such a way when they conduct classes make the students know the struggle and the encounters faced by them by showing real experiences through visual expression and striking examples to enable the students to get into the details in proper perspective and make them understand and guide them to send this message in a manner it is not lasted for that hour of class alone and he should remember this by encoding into his brain for ever. Nowadays the students knows that Mahatma is available in only in Currencies and in all governmental office there hangs a photograph and that is all.


How many of us know about Gandhi and the footsteps he followed being a perfect disciplinarian, his simplicity, his honesty, his truthful principles and the most inundated policy of nonviolence. Does any one of the leaders today follow any one of his principle From Delhi to Cape Comoran today.  Can you finger out any one leader who is the real follower in today’s politics.  You cannot and will not because there are leaders who go and garland Gandhi photographs on these occasions and come back to the pavilion and start wearing their coats as usual. I remember one strong aspect about Gandhi and his ideals.  During 1919 the law Roulette has been in promulgation in India. The law says whoever indulges in the freedom fight can be arrested without any inquiry. Against this the whole India arose and started conducting meetings and congregations everywhere.  There has been lot of arrests going on and especially in Mumbai number of leaders were arrested and put in jail. From Gujarat Gandhi went to Mumbai and asked the officials to arrest him and let them be freed as I am responsible for this.  Then the British officials said you were not in Mumbai and how can we arrest as you have housed at Gujarat.  Then Gandhi said the main influence was me and I am the person who asked all the Indians to revolt against your law, hence I have to be arrested and they should all let free and ultimately got arrested and went to the Jail.

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While touring Tamilnadu Gandhi went to Madurai and saw most of the farmers were not having any upper clothes to cover the upper body and working in the fields and heard that they are habituated like this and they do not earn more to cover the upper portion of the body.  Sensing this and their difficulties he immediately started to throw away his garments from the upper body and started not using the same as the farmers and from that day he does not wore any shirt which would take care of his upper body.  What a reaction and sensibility in engaging himself into other man’s feelings and ability. There was another incident in Calcutta to attend a conference of Congress workers and he was this and while rounding tents he could find the discriminatory treatment for the lower class of workers in congress and he was able to visualize the treatment to upper-class and the food served for them and alienated treatment for the lower class section in all aspects.  He felt very sad and informed the congregation that if you yourself start eliminating them like this who else would support and refrained from eating and attending the conference.

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The Dhandi yathra, Non cooperative Movement, Forbidding the Foreign clothes, wearing only Kadhar Clothes which is manufactured by Indians and you can list so many revolts against the British Regime, and above all he came out winning every aspect by his non-violence methods and peaceful meetings. He was embedded in every Indian Blood and we aware all united in supported this great leader and he was a real person and every British leader and Governor were afraid of him and were reluctant to face him straight. On one such occasion Gandhi was summoned to the court and the judge has been informed of his stature of wearing a dhoti to cover his portion down the stomach and no shirt or cover up for the top portion.  With a pale lean body and a big spectacle and having a wooden chapel for his feet to walk. With all these expectation the judge saw him coming into the court and seeing his inimitable posture, the judge immediately rose from his seat and gave a salute to Gandhi in the open court and welcomed him.  That was the respect he commanded. The judge then thought, is he the man followed by crores and crores of people and all Indians adore him and posing a threat to the whole British Government? Then slowly asked Ghandhiji What you need Mr Gandhi and he waited for a second, Gandhi requested him and said, I do not need anything, but please give this country because it is ours and please leave this country. Likewise we can go on enumerating many things about Gandhi.  He stood for his principles, he preached all good things and at the same time followed in every aspect and wanted everybody to follow.  By his steadfastness in enabling the British about his requirement and the need of all Indians in a very empathetic manner and with non-violence as his weapon successfully earned reputation and good response from the British Government. You know one thing he was a Barrister of Law from the college of London and if he had inclined he could have commenced the profession of advocate on his return to India from South Africa and could have earned millions and millions and he did not prefer that. His main aim was to free this country and for that sake he sacrificed so many things in his personal life and fought for the freedom and encountering many a time arrested and let out and enabled all the sufferings met out gone through the procedure for the sake of India and Indians. How many times he has been jailed, no one knows the account for it. A personal discipline, honesty, integrity and self-styled god-man and he does every errand for himself and does not even bother his wife from preparing tea to washing the toilets and everything he does it by himself. Without creating rancor’s, no slogans, but he had won many a battles just being under fasting. Who can forget the Hindu Muslim rebel which had created most of the difference during his non- violence movement and they have gone up to personal quarrels and killing each one the other and the whole country was upbeat with this and no one could stop this violence and Gandhi successfully achieved their oneness by fasting for number of days.


Like Gandhi for the country’s freedom Mothilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, V O Chidambaram all these great leaders have gone to jail for the sake of our country and Indians. It could be treacherous in a jail and these leaders were in jail for number of years.  Nehru was in jail over 12 years, likewise VO Chidambaram for number of years.  When you say jails it is not the jails of today where you have A, B, C classes.  They have to put into lots of hardship and sufferings.  VO Chidambaram was in jail asked to pull the oil grinding machine by hand on a regular basis. Lot of people who had fought for freedom were sent out of the country, and most of them sent to Andaman Cellular jails where the treatments for prison mates are cruel and dangerous. In this list there are great many leaders along with them, like Rajaji, Malavia, Bala Gangadara Tilakar, Sathyamurthy, Kumarappa, Acharya Kripalani, and Vinoba Bave.  All these leaders and their fight for freedom should be known to all the Indians.  It is a must and it is not enough the same has been kept as lessons in schools and in the offices. The future generation of people should know all their credits and by making this known in a proper way people will understand and start emulating them as examples.  This would give them a resurrection of life to the future and they can embody an idea which would enable them to make their life easier and tolerable in all their executions. We need to create avenues to all the citizens about the lives and values of such leaders and like Kamaraj, Kakkan, and Lalbahdur Sasthri for the simple living and high thinking.  They have been examples of yesterday and we should not leave a little stone unturned and facilitate the way our future children should grow in such an atmosphere how we have won this freedom. The onus is on us and it is our bound and duty to pave the way for our future generation.  If that is done the August 15th every year becomes very notable and remembered.

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Happy Independence Day

Jai Hind

T Mohenchander


The Plight of Bank Deposits


The Plight of Bank Deposits


Today in India every domestic citizen is worried about the way the Government takes on the common man.  Each and every one of the middle and upper middle class is worried about their hard-earned savings in the banks as Fixed Deposits.  There has quite a number messages coming through that these deposits are going to be paved in for the Bankers to save their souls and we shall be redeemed with Bonds for longer and longer years. This is all due to the implementation of a new bill by the Central Government in the Parliament. We need to know the nuances of this bill and how it is going to affect us in the long run. It is the duty of the Government to take us out off such doubts and get us clarified in every way. If you have memories are perfect in 2008 we all know that the American Bank Layman brothers have one fine morning became bankrupt which was also followed by many banks in various parts of the world. This was the reason for the greatest Economic loss in the world and not one, many banks have got affected throughout the globe, To revive these banks the respective governments took charge for the same and one such effect was using the tax earned income from the public to go in for redeeming the Bank’s interest.


At the same it was also discussed in the G20 summit at USA the countries participating in the summit took exemption for the taxes income to retrieve the Banks. They all raised objections and commended this should not happen as the tax payers money has to be used for other productive purposes of the country. The same summit also opined in the summit in 2011 and passed a resolution that the Bank depositors and some portion (major) to be used for the capital accumulation for the banks which had gone bankrupt. This was further accepted in the G20 summit held in Melbourne Australia in the year 2014. Followed by this our Indian Government has brought in the Financial Decisions on the Deposits and Reconstruction of the Deposits. Also prepared a bill for the same and wanted to bring in before Parliament. This bill 52 ND section has clearly says that if a person who has 10 lacks deposits and eventually if the Bank fails the bank can utilise up to 9 lakhs from the depositors money and balance of one lakh is also doubtful of return. Your 3 year deposit could be extended for another 15 to 20 years too. The same can be redeemed as loan bonds and the investors have to wait till situation normalizes in the respective Bank and the time factor is unknown. This has really created in valuable tremors in the investors, specifically for those who have put in their hard-earned money in deposits with the banks and surviving themselves with the monthly interest portions as income to lead their lives. This has been seriously criticized by the popular Economist as a dictatorial move by the Government. Why should this happen? And what are its ramifications? We have to deeply analyse and reverberate accordingly.


The reality is Banks have lent enough and large and very large components of money to various Aristocrats with a mention like Mr.Mallaya and others in the Corporate world.  Sizable portion of these lending by banks have become difficult of recovery and this has gone raising the NPA (Non-Performing Assets) of the Banks.  The recovery has put in a tight corner all the banks. You know one thing, these NPA in all the banks have crossed over 12 lakh crores of rupees.  This amounts 12% of the total Bank Deposits which is considered very huge and unbounded and very doubtful of return. This may go further in an alarming portion in the future and that is the reason Government has started its advance moves against the common man and his deposits. Because of the various protests from various economical forums Government is reviewing its status and redoing the bill to overcome the objections. What will happen to small savers and how do they propose to save their future income in what mode, can they keep at home, not possible and what is the way out and how digitizing India is going to come forward and help all of us. We have been informed during the last year’s budget by Arun Jaitely that all the Senior Citizens deposits in the Bank will fetch 8% interest on their investments and still it is only a dream and on the contrary all Public Sector Banks have reduced the interest to 7% and lessor. Hence the entire citizens in India are having their mind quite upset and waiting every moment what would be the Governments move on this.

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Let us analyse now the situations in other parts of the world during the world economic recessions happened in various other Countries. What happened in Greece the whole people were not able to take out their money from the banks due to recession and their entire savings have gone a begging and the whole country was in chaos and no proper redresser done. Same thing happened in Italy and there were many who had committed suicide on account of their loss. Added to this in Austria all the senior citizen deposits and about 55% of their investments were confiscated to revive the banks and the country’s economy. It is almost like a Bail in system and all economic professors and scientist such acts and opposed vehemently. Insult to Injury what happened in Cyprus in 2013? All those who have invested in the Banks over 1 lakh Euro currencies have been converted as shares (37.5%) and 22.5% as back-end shares and the remaining 30% have to be forfeited by the investor. Like this there is enough deterioration in Banks in various parts of the world and how many of us know all these things. We do not have any systems to inform us and information about this will also be objected by our Governments.


In today’s plight in India to increase the capital reconstruction of our banks we require around 1.33 lakhs Crores of rupees.  In this the government has committed to stick in with 76000 Crores only and what about the balance to set in. Can we cost the investors on account of this and their hard-earned money from various levels? In fact these common men have deposited their savings and this should be treated as a big help for the banks.  Can they be punished on no account of their faults? There is one aspect in our Indian Banking system governed by Reserve Bank of India.  All Banks to save their depositors there is a system called statutory liquidity ratio that is in this, Banks have to keep in 19.5 % of their depositor’s money.  Likewise another portion called Cash Liquidity ration which is accounting for 22.3 % by all the banks, this is with our Reserve Banks to protect the interest of investors. Hence we need not fear of any loss and that is the statement by the Government. At the same time the rule of Bail in has started working in other countries for their survival. Whereas the countries which have opposed the bail in rule are Australia, China, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, and Brazil. They are all afraid of using and applying the rule. Why should India alone urge into bring in the system of bail in and what is the necessary? The bail in system has come into being only through G20 summits and we should never recognize. Even though the bill is introduced in Parliament to circumvent our interest, Government has to oppose the same vehemently.


Our country is one of those developing country and economically weaker society.  To safe guard our interest there is umpteen methods to solve this problem and we should lay outlines for those structures and not to dig in the common man’s interest and earning. The Big corporates and they have to lend a hand in converting their debts into banks treasure and help the economy to go further and build in the resources.  On the contrary they have to be more responsible towards our Banking Economic structure and see through the hurdles in order to develop themselves and our Country.  This is very vital and the Government should induce and legislate a proper ruling on them and see that they come in handy at the time of crisis.

We all hope to build a better India, and the above are only for informing you what is happening around us and we need to lay our next step cautiously with our ears and eyes open.


T Mohenchander

Passion of knowing more


Passion of knowing more


When I say passion it varies from each and every one of us and that too based on their carrier, culture and inculcation from the childhood. Every one of us are passionate about something and we are indeed exposed to that particular action and when you look at the results there are many and many who would prove to us that they have carried such a passion and went through the same in all sphere’s and achieved in the end. We can count upon many who have acclaimed to that level and are very successful too.  It is how they build their connections into the so called interest and develop the same interest into passion and ultimately become the one which they wanted.  Come what may in between as a hurdle they do not just hang back, put in their heart and soul and the entire energy on their need and work like a workaholic to reach the ambition-ed levels in life.  You can read yourself and your heart and mind would automatically venture into the art of your need and your love of doing an activity which would be Flagship of all your sentiments and emotions.  That is known as passion and that particular activity will carry you forward in all levels in life.


Some have passion for sports activity and start right earnest when they are young and energetic and start counting each and every day in to those sports and keep on practicing regularly and do not shy away until they become the master of the game.  Some would have an interest in writing books and they start practicing their passion in multi levels and enable themselves a writer by all means and for that they spend day in and day out writing something.  It helps their creativity and that particular talent which has been in there for them will come out when they start doing the art of continual writing and so on. The essential part of becoming a writer is to read a lot on every day basis.  This alone will develop their creativity.  Likewise some would venture into the art of acting in movies.  For them they need basics, interest, to an amount, a good personality, and to an extent speaking to people without any inhabitant and talking in a clear sense and enabling themselves as a really fit person. If necessary they can attend to classes in Film Institutes wherein you are given clear-cut instructions to do all the manipulations and modulations of acting and talking and delivering the dialogues of different variations in most required manner.  The feelings of expressions are taught at length in acting. How do you feel happy or sad and how do you emote your feelings rights according to the situations and how do you pose before a camera and how best you use the expressions in front of the camera.


There are many other passions also, for instance someone wants to become a public speaker.  This means he wants to develop the art of public speaking. He wishes to become a good speaker at any given forum and become the most wanted speaker in the territory where he is dwelling.  For this he needs to develop his personality under the guidance of masters in the trade and attend their classes, how do you stand in a platform, or before a mike and how do you express your thoughts in seriatim manner and which makes the audiences know what he wanted to convey.  It is important to develop this art, you need to explore your communication skills and trim the same 100% to enable the listeners engage in complete silence when you speak.  You have to develop the language in which you want to become and should have an authority of the subjects which you handle in heart and soul.  You should definitely be a good reader of many books and update the current scenario to quote for the needy people. You should develop the art of knowing more things in a short span and deliver the same in an authentic way so that when people hear you they should get convinced of your explanations and experience in good levels.


When you want to become a dancer, you should know the nuances of the same in details to get into the art.  For example you want to learn Bharatha Natyam and want to become an expert in the art, you need to approach the right person who have the ability to teach and experience you with the knowledge of the dance art and its important implications with which a dance user gets into the art of exponential study.  You have to get into the details of its intricacies in full measure to come out a performer of standards.  It is not easy just an interest, you need to work hard and hard the sung realities of the art and culture and relate your connections in full quota and enrich the drawn heritages of this wonderful art when you get into the huddle. The mastery of the art is exposed when he gets the right disciple to learn the art and getting into the entire trade of dimensions in full length and explore more and beyond the learning and perform before an audience.  The same would enthral the taught and the learned. I could be other aspects of dances also which we see now like ballet dances, Salsa, Hip-hop, Rock dances and many more.  Every dance user has to undergo the strains of learning and practice to the full use and a relentless attitude to achieve the goals alone would empower them to become the right end-users.


The carrier driven youth who joins a company comes with an ambition to earn for his livelihood and once you are attuned to your job and its obligations you tend to get that relevant experience and start doing the routine.  It is not with everyone the same case. If somebody wants to achieve the pinnacle in his carrier he ventures into lot more things in the job and works into various levels to achieve his goal.  It is not only he needs to develop his academic knowledge and at the same time gets into the stalk realties at his workplace and how best to deliver to get to the top.  For which he should have an unrelenting attitude of learning and learning the new modus operandi and always think out of the box solutions to the problems faced by the organization and be a trouble-shooter all the time. His dependency level to increase every now and then and a stage has to come that without him the work cannot go.  Such would be the selection and it would end up in showing your passion for the company you are involved. You need to play a key role in all aspects of developments of the company you are in.


If you want your passion to emulate and enlarge and engulf the sphere you desire you have to cultivate the Humanity in you which alone develops you in to progress your goal and aim and ambitions. How do you do this and it is very simple be like a grass, as the same is stamped by our legs as many times as possible.  Not only us many who pass and wade through the grass it get down and down every time you stamp on it and comes back in an orderly fashion the next morning.  You learn the art like a grass to be ready to grow at every hurdle. You should feel lower like the grass which has been tampered by many a legs.

Be like a tree once it grows it compromises all the heat and rain in the same way and does not bother about any external eventuality.  Grows higher and higher and gives us all shades and germinates seed to develop another and more another tress.

To develop your passion you need to know to respect others always. Your attitude to others should make them feel that we need to develop affinity with this person as he is concerned more about us and we need to be with him always.

On the contrary you do not expect respect from others, that means I do not mean your self-esteem, feeling respected happens naturally and automatically when you start respecting other.  This has to be done without anticipation at all.


To cultivate passion in the right way

You need to be wanting always and there is nothing to desire what you want and it shall happen.

Do not worry about your priorities and everything can happen when you decide what you wanted to do.

Be greedy for your ambitions, find ways and means yourself and you can live yourself and you need to fight for yourself and attain the glory which you have imagined.

Don’t you ever compromise on your passion and set frames at every level to focus your attention on this and never even think you cannot do this?  When you go on and on you find ways and the road.

When you fail do not harm and feel bad about it, the failure is only an experience, do not have self-pity, it may harbinger your ideas, to push them and move ahead and you would find different roads leads to the light of your passion,

Take an amount of a calculated risk to endeavor your passion as there are others you would come across at every nod and you need to overcome them by your wise quotient and enviable knowledge. Be bold and do the right things. Surround with yourself like peers who have a positive ideas. These people will not shatter your ideas. Please be assured you cannot find all of your on lookers are happy with you.  You cannot please everyone as your passion goes on and goes on. Do not judge others immediately and they may be handy in your works too.

The above are some tips which can keep your passion alive and your passionate thirst reaches the end where you want to be, be passionate and that gives pleasure in living and your longevity will be a history to others.

Life’s journey is not that you should arrive at your grave in sober face and take up the routine rig morale, it is not so come to the grave when you have done all that you wanted in live and feel like lived for your passion and then your face will have a smiling note and everyone who looks at you there too feel envy.


T Mohenchander










The Important Question to our Students Community


The Important Question to our Students Community


Do we really care as parents what are our students do today to reach the challenges in life in perpendicular relation to our curriculum that is available today?  Particularly in reference to our educational systems and syllabus available in our State Tamilnadu.  Has it been revamped in the last 10 years or so?  Do they are conscious about the changes that happen around us and in other states in India?  Are we in cognisance with the present mode and our responsible education department to take care of the entire systems which are revolving around us and what are dire needs of our student community to cope with the strict adherence to customs and conventions prevail over other parts of our country.  Are we making our students get qualified for the d day to meet the eventualities when it has to be met and scored over?  Let all of the lawmakers touch their hearts and pronounce we are in the mainstream of things and we are confident that our student community can easily swim across and reach the shores safely.


What is our set up committees doing to raise the standards of our curriculum? The change of syllabus and how best we can kick-start our systems in confining with the main board and prepare our student community to have enough strength to face the rough waters when they experience it. Do we have the habit of changing the textbooks at regular intervals as per the needs and visions of tomorrow, are we in line with the global standards at least in every three years we propose a change. Likewise are we equipped with proper qualified teachers to teach and are they are willing to undergo any changes that occur in between and does our government take the prescriptions of subscribed levels of teaching by teachers and if they do not qualify, do we educate them in proper forum and channels that would enlist and bring in line their skills and get triggered up for fair and higher needs of the curriculum.


The fraternity of education system has created and prepared our students questioning system.  We are always under the threat of questioning our students through public examination system and they also toil in terms of getting a pass or through the examination with great difficulty. Every other educational system in our culture has an endearing factor of getting most of the students to come out successfully that is pass out in the interest of the school and get the ranks of the high number of pass percentage for their institutions.  This is what is happening and our students are trained only for that. Each and every one, the taught and the learned are trained in such a way that they have been gleefully used to secure marks and only marks to get out of the present grade and go the next grade. In class 10 or 12 the best way to get marks are easier in State Board run schools. I do not see anything wrong in this but at the same time you notice one thing that the students are trained only in lessons and the questions occur at the end of the lessons and they concentrate on going through the same and answer those questions occur there after reading and memorizing, This is known as from the textbooks the sample questions answered to score marks. I have seen many of the taught do not teach the lessons but on the contrary, they refer the last page questions and ask the students to follow the answers and both of them know that the questions will be asked from those models only. As long as this goes on I do not foresee any major changes occur in the minds of the students and their educational values and unless and until the textbooks and syllabus change every three years and also the standards of teachers also grow simultaneously.



The best remedy would be we need to change the statuesque which is prevailing now.  Like the excerpts of a book is written in a few words in the foreword.  The book should specify that the sample questions come at the end of every chapter is only illustrative and please do not think the same would come in for your examinations.  The teachers should train the students in a creative way by going through the lessons and an exhaustive rethinking has to be done and new modus operandi has to be introduced.  The students should update their creativity by proper questioning from the lessons and they should find in different answers as they venture in the lesson thoroughly.  For this, the students have to be trained. Make them feel that all the examinations are felt as a hobby and not an exercise to get their grades


Create an interest of thinking out of the box solutions for the problems enlisted in the chapters and make them think in different ways to enable them to put in the right perspective the factors that relate to the relevant questions and an easy way to convince the answer in reference to experience and explanations.  This will automatically make the students more attentive and they start coming in with the new ideas to reach the goal post by proper middling and trebling.



Create the avenues of interest to the students by bringing in proper anecdotes from various factors like historical happenings, geographical experience, the Role models and their experience to reach to the top and how and what are the ways and means of reaching specific heights which would bring in the students mind an interesting start abiding to the new environment automatically. The lessons are making them score centum or so.  At the same time when you give negative marks to some who had not come up to your expectation, they feel distressed, disappointed and start randomizing with their creativity and have doubts on their strength too,  We need to change all these perspectives.


The backbenchers have to be questioned properly to rethink and rekindle their inner sentiments to get a fillip in their mind and start provoking new styles and systems in their educational approach.  The teachers instead of solving problems should be able to put the right questions to enable the students to think and start brushing their sense of feeling that we need to rework to get into the groove of the teachers’ expectations.

The above are only illustrative and when things are put in the proper forum and proper ways there bound to happen change and lot students community can bring in laurels to their institutions and more than that their lives would turn around for their betterment and our country at large.


T Mohenchander

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Who has to Change?(you & Me)


Who has to change? (You & Me)


What is the sanctity of the Medical Profession and its strength?  Have we ever evaluated the services of our doctors and para medical and their invaluable services? We have used them only for our needs and necessities alone and relegated them from their noble activity.  How many times they have saved millions of lives from death, from accidents to active life, from fatal diseases to normal being, from hell to extended terms of our lives and they have aimed all their best to extend our tenure of lives in this earth.

I shall go further on this, suppose for an instance a patient in spite of the best treatment given by the doctor, he succumbs to his illness and dies means., look at the rebellion attitude of our people and start agitating on the doctors and accusing their professionalism and hard work.  These doctors are to be treated to God’s level as they resurrect our lives by their noble actions; on the contrary, we take the law into our hands and start all our negativity if one such case fails. They would have tried their best and there could be reasons beyond a doctor’s control. We have turned a nelsons eye on their good deeds. These agitations have to be stopped and we should go well with the medicos and their plight.


The relationship between a patient and doctor goes on a promise of good faith and without negligence and this has to be totally believed by both the parties and works on a trust.  We should also understand that doctors would always put something on the bed and never hesitate to work on the patients on different methods to relieve him from the ailment or disease. These things are gone by now and all the medical professional is afraid to face such negative realities from the public and also a survey says about 75% of the professional are delaying their decisions. We should understand one common factor that all the doctors are taking their life into risk and serving and saving their patients with utmost care. You know one thing how many medicos have lost their lives by treating AIDS, SAARCS, Dengue patients and other serious Bird fever because they are all highly contagious and these things have not come out to the open.

Every disease has its own impact and it will definitely leave its side effects on patients due to their severity and vulnerability.  It depends on the time of medical attendance and reaches of the medicos.  There has not been any 100% cure for any diseases and it has not explained so in medical theories.  There could be hiccups here and there and doctors and the medical profession still finding out ways and means to get over this scenario but we need to wait for that. In such cases where there have been side effects occur the doctors are taken to task by the family members or by their friends and accuse the treated doctor and his clinic and sometimes they take a ransom on the clinic and affect heavy damages to the exchequer and their profession. The doctors really go through a fine-tooth comb of the patient and do suggest medication as the case may be.  But these entire factors are not taken into account and only those negative in roads take a head start fighting against the medicos.  There are ever more things happen now and we see in the media, the relatives refuse to take the body of patient who had succumbed to injuries and diseases claiming that the treatment has been quite wrong and we have paid enough money on the same, the entire money has to be returned, unless done we do not take the body out of the hospital.  For this, there comes a conglomeration from their caste and community and sometimes the politicians too to support them and create a hue and cry in the hospital and against the doctors. When the hospital seeks the support of the Police, they also do not understand the legal tenacities in the case and start troubling the medicos again and again. Sometimes doctors are taken into custody and treated as a prisoner and face the music without attributing the factors relating to the individual disease and cases.


Just jump into the plight of the doctors, they work all the 24 hours of their time, derelicts their family and children and working on the wellbeing of the patients and endlessly trying to better their welfare and cure. They earn their money off their hard much-sacrificed work, but to our dismay, they have to pay all their earnings for this unruly mob when they attack them.  This is almost extortion of some one’s money by someone who is not entitled to it. You know one thing the students have started getting away from entering the medical profession nowadays. Even in the bridegroom selection, there is no request for the medical man, it has come down now. The reason being the doctors wanted to save the patients from death and bring them back to normality has been the aim and working only towards that, but today’s plight of doctors and their treatment at the time of failure has made them think twice or thrice to take up medical profession.

Added to this the doctors have been put at bay and their disservice can be taken to Consumers guidance council and they have to answer suitably about the whole history and the case details to every claimer.  The implementation of such legal binding on doctors has become a coin of hard thorns in their profession.  You should understand they are not God, they try their best based on their research and study and experience have put in and these factors amount to the right treatment. There is only one solace for them.  The legislation passed by the Supreme Court during 2005 which says that the service rendered by the medical profession is the highest in order and should there be any lacunae the Medical professionals should be given due protection and immediate justification will not land invalid results.  They and their profession are vital for the countrymen and hence they need to be treated properly. They should be also protected from the acts of extortion of money for unruly things.


Their services are to be treated in the highest order as they save lives from death, save someone from dreaded diseases, save someone from a prolonged illness, save from extraordinary terminal illness, save from where the patients have been declared untreatable and bring them back to life. These professional have to be considered as worthy servers of our country and they need not be said good, at least they should not be reprimanded for a fault of them. Of course, I do agree there is some medico who commit mistakes and take this profession so lightly and their aim is to earn money and money alone.  Those are the one who has to be booked and taken to task.  The medical council should not protect their interest and inquiry and an action has to be instituted against them.

If at all you wanted to uplift the medical profession, all the media and magazines should up bring these medico and their researchers, new findings to the forefront and make the public aware of the modalities of their treatment and positive factors they have carried through and what would be their future track record and everyone should become aware of such happenings every now and then.  This would also bring to the fore that there are diseases curable which were all these days are not taken care.  This becomes an eye opener for all of us to know more about medico and their professional improvement.


We should all endeavour to bring in a future which would serve both the doctors and patients in equal measure that we should believe in their treatment and they should work for the welfare of the patients, so that a clear understanding is drawn on clean lines that they are our savers and their services are only to save people from all kinds of ailment.

Let us work together and their services are always needed by us.


T Mohenchander

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