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You are all very busy in agitating presently against the CAA and the government of India under the influence of some dangerous politicians and you are all being victims of the circumstances at their hands and falling prey to all sorts of agitations and spoiling your valuable time and energy in not concentrating in your studies and education.  Please ponder in the following lines which would open your eyes to come to present level playing field.

1937 there was an agitation against institution of Hindi which was brought by Congress Government. This was influenced by the late EV Ramasamy naicker and followed for three years with some loses of life in the student community. Because of this the ruling congress in Tamilnadu was thrown out and the then Governor Erskin Prabhu promulgated an ordinance in 1940 that Hindi will not be compulsorily implemented in Tamilnadu.

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From 1965 on wards the Government has brought in a rule as Hindi is to be known as National Language and should be used by all State Governments and Central Governments. After deliberations Nehru the then Prime Minister has bought in another ordinance saying English can also be used as another governmental language. In 1965 DMK which was ruling in Tamilnadu created an agitation calling all students to go against Hindi and the response by student’s community was immense and all students participated.  This agitation rendered lot of students engaged in vandalism and hooting and looting the interests of the public and there have been campfires and stone throwing ending up in more than few suicides and enough deaths caused to the students community. Then Lal Bahdur Sasthry brought in a law saying that those states who are not interested in Hindi can use English as their alternative language. The same strength was continued by Indira Gandhi when she was the Prime Minister Too., These brought in some solace to state who were non Hindi speaking.

This has resulted in the student community not to get engaged in English and never learned that too.  Instead as aforesaid the students in Tamilnadu were not educated in Tamil also properly and the language was not also done true to the literary sense and carried to the student’s community.  Parents were denied the opportunity of learning Hindi and English too.

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The Present Scenario

In today’s educational curriculum even the Government schools are training English and Tamil as first and second language. The sophisticated parents send their children to English taught private schools and educate their wards.  Whereas the poor ones and the much unknown society who were simple, ,fighting against Hindi are thrown to dusts and they are not taken care.  The Governments have not yielded either to the Tamil Language top as they wanted that Tamil has to be introduced in the Governmental level as the third official language.  Here our people are kept in the dark leading these students left with either taking up with Tamil or learning English and Hindi. Those 70 students who had lost their lives in Hindi institutional agitation are virtually suffering and one should go and see them to be believed.  They are not properly educated and neither they get their careers in Tamilnadu and they cannot go elsewhere after studying only Tamil and all other states have different languages and these pitiable students are caught unawares.

Because we have not taken seriously the Hindi Language the people from Northern States who come down here for living occupy all the vantage position as they know Hindi as well as English. No one has taught these people to study Tamil along with English and Hindi and advised properly about their future.  They are all in dire straits losing all the opportunities in life today.

Present Agitation

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The students who are all agitating against CAA just lend your ears for a few minutes and start thinking about the following.  People who are at present living in in India will not be affected by these laws. People who have come as refugees illegally migrated from Bangladesh, Mynmar, Afghanisthn and Pakistan are only going to be affected. In 1951 our Indian Population was 36 crores only. Today it is 136 crores and the reason being the illegal migrants from the above said countries.  The Mortality rate today is 30000 deaths and births being 74000 every day. Even if we give those 5 crore illegal immigrants in our country what will happen to our live styles and smooth functioning of our systems. To cite an example the smallest town in Coimbatore district a place called Tirupur known for Knitwear Industry prominence more than 1000 are working in their factories.  We Tamilians are deprived of such opportunities for not knowing the required language. This happens in evey Indian State.

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Think once even for us to live we are all finding to make both ends meet. Agriculture is dwindling; there is no proper food for millions in our country.  Even water resources are becoming scarce and we do not have alternative systems for these. At this stage is it OK to sanction citizenship whoever comes in here and occupy our interests? Is it fair to take in all who come even the terrorist who migrate here using the pitfalls of our existence? Take for China they are bigger in area than us and they do not recognize such citizenship.  Even USA do not admit such cultural exchange and you see to get into USA what are the formalities and the queue lined up in every metropolitan of India to get Visas.

Dear Students look into your own interests and analyse what you are all going to be in ten years. Plan out your future and educate yourself according to the basic needs in this state and elsewhere. The agitation against CAA is going to ruin your future only and understand the plight and remember you are all living in the 21st Century the whole world is growing in different levels every day. What is your working and what is your contribution for upcoming and remember you are all going to form the Nation as a Pride India.  Don’t you want to be part of it?  Come on cheer up and get going towards good things and good governance.



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When I say Patience is a virtue means, yes in every literal sense it is true as for as Hindus are concerned in Tamilnadu.  There are enough incidents in Tamilnadu as Hindus are being tortured and ridiculed to every extent and derelected by the most privileged people who follow the principles of Self-respect and diminish the interests of the people who are called the atheists, take every positions against all Hindus and believers of God and godliness. There is a set of people who are always engaged in the brainwashing of the people and incarcerating all interests of Hindus in every possible way.  They make this as a regular business and create a big business out of this publicity. But they do not get the impression the ridicules have many times boomeranged against them and still they are not bothered about all these acts.

For every goody good things done by the Hindus, these sect instigate an assault and insinuation done at vantage points.  One such striking example was in the year 1971 there was a conference done at the behest of the followers of EVR against Hinduism and Hindu faith openly and very blatantly belittled the Hindu Gods and so on. Those who had done and few of them from that so called unfaithful crowd now they are the regular goers to Sabari Mala  with undergoing all 48 days penance and follow the ritual in letter and spirit. In 1971 there has been a procession taking Hindu Gods and creating a big chaos criticizing Hindu Gods and shouting slogans against the customs and conventions of a true Hindu. Even if you rewind that today, it is quite disturbing and heart-burning.

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   Recently the Superstar Rajnikanth has brought those memories into the open and spoke about EVR and his behavior against the Hindus and specially carrying postures of Rama the God and chapel garlands were befitted into those.  When he had referred there has been a big uproar throughout Tamilnadu about this episode and the talk of the town has been about this by self-respect earned troupe requested the Star to say apologies.  On the contrary he very specifically replied saying that I have not talked anything which has not happened and showed records of the incidence through the newspapers and magazines which had carried the news.  He very categorically said I shall never apologise for what I have said.


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 Because of just being patience at every incidence of insult and insinuations done against a Hindu we are all still patient and you know why we are the oldest established religion and we follow certain norms and natives for being sincere Hindus.  We do not turn an ear of  all these quick shouts at us and we carry all these brick bats against us as a testimony of established existence here.  Come what may we shall face all these and they would also know about the consequences. The so called atheists and their families are visiting every temple at their vantage for the betterment of their spouses who are at the helm of Political scenario.  But still these politicians call themselves as atheists which can be termed as laughing stocks.

I heard through a magazine that in the district of Sivaganga both Hindus and Muslims are most cooperative and believe in each of their principle and created a cordial relationship.  There is a Vinay agar temple as well as mosque in the nearest vicinity.  Both of them follow their cultural heritage and follow the rituals of both the temple and mosque without affecting the other one and have a beautiful understanding.  In spite of all the insults we as Hindu followers bear all the grudges thrown open by the politicians and the so called atheist an do not divulge into any evasive or abusive auctions against those who have determined to fight against our interest all the time. Like Thirupathur in Sivaganga in every district this should start emanating and put in all efforts in a combined way to promote the Interests of Hindus and prove that we are not against any religion and following.  Because of our absolute patience and not revolting attitude we are targeted and abused at every vantage point.  Can they do this against any other community like, Muslim, Christians or others?  The moment they land in there, they are to face enough problems.  They are not like us silent watchers. No one should interfere anyone’s faith whether in Godliness or Politics, they have to remain where they are should never cross boundaries of interest and collapse the other man’s thought and following. The best example should be that you need to be in your place, like a fish is taken out of the sea it cannot live in the land which shall die at once.  The same way if you as a human being thrown into the deep sea you cannot manage but to immerse in the water and die.  Everyone has their place and respect to live and level against the odds.

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The Politicians have come to do good things to the people and they have claimed their segments by promising to the public about their intentions and aims towards serving the public.  Hence they have to indulge in all political matters alone and do never come into the lanes of caste, customs, and conventions of every religion and in fact it is their duty to safe guard the interests of all religions.  They cannot take sides of particular faith and advise and create a publicity against a particular sector and cause all calamities against their interests. This will never augur good to any one and in today’s scenario all the politicians are bequeathing their wants through the cast and communal advantages and making a following their interest and though this factors grown and attain a mileage.  This is not expected of a true politician and forbid such actions against one particular sectarian to gain their vote banks.


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One thing is certain that as Hindus who are always patient enough to draw all these clusters of bad elements in the society but still has a special place in the hearts of all people and they know better themselves that they are not labelled as rebels and can never revolt against such evil forces .  All these elements would be eliminated from here making the faiths as the upheavals of the society and they would be ranking at the top against all unwanted happening and ranting slogans against them and the whole community would come to know very soon who is right and who is wrong.  Let us carry the torch of faith along because this would show enough light for the opponents too to follow our footsteps.


T Mohenchander

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We Need India, to Live


We Need India, to Live

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After the legislation of CAA in the parliament we see lot of commotion and unrest in certain states goes against the Government. In some states they want to fight against BJP and hence started various agitations ruling against the same and making the state into total unrest and violating the peaceful existence of the people. In particular reference to Tamilnadu the DMK part and its alliance partners are revolting against the same and conducting various dharnas and agitations throughout the state. The moment Mr. Stalin has become the Head of DMK he had taken it as his principle to oppose Mr.Modi against all his deeds and creating a commotion all the time and trying to get a mileage over the issues to him and to his party. To cite an example recently in Beasant Nagar Chennai there was an issue of putting the Kolam in front of the houses and where they have inscribed slogans against CAA and NRC. When the Police took it as a revolt and he took it as an issue was vehemently supporting those residents. His alliance partner Congress and its member Mr Nellai Kannan started his provocative speeches against Amit Sha and Mr.Modi to the extent of finishing both these Politicians.  He then was arrested and jailed.

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Understanding CAA

No one has understood the ruling of CAA. It clearly refers to those refugees who had come here and staying from the countries of Pakistan, Afghanisthan, Bangladesh, being here as Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Parces for them the proper citizenship will be awarded. Opposing this there is a conflicting remarks that why Muslims are not been cited and they have been not listed. Added to these refugees from Myanmar, Srilanka has been left out from the consideration. All the Muslims in those countries referred above are quite safe and secured. But those which have been listed in CAA are the worst suffers in the hands of those countrymen.  Hence this legislation. Other countries are not prepared to accommodate these innocent citizens; they are let with all hardship and torcher.  Hence those Hindus, Sikhs, parces, Sikhs and etc. are treated by us the country in which we can take them here and award proper citizenship. This has been considered as our duty towards those suffering non-Muslims

Regards to Srilankans they are all here as refugees and for a quite a long time and there main interest is to go back to Srilanka and they want to maintain their assets in the form of land and buildings.  If they continue here they will be losing their earned assets. We are talking with Srilankan government in this regard and very soon they would get a reprieve and it is our neighbor and anytime we can solve this issue.

In Tamilnadu

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But in Tamilnadu the opposition parties have repeatedly conducting meetings as though Muslims are neglected and they are not considered.  People really do not understand the real cluster of happenings and they are madly following the leaders of opposition and following their words without knowing the in depths of the legislation.  None of the Muslim living here would be affected and they are all made unaware by these partisan attitudes. When they were in Power they have not bothered or cared about all these elements and now that they have taken these Srilankan and Muslim issues into their main agenda and enjoying the fun and frolic happening around in Tamilnadu. People have to clearly understand the plight and plot behind this opposition.  They should get clarified from the right sources and do not heed to these politicians who are only interested in their personal establishment and not to the real people.  If you people do not understand this you are to be blamed and we shall be ruined and lose control of central governments influence and our state will be neglected for all good projects. 

The Plight

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People who have not been born in our country, they are not our relative nor connected to us in any means and they live in countries who are seeing us as their enemies, and the illegal immigrants are to be treated kindly and legally and make and give them the proper citizenship and under this law.  Is it against any human interest?  We need to know the real aspect of it correctly.

As for India is concerned Muslims who live in India are considered as children of our Bharatha Matha means Indian country as Mother/ They have all the rights as any other citizens in all good governance.  They are never neglected nor are their interests not considered.  This every Muslim should understand and they need to carry to those who do not know about this and just for the sake following someone who do not know about this do not get succumbed to pressure and join these agitation groups and revolt against the government.

As a true Indian we should be proud of our Country and our earnestness toward the most downtrodden in other countries who are seeking our help and concern we have to extend our two hands folded and ask them to come over here take proper value for their birth and enjoy the privileges of all Indians and survive for the future. What a country we are living in and we should be really proud of being Indian and India is the place for all the people who are with the governance and formulate a peaceful living and see that their roots are damaged instead grown with the respect and belief.

Hail India and being an Indian.

T Mohenchander


Come-on Youngsters


Come-on Youngsters

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In today’s scenario the youth and students are the strength of our Nation. They can construct and destruct any idea, concept and social interest they have the weapon in their hands.  The best period in any man’s life is the life when you are at school or college.  If God enters in and asks me a want, I shall without any hesitation ask for the life of student again. That is so precious and enviable one has.

Today there are no said and established leaders to guide the present students to very communicative and uplifting senses and implant the right ideas in them and get them started.  They are aimless and provoked by the present set of leaders and follow them without any common sense and allow themselves in a most prohibitive way from where they do not know the consequences and end results. Their emotional quotients are being elevated to levels of the present leaders requirements and use them as positive electrodes to create and circumvent their political assignments.  These students have been used as pawns in the hands of the politicians. Because of this the things that have emanated in the Jawaharlal University in Delhi is a striking example of political vandalism.  It has also percolated down to Tamilnadu Universities and the college students here too are the victims of Political set up prevailing here and with particular reference to the Dravidian parties which are always engaged in spreading the vandalizing elements of the student community to all wrong paths and not allowing them to think and take decisions. All these parties only want these students to follow their path and raise slogans according to their whims and fancies. These parties want only slogan shouters and follow them which are alone happening in Tamilnadu today.  The leasers who have been established by the Dravidian parties propounding themselves that they have sacrificed for the removal of caste entities and caste subservience’s. It is not so, on the contrary those leaders are the pioneers to create the discrimination among-st caste, community and religion. They were holding their fort in socializing through these wrong means and making their followers to declare against Godliness and following God is prohibited. They claim as though they have fought for removing untouchability, it is not so.

National Interest

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Without adhering to National Interest and policies these Dravidian parties began taking the stick of Tamil language and propagating that they are the ones who are the first ones to make Tamil as the prominent language and make this student community with all literature that would divert them from the other episodes of reality and oneness created by the Nation.  To thrive and survive their strength these political gimmicks have been the habit of the present politicians; this is because of the youth and students are unable to tenant the right perspective and their unknowing of all consequence have lead them to follow madly these giants who have converted the entire community of youngsters in haywire. Even the legislation passed in the parliament on CAA is not known and said to them properly and communicated.  They have been misled by the Congress parties and DMK parties particularly in Tamilnadu simply to follow suit the agitation whatever they wanted to do against the National Leaders. There is no harm to any existing Muslims at all on this which is not been made known them or make them understand what it is and what not.  They simply fight for Srilankan Tamil refugees and you know there are more than one lakh refugees in India and majority in Tamilnadu.  When the DMK and alliance parties where in power the Srilankan Tamils were kept in dark and they have not taken any corrective steps.  Now the present refugees wanted to go back to their country as we have contributed in setting up their dwelling interest and constructed various houses in Srilanka. All the goodies are overlooked and only the must nots are taken to limelight and the student’s community is provoked and without knowing any basics they are joining hands in this cause and causing rancor.

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There is nobody here to take the lead and present the students how to stream in to National interest and support the elected Government and progress further in building our country and strengthening their life as students and contribute. I am reminded here of Sat guru Jaggi Vasudev Statement, he says


The student community has to clearly understand that the future of India is in your hands.  This Nation belongs to you.  The people who are here are your brothers and sisters and making them and their lives happy rests in your shoulders. If you think you can make it as an Everest and your names would be imprinted in the tomorrow’s history.







P Unnikrishnan




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Unnikrishnan has been in the limelight for quite a number of years in Tamilnadu and has acclaimed many honors for his talent in Carnatic and Light music as well.

He hails from Chennai and his earlier interest was in Cars and Cricket alone.  He has watched his father having an old Ambassador car and the way he maintains it in a most vivid manner and kept the same running in good condition too.  He had that for many years and exactly it withstood three time boring means you can sense his keenness to maintain the vehicle.  Likewise he was taking care of his son too well.  Father being a cricketer he took to his son to the interest and took him along with him whenever he had to play matches in Chennai and that made young Unni to concentrate on the game and he was an avid follower of cricket while playing the game.

Music was not new to him as he lived in a joint family the whole family had a musical build up and he attuned himself to the family traits naturally.  One such meeting of a Guru along with his mother he could grab the attention by murmuring some ragas during his mother’s classes.  The Guru immediately identified his voice and its depth and requested to start learning Carnatic music.  That was the start for him and started learning the music sincerely. He started to sing Abhogi Raga and that was the start for his musical journey. First he started with V L Seshadri and then came under the tutu ledge of Dr. Ramanathan where he had learnt the nuances of Carnatic Music and he opened the door for his musicians muse and became a good Carnatic music singer under his temple of music. He learned swaras and bhava and ragas to the maximum level that enabled him to teach other students in the class too. The right twist came when he joined Vivekananda College Madras. During one of the college festivals his friends requested him to sing Carnatic music and that little concert make him known to the college that he is a professional singer and he bagged the first prize on that occasion.  He credits this achievement to all his friends who were responsible for making him to sing on that day, Unni ,believes that he has been blessed to have well-wishers at every point of time in his life.  He continues in that unhurried pace, balancing concerts, recordings and shows etc. That was a great turning point in his life when his later year Guru Savitri joined him for a six month workshop on Samprdaya music and was trained by T.Brinda and T Vishwa. He learned all gamakas and all earthiness in music through this workshop.

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Destiny desired

It was an offer from A R Rahman to sing for the song Ennavale and Ennavale thanks to film maker Rajeev Menon {1994} which fetched him the National award for the light music. From that day his attention towards Carnatic music and singing in films started growing and growing. He had so far sung more than 2000 songs in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu languages.

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Reality show Judge

Now that his attuned to be the judge of reality shows in Vijay TV and other channels.  He feels elated when singers sing his songs and notations which would relate to him and make him a memorable person.  What he feels now that all the singers who come and sing before him in the competition he feel they are all well talented and one simple thing they do not sustain their efforts in prompting the art they have learned and lacks sincere commitments in them.

More so now he has two children a son and daughter and his son is a pianist and daughter learns Carnatic music and light music.  Daughter Uthara got a National award like father for her first film song in the film Saivam.


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His work and philosophy has been rewarded and he has been conferred the SANGEETHA CHOODAMNI award by Sri Krishna Ghana Sabha on the 13th December 2019. Destiny has fulfilled dreams and his home is a sound of music by addition of children duo bringing the melody of music.



T Mohenchander



Women victimized


Women Victimized

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This is the order of the day that some woman, some girl child some elderly woman has been abused sexually, harassed, molested etc. etc…  This is what we see every day in the social media, newspaper and TV channels.  Quite disgusting and frustrating when you go into the details of their plight and sufferings.  You can’t just think and shred off.
Very very pathetic.  In-spite of the punishments set aside the crime against all sorts of women are rising on a daily basis and how do we stop this menace on women who are considered as sacred souls. We all know recently a Doctor in Telengana Region was sexually abused by a group of persons near a toll gate when she sought help for the punctured Tyre of her scooter.  She was ultimately raped and killed brutally. How furious and fanatic towards womenfolk. The attitude of the offenders is gruesome and venomous.  Can we tolerate such violence against woman and how long we are all going to hear and see and be the witness for all these offences?  Of course this one incident was dealt by Police very judiciously and killed the offenders when they tried to snap the Police Pistols and runaway.  All the four were encountered properly meeting their fate.

How many other accused are in the large and they are clearly aware about the outcome in the courts and punishments too as the cases are takes a long long time to meet the judgement. Poor victims our women folk wait and wait for the outcome and in the meanwhile they lose the tinge of womanhood and being moralized by the public as one that are unwanted by the society.  Poor and they have been left in the lurch by all of us.  In the sense as a society we are also guilty.

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How do we go about?

The main victims are from the middle class family girls and woman.  They have to necessarily use the public transport like bus, train and other common commutable vehicles.  All these are vulnerable and allow the offenders to take chance against the less armed women and girl children.  They have been abused and molested and taken for a ride and an opportunity arises they are raped either individually or with a group of persons joining together or abusing the single woman. These offenders main aim is that they clearly know all these women are meant for their sexual appetite and they have to definitely be dealt in that manner only.  Every mother in the middle class family is waiting in their homes like covering a furnace in the stomach when they sent their girl child to school or college or for work and await their return in the evening with lots of hope and expectations. Most of the mothers do turmoil in every house and all mothers are running their fate against all currents.

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What do we do?

Women and girl children have to be treated and enabled proper devices to protect them from such harbingers when they travel in public transports for commuting either to the school or college or to the work place. They need to carry a spray known as Pepper spray and make use of the same when an opportunity comes.  They have to be careful when they meet strangers in the bus or other transport and do not engage in any sort of conversations, avoid even good dialogues that occur during the travel. Just forbidding and avoiding menfolk will itself save them to an extent.  When someone starts behaving indifferently alert the crowd and make some big noise to enable the attention of the co travelers and bring the culprit to come to stake.

is - 2019-12-15T132118.073

I am really happy about the Tamilnadu governments support through Tamilnadu Police department.  They have introduced a new App Called KAVALAN SOS which can be connected to all mobiles quite easily.  The users can immediately activate the application in  case of any emergency and the same would be connected to the nearest police stations and immediate alert would be given.  This will be followed by their assistance to the spot through GPS features and the victims can be caught immediately. In case of not able to access the application for want of help there is system of just shaking the mobile which would take the action on radiated x-rays and help can be sought.  This would go a long way in protecting our women and children.

More than this our men folks should be taught from the childhood what is the value of a girl child and her democratic rights to be prevailed and her growth has to be protected by every men human being.  Humanity has to the inculcated and cultivated from school level, college level and in the workplaces.

To bring down such crimes against all women, girl children are a million dollar question.

All of us have to unite and find out a way and teach the community at large and thinking about the causative factors that leads to such crimes.

Jai Hind

T Mohenchander


Super Star Rajnikanth




Superstar Rajinikanth

70 not out

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In Cricket language we call a batsman who has not finished his batting innings is called a not out batsman.  I would like to call Rajni is now still a batsman not being beaten by any bowler and his average is 168 and strike rate too. (168 films)

Today The matinee idol of Indian Cinema and Tamil Cinema entering into 70th year of birth.  He is not an ordinary person, an extraordinary human being with endowed talents of making cinemas that would talk and carry to the masses his plans and principles in life.  His audience are mesmerized at every film that is released.

He entered into the tinsel in the late 1970s with a small role in Aboorva Ragangal directed by Balachander who was his mentor, Guru and guided this articulate personality into a mega Super Star. Raijin would not have himself imagined that he would claim to this pinnacle of glory.  Many a times he had said in various platforms, what I am today is given by the people of Tamilnadu and render all this Credit to Tamilians.

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Hitting the box office

His track record of hitting the box office has been phenomenon. He has been a colossal of Indian Cinema. From Sivaji in 2007 to Pettai in 2019 all have grossed 100 crores. Upon 10 of the US box office grossers Raijin stands 6th in the row. His at this age is still commercially available.  You know one thing when compared to Arnold Swazenegar and Sylvester Stallone have lost their glory after their recent releases Terminator dark fate and Rambo Last blood respectively have not hit the masses.

is - 2019-12-14T122545.975

Secret of Success

He clearly knows how to get into the minds of his mass the audience.  In yester years he has been following the directors like P Vasu, K.S.Ravikumar and Krishna the Batsha familiar.  Now that he had turned to new generation youngsters like PA Ranjith, Karthik Subbaraj and others. He knows that these young directors knows the value of today’s needs of the commercial audience and wants to engage them and get attended by which he comes into limelight and prominence automatically. Now Darbar with A R Murugadas bubbling with new ideas and eventual happenings of tomorrow ande. After this also he had signed up with Veeram Siva to come up with his 168th film.

is - 2019-12-14T122458.241

The Stardom

He is aware of everything around him in Tamilnadu and Tamil Cinemas too. The Popular Orator Tamil Aruvi Manian has spoken about Raijin’s entry into Tamilnadu Politics at the right time in 2020 he would come out with various pedestals and compete in the Politics.  He has also decided not to go with yester year directors just because of the generational change and expectations of the common mass today. He may be 70 years but stardom and charisma amongst the people will ever cherish because selects the roles and characters for his cinemas which would sream down to present day expectation of the common man.  An R Murugadass said in an interview while commenting about the performance in Darbar, says he is another different Rajini and to an extent he would make us remember the days where he had enacted in the film Moondru Mugam He has excelled in the performance in this character.

Last but not the lease his plunge into Politics will have an impact in Tamilnadu making the sitting ones to get astonished in a way that would make some magic and miracle in the ensuing Tamilnadu Stat assembly 2021 elections.

Wish him Godspeed and Good luck

T Mohenchander




Atal Bihari Vajpayee 1924 – 2018


Atal Bihari Vajpayee

1924 – 2018

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A man with great courage and self-confidence is no more with us comes as a rude shock.  Of course he has crossed 93 years of life and been an outstanding Parliamentarian and statesman.  He was the first non-congress Prime Minister to rule this country for a full term (5 Years) and did some wonders. He was responsible for the BJPs birth in this congress ruled regime and undoubtedly he broke the shackles of congress dynasty.  That has paved the way now and the BJP is now ruling in almost 21 states under the dynamic leadership of Narendra Modiji.

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The best ruler and knows the nuances of the coalition governments and he created an equal wave lengths with all the affiliates of his government and lent his ears for the good and bad ones in its own perspectives and modules a government which were known and treated on its strengths. He was the strong pillar to create BJP from the early roots of his starting with Jansangh. He was a strong supporter of RSS and its principles.  During the Emergency period which was promulgated by Indira Gandhi he was in Bangalore Jail.  L K Advani was also formerly with Jansangh and worked along with Atalji for a considerable time and both are close associates and are responsible for the culmination of BJP in the future.

When Morarji Desai was the Prime Minister Atalji was controlling the Foreign affairs portfolio and ably supporting the ministry in all the ways. To unite all the foreign countries and create an alliance in the terms of Indian output he had put in all efforts in visiting various countries and enabling the Indian trade and transaction in a much enviable position.

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The Tag RSS on him and Advani created some Jibes in the Parliament by the leaders like George Fernandes as they thought he will take the inscribe of RSS and start creating a much non secular consensus and the whole country would be defaced. By this he and Advani made efforts and started BJP in the year 1980.  This was appreciated by one and all and the first conference at Mumbai was very successful and even Mr. Ram Jeth Malani had all his praise and he joined BJP with his team of members.

The whole Loksabha soon started feeling there is new Opposition in the form of BJP with the leaders like Atalji and Advaniji and so many others and created an effective foundation against Congress government. While Atalji ruled this country even all the coalition partners were with him and appreciated at his every encounter.  People like Mamta Banerji joined his coalition and were all praise for him.  She as the unflinching respect for this man even now. During his regime he made the Americans to know what India is of and what it needs and its collective strength through his foreign Minister Jaswanth Singh. When he speaks either in the Loksabha or in the Rajya Sabha all the opposition parties and their leader will have their attention rapt.  He had such an oratorical skill and his speeches are still valued by others to emulate and exhibit.  Not only his speeches, but at times he delivers poetries and an ardent writer of poems in various forms.  Particularly about India and its character and how all of us have to improve this country. He was a total bachelor and had endeared only this country as his near one and wanted to do many things for the welfare of the downtrodden. He proved by waging war against Pakistan and Kargil was one such striking example and he won that battle. He never turns the deaf ear to any new or innovative things that would serve our country well.

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Today our country has lost a greatest statesman and he has created a void in the Political circles.  His eloquence, administering proper governance and going with the strong principles which would better our Country was his prime goal. Our country has lost a most blessed son of this solid and admired by each every human being of this country and the whole World. He spoke only in Hindi when he was asked to deliver his lecture in the UN. He was the person who joined the Mahatma in 1942 and while joining Quit India Movement he was arrested and sent to Jail. He ruled as Prime Minister of our country for three times. He was decorating the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as a member for 52 years.

During 1998 with all his outrageousness he created a powerful nuclear reactor exercise Pokhran in Rajasthan and this was not looked with comfort by other countries as they were watching India as an under developed country.  But he proved otherwise and all the nations started looking at India in a different way. He was responsible for the BSNL to take a shape and with Arun Shorie created new avenues in our communications.  Also was responsible for the birth of the spectrum and its widespread development too.

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Controlling the prices of commodities especially with reference to petroleum products, Foreign Direct Investment, Various economic forums to subvert and solicit the Individual enterprises getting into the groove of financial stability, Public Private Partnership in developing infrastructure facilities all over the country.  Creating a healthy climate of labor and labor laws infused changes in their work culture and character. Was responsible for the Delhi Metro Rail system and he flagged off the sequence under his guidance. He spoke in His Independence day speech during 2003 that India will send its Chadrayan Satellite to Moon before 2008 and that has been done and what he had spoken has come true now. He was the founder of Sarva siksha Abayan which has catered free education to all those children under 14 years were benefited.

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His dreams were an India which would grow to greater heights in the Universe and all other countries would watch us in all envy and the BJP will attain greater heights in this country.  That has become true now with an unstinted and most dynamic and decisive leader like Narendra Modiji and his dreams are taking shape now.

In his demise we have lost a true guide and philosopher who lived only for the sake of India and India’s growth.

Let us all prey for his soul to rest in peace and wait for a reborn of such a stature in the future.






Independence Day August 15th


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Independence Day August 15th

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We get into the nuances of Independence Day celebrations every year and methodically enjoy the holiday and watch the National Flag being hoisted by our revered Prime Minister and at the same by the respective Chief Ministers at the State level.  We have been following the same rigmarole year after year and the difference is in New Delhi it is celebrated as a great function and in all the other states a normal rituals followed. All Political leaders and politicians in the respective states hung a garland to Mahatma Gandhi and announce to us that we should remember him on this day and exhibit their implications about the function and why at all we do it every year.  To be precise and with all humility the respective politicians who pose before the statue or the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi do not know whether he had gone through the ideals of Gandhi and is he really practising at least some 10% of his teachings and the way he had carried his flag of non-violence to get freedom to this country which was ruled by the British for over 200 years. This has been happening in India for the past 71 years and it is no doubt tomorrow also the same rituals will be followed because it would be the 72nd years of Independence Day.

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Our Children and the future generation knows only as independence day and they understand that because of Mahatma Gandhi we got the freedom and you ask them about Gandhi some more details they look at us their head scrolling and do not effort to put in some more about the greatest statesmen like Gandhi and others. The pre and post-independence war and the leaders who were responsible for this work are not known to our children and the present generation of young starts. What is the struggle they have all undergone and to what extent they have been tortured and lost their precious privileges on account of diabolic treatments of British officials and their undemocratic attitude towards all these leaders who had shed their blood and body for the sake of this freedom.  Who has to teach them? Is it not the order of the day they should all know this and the way we have obtained and the leaders who were responsible for this? There has been no one nor any Freedom camps to elicit information’s about the way our freedom was obtained and there are no teachers to explain through these media.  That is the reason we had kept these aspect s in the educational curriculum and the resultant effect is all the students by heart these lessons and answer questions when asked in the examinations. This does not percolate into their minds and they take this as a lesson in the history and do not take cognizance in the effect about their toil and moil in reaching this pedestal.  They do not know who and who all the protagonists in making this happen are and how this has happened.  The regular lashes and imprisonment they all suffered during the journey of freedom and monumental exercises done at every stage and at every corner in their life. There have been lessons in the students’ curriculum about  V O Chidambaram and Bala Gangadara Tilak and they read these lines and exhibit in the examination to obtain those 10 marks for that question.  Only to this extent they all know about our freedom fighters and not more and not anything else. The teachers and the professors should be in such a way when they conduct classes make the students know the struggle and the encounters faced by them by showing real experiences through visual expression and striking examples to enable the students to get into the details in proper perspective and make them understand and guide them to send this message in a manner it is not lasted for that hour of class alone and he should remember this by encoding into his brain for ever. Nowadays the students knows that Mahatma is available in only in Currencies and in all governmental office there hangs a photograph and that is all.


How many of us know about Gandhi and the footsteps he followed being a perfect disciplinarian, his simplicity, his honesty, his truthful principles and the most inundated policy of nonviolence. Does any one of the leaders today follow any one of his principle From Delhi to Cape Comoran today.  Can you finger out any one leader who is the real follower in today’s politics.  You cannot and will not because there are leaders who go and garland Gandhi photographs on these occasions and come back to the pavilion and start wearing their coats as usual. I remember one strong aspect about Gandhi and his ideals.  During 1919 the law Roulette has been in promulgation in India. The law says whoever indulges in the freedom fight can be arrested without any inquiry. Against this the whole India arose and started conducting meetings and congregations everywhere.  There has been lot of arrests going on and especially in Mumbai number of leaders were arrested and put in jail. From Gujarat Gandhi went to Mumbai and asked the officials to arrest him and let them be freed as I am responsible for this.  Then the British officials said you were not in Mumbai and how can we arrest as you have housed at Gujarat.  Then Gandhi said the main influence was me and I am the person who asked all the Indians to revolt against your law, hence I have to be arrested and they should all let free and ultimately got arrested and went to the Jail.

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While touring Tamilnadu Gandhi went to Madurai and saw most of the farmers were not having any upper clothes to cover the upper body and working in the fields and heard that they are habituated like this and they do not earn more to cover the upper portion of the body.  Sensing this and their difficulties he immediately started to throw away his garments from the upper body and started not using the same as the farmers and from that day he does not wore any shirt which would take care of his upper body.  What a reaction and sensibility in engaging himself into other man’s feelings and ability. There was another incident in Calcutta to attend a conference of Congress workers and he was this and while rounding tents he could find the discriminatory treatment for the lower class of workers in congress and he was able to visualize the treatment to upper-class and the food served for them and alienated treatment for the lower class section in all aspects.  He felt very sad and informed the congregation that if you yourself start eliminating them like this who else would support and refrained from eating and attending the conference.

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The Dhandi yathra, Non cooperative Movement, Forbidding the Foreign clothes, wearing only Kadhar Clothes which is manufactured by Indians and you can list so many revolts against the British Regime, and above all he came out winning every aspect by his non-violence methods and peaceful meetings. He was embedded in every Indian Blood and we aware all united in supported this great leader and he was a real person and every British leader and Governor were afraid of him and were reluctant to face him straight. On one such occasion Gandhi was summoned to the court and the judge has been informed of his stature of wearing a dhoti to cover his portion down the stomach and no shirt or cover up for the top portion.  With a pale lean body and a big spectacle and having a wooden chapel for his feet to walk. With all these expectation the judge saw him coming into the court and seeing his inimitable posture, the judge immediately rose from his seat and gave a salute to Gandhi in the open court and welcomed him.  That was the respect he commanded. The judge then thought, is he the man followed by crores and crores of people and all Indians adore him and posing a threat to the whole British Government? Then slowly asked Ghandhiji What you need Mr Gandhi and he waited for a second, Gandhi requested him and said, I do not need anything, but please give this country because it is ours and please leave this country. Likewise we can go on enumerating many things about Gandhi.  He stood for his principles, he preached all good things and at the same time followed in every aspect and wanted everybody to follow.  By his steadfastness in enabling the British about his requirement and the need of all Indians in a very empathetic manner and with non-violence as his weapon successfully earned reputation and good response from the British Government. You know one thing he was a Barrister of Law from the college of London and if he had inclined he could have commenced the profession of advocate on his return to India from South Africa and could have earned millions and millions and he did not prefer that. His main aim was to free this country and for that sake he sacrificed so many things in his personal life and fought for the freedom and encountering many a time arrested and let out and enabled all the sufferings met out gone through the procedure for the sake of India and Indians. How many times he has been jailed, no one knows the account for it. A personal discipline, honesty, integrity and self-styled god-man and he does every errand for himself and does not even bother his wife from preparing tea to washing the toilets and everything he does it by himself. Without creating rancor’s, no slogans, but he had won many a battles just being under fasting. Who can forget the Hindu Muslim rebel which had created most of the difference during his non- violence movement and they have gone up to personal quarrels and killing each one the other and the whole country was upbeat with this and no one could stop this violence and Gandhi successfully achieved their oneness by fasting for number of days.


Like Gandhi for the country’s freedom Mothilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, V O Chidambaram all these great leaders have gone to jail for the sake of our country and Indians. It could be treacherous in a jail and these leaders were in jail for number of years.  Nehru was in jail over 12 years, likewise VO Chidambaram for number of years.  When you say jails it is not the jails of today where you have A, B, C classes.  They have to put into lots of hardship and sufferings.  VO Chidambaram was in jail asked to pull the oil grinding machine by hand on a regular basis. Lot of people who had fought for freedom were sent out of the country, and most of them sent to Andaman Cellular jails where the treatments for prison mates are cruel and dangerous. In this list there are great many leaders along with them, like Rajaji, Malavia, Bala Gangadara Tilakar, Sathyamurthy, Kumarappa, Acharya Kripalani, and Vinoba Bave.  All these leaders and their fight for freedom should be known to all the Indians.  It is a must and it is not enough the same has been kept as lessons in schools and in the offices. The future generation of people should know all their credits and by making this known in a proper way people will understand and start emulating them as examples.  This would give them a resurrection of life to the future and they can embody an idea which would enable them to make their life easier and tolerable in all their executions. We need to create avenues to all the citizens about the lives and values of such leaders and like Kamaraj, Kakkan, and Lalbahdur Sasthri for the simple living and high thinking.  They have been examples of yesterday and we should not leave a little stone unturned and facilitate the way our future children should grow in such an atmosphere how we have won this freedom. The onus is on us and it is our bound and duty to pave the way for our future generation.  If that is done the August 15th every year becomes very notable and remembered.

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Happy Independence Day

Jai Hind

T Mohenchander


The Plight of Bank Deposits


The Plight of Bank Deposits


Today in India every domestic citizen is worried about the way the Government takes on the common man.  Each and every one of the middle and upper middle class is worried about their hard-earned savings in the banks as Fixed Deposits.  There has quite a number messages coming through that these deposits are going to be paved in for the Bankers to save their souls and we shall be redeemed with Bonds for longer and longer years. This is all due to the implementation of a new bill by the Central Government in the Parliament. We need to know the nuances of this bill and how it is going to affect us in the long run. It is the duty of the Government to take us out off such doubts and get us clarified in every way. If you have memories are perfect in 2008 we all know that the American Bank Layman brothers have one fine morning became bankrupt which was also followed by many banks in various parts of the world. This was the reason for the greatest Economic loss in the world and not one, many banks have got affected throughout the globe, To revive these banks the respective governments took charge for the same and one such effect was using the tax earned income from the public to go in for redeeming the Bank’s interest.


At the same it was also discussed in the G20 summit at USA the countries participating in the summit took exemption for the taxes income to retrieve the Banks. They all raised objections and commended this should not happen as the tax payers money has to be used for other productive purposes of the country. The same summit also opined in the summit in 2011 and passed a resolution that the Bank depositors and some portion (major) to be used for the capital accumulation for the banks which had gone bankrupt. This was further accepted in the G20 summit held in Melbourne Australia in the year 2014. Followed by this our Indian Government has brought in the Financial Decisions on the Deposits and Reconstruction of the Deposits. Also prepared a bill for the same and wanted to bring in before Parliament. This bill 52 ND section has clearly says that if a person who has 10 lacks deposits and eventually if the Bank fails the bank can utilise up to 9 lakhs from the depositors money and balance of one lakh is also doubtful of return. Your 3 year deposit could be extended for another 15 to 20 years too. The same can be redeemed as loan bonds and the investors have to wait till situation normalizes in the respective Bank and the time factor is unknown. This has really created in valuable tremors in the investors, specifically for those who have put in their hard-earned money in deposits with the banks and surviving themselves with the monthly interest portions as income to lead their lives. This has been seriously criticized by the popular Economist as a dictatorial move by the Government. Why should this happen? And what are its ramifications? We have to deeply analyse and reverberate accordingly.


The reality is Banks have lent enough and large and very large components of money to various Aristocrats with a mention like Mr.Mallaya and others in the Corporate world.  Sizable portion of these lending by banks have become difficult of recovery and this has gone raising the NPA (Non-Performing Assets) of the Banks.  The recovery has put in a tight corner all the banks. You know one thing, these NPA in all the banks have crossed over 12 lakh crores of rupees.  This amounts 12% of the total Bank Deposits which is considered very huge and unbounded and very doubtful of return. This may go further in an alarming portion in the future and that is the reason Government has started its advance moves against the common man and his deposits. Because of the various protests from various economical forums Government is reviewing its status and redoing the bill to overcome the objections. What will happen to small savers and how do they propose to save their future income in what mode, can they keep at home, not possible and what is the way out and how digitizing India is going to come forward and help all of us. We have been informed during the last year’s budget by Arun Jaitely that all the Senior Citizens deposits in the Bank will fetch 8% interest on their investments and still it is only a dream and on the contrary all Public Sector Banks have reduced the interest to 7% and lessor. Hence the entire citizens in India are having their mind quite upset and waiting every moment what would be the Governments move on this.

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Let us analyse now the situations in other parts of the world during the world economic recessions happened in various other Countries. What happened in Greece the whole people were not able to take out their money from the banks due to recession and their entire savings have gone a begging and the whole country was in chaos and no proper redresser done. Same thing happened in Italy and there were many who had committed suicide on account of their loss. Added to this in Austria all the senior citizen deposits and about 55% of their investments were confiscated to revive the banks and the country’s economy. It is almost like a Bail in system and all economic professors and scientist such acts and opposed vehemently. Insult to Injury what happened in Cyprus in 2013? All those who have invested in the Banks over 1 lakh Euro currencies have been converted as shares (37.5%) and 22.5% as back-end shares and the remaining 30% have to be forfeited by the investor. Like this there is enough deterioration in Banks in various parts of the world and how many of us know all these things. We do not have any systems to inform us and information about this will also be objected by our Governments.


In today’s plight in India to increase the capital reconstruction of our banks we require around 1.33 lakhs Crores of rupees.  In this the government has committed to stick in with 76000 Crores only and what about the balance to set in. Can we cost the investors on account of this and their hard-earned money from various levels? In fact these common men have deposited their savings and this should be treated as a big help for the banks.  Can they be punished on no account of their faults? There is one aspect in our Indian Banking system governed by Reserve Bank of India.  All Banks to save their depositors there is a system called statutory liquidity ratio that is in this, Banks have to keep in 19.5 % of their depositor’s money.  Likewise another portion called Cash Liquidity ration which is accounting for 22.3 % by all the banks, this is with our Reserve Banks to protect the interest of investors. Hence we need not fear of any loss and that is the statement by the Government. At the same time the rule of Bail in has started working in other countries for their survival. Whereas the countries which have opposed the bail in rule are Australia, China, Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, and Brazil. They are all afraid of using and applying the rule. Why should India alone urge into bring in the system of bail in and what is the necessary? The bail in system has come into being only through G20 summits and we should never recognize. Even though the bill is introduced in Parliament to circumvent our interest, Government has to oppose the same vehemently.


Our country is one of those developing country and economically weaker society.  To safe guard our interest there is umpteen methods to solve this problem and we should lay outlines for those structures and not to dig in the common man’s interest and earning. The Big corporates and they have to lend a hand in converting their debts into banks treasure and help the economy to go further and build in the resources.  On the contrary they have to be more responsible towards our Banking Economic structure and see through the hurdles in order to develop themselves and our Country.  This is very vital and the Government should induce and legislate a proper ruling on them and see that they come in handy at the time of crisis.

We all hope to build a better India, and the above are only for informing you what is happening around us and we need to lay our next step cautiously with our ears and eyes open.


T Mohenchander