Pakistan and its Infiltration

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Will there be an end to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’s problems?  How long and when are we going to have a solution on these things?  Every now and then there have been threats of Pakistan soldiers entering our borders and start punishing the innocent and we hang on the bereavements and bereavements.  This has been there for years and years.  Will the latest Surgical Strikes by our country will have any fruits.  We need to keep our fingers crossed again and again. But somehow or the other there has been an insight about our seriousness of the developments in the border areas and Pakistan is also well aware that India has been sustaining on this for n number of times and they have also understood that we have taken the latest issues in a very serious way.  Our intentions are clear and certain that no more bearing on the entry of unwanted elements into our soil and it is enough for enough.


Hillary Clinton was also mentioning in her latest Election Rallies about Pakistan and its accumulation of Nuclear Weapons and thereby infusing into neighbouring borders.  The threatening is well within its ambit of things and more so this has been happening for quite some time.  She was also condemning the recent attacks on India and other places too.  One cannot keep shy on issues of Pakistan’s support to Lashkar/E/Thiba a movement engaged in unwanted activities and other terrorist outfits and the senior generals are kept in vantage places to face any eventualities.  This has been commented and agreed by Pakistan too,


There have been conscious efforts to pull over the muscles of their army and they had gone ahead and commented that there would not be another Osama bin Laden confiscation from us and we are prepared to take care of our outfits which would take care of us and our country.  This very clear statement that they are no more playing hide and seek.  It is very vivid they are all prepared for anything. And the recent Surgical Strike had not been welcomed by them.  They have also taken cognisance that no more India would be silent on certain infiltrations which are totally unwarranted.

The total population of Pakistan itself around 10 crores and when you actually calculate out of this not even 10% of them are supporting the issues of supporting terrorism by the Government. There has been a clear nexus between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Army General of Pakistan and the former has been in the hands of the latter and the whole decision of doing away or not is very clearly with the Army and its nuances. More so the Prime Minister has also to bunk in because of his illegal involvement in various fraudulent activities and there is enough number of cases are pending against him.  He has no other go to be with army and its decisions, instead knowing the details the killing of Burhan vani in Kashmir has been taken as the focal point.  To hide away from other irregularities the Prime Minister of Pakistan is taking shades in this killing and cursing India.  Even the Americans have not supported such claims and both the candidates for Presidential positions are vehemently attacking Pakistan and its sinuous actions against all countries and with particular reference to Indian attacks at Kashmir.  After the elections in USA much water will pour down Pakistan and it will not be a secret that some serious and conspicuous actions and sanctions may come on Pakistan.  The recent SAARC summit which has not happened because of its policies and unfriendly attitude towards neighbour too.  Nawaz Sheriff has to cancel the meeting due to violent actions by Pakistan outfits. Many countries have supported India in this regard and esspecially Russia has come out in the open by criticising Pakistan on URI attack in Kashmir which has killed 19 of our soldiers.

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Narendra Modi has done a wonderfull work in bringing in Prince of United Arab Emirates Mohamed bin Al Nahyan for attending the Indian Republic day function on the 26th January 2017.  His visit to the country this year and various negotiations on bilateral relations have paved the way for us in a most friendly elevation.  UAE has welcomed al our agreements and wanted to have a stronger tie with us.  During that meeting our Prime Minister has brought in the topic of terrorist activities carried out by Pakistan and its allays and the support given by Pakistan’s government to various outfits which are engaged in nefarious activities against out country. They have also concurred the same and agreed to join hands in thwarting terrorism from both ends. This is a welcome sign to us because Pakistan has been banking on their expatriate’s strength who are more than a 2 Million but in spite of this they have agreed to support in fighting out terrorism in tooth and nail.

The Security Council of United Nation has declared Massed Azar as a Terrorist and condemned Pakistan of its association with such an Individual and betraying traditional treaties of the country.  Inspire of all these still the UNO has not imposed sanctions against Masood Azar of Pakistan. Why this differential treatment by UNO when the whole world knows about the activities of Pakistan in training the terrorist and engaged in the act of Terrorism.  It is a million dollar question.


But to sum it up there has been an augmented reality which has been proved on Pakistan of their activity now.  Our Surgical Strikes are an eye opener to Pakistan and it is a bitter lesson to take leaves from our actions and it would be a starter now and should there be any more infiltration in our territory we would definitely counter them in right earnest. We do not want any war with our Neighbours but if we are forced we have nothing to lose but to gain by an onslaught. The time has come that our Government is very proactive in such recent attacks and mere nonviolence would not value us on the world arena.

Jai Hind.

T Mohenchander













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When the topic of aging comes I only infer the card given to Cleopatra by Shakespeare that when he compares the beauty of Cleopatra he says

Age cannot wither her infinite variety…..

Likewise, age and aging come to everyone in the process and it is with the sentiment we should take life and start living accordingly.  When we are young we had the immense asset of being young and healthy and were able to do anything and everything at the tip of our thinking and so on and so forth. When we cross those stages and step into our phenomenon of aging and enter the retirement we suddenly get into a thinking that we are no more in the routine and we will not be considered for anything and we should stay aloof and alone.  That is primary thinking of every and almost all old age people who reach in their sixties in life.  Life has given many facets to each one of us and we should know the strengths of this and follow certain rituals meticulously to cross over this hurdle of having attained the process of aging. If someone close to you, your near and dear ones comes and tells you that dear, you haven’t changed a bit even now means your attitude and application towards aging has been right and you follow the ways and means rightly.  It also sounds that you have defeated time stealthily and without any trace of worries too.



 The Paradigm shift

While aging we need to face in all the challenges while growing old.  We tend to become and mellow with against and the total strain on becoming old comes within we need to get into the orbit of anything that accommodates with us and the process. While growing old and old you tend to lose your strength and while that happens do not lose or give in your attitude towards living and pass on the time as it comes and treats you as any other stage in life.

Joys of Aging

The deepening of your connection with your loved ones becomes more conscious and the way you are treated you become very conscious and start enjoying the pleasure of this blessed feeling. You reach a stage of stillness and that stillness brings in all happiness of living and this aspect still strengthens your feeling with your loved ones.

Your oneness

You start encountering with the nature soon and start enjoying the chirping of birds from your balcony and the humming of little ones that follow the birds and the trees which have grown like you and their shades of sign of growth will make you feel that both have come to  our duty to shell in the best and give out our experience to the world.



Seeing the light in others

When you are too busy and getting into the world of doing while during your mundane life when you were started running to earn and strengthen the family and their upbringing them in proper stead and streamline things you tend to lose the personal touch of the other while you were serious and monotonous on your work and growth.  Every other person also would be like you and get into their nerves to get the best at the right time.  Now that you have enough time to see others, you can see and find some light in every other person.  Enjoy that bliss of love whether you meet a person in a Super Market, A Store, and A Pharmacy or during a morning walking the course. This could be an added pleasure.

Encourage others

What little help done by others to you get that recorded and start appreciating them and they would reciprocate in the same way.  Enjoy the bliss of other companions who come in and met for interactions and chat and exchange the due pleasantries and you will find in the real pleasure of being known and recognized.


Peel away the pretense

We need to experience the genuineness in us.  As we grow old and older we have the bliss of all sorts of anxieties in lives and we slowly tend to give in to the situations which are not conducive to our levels.  Forgetting all that do not infuse into all pretensions of being big and anything can be done at this age also.  Come out in the open about the might’s of your dos and don’ts alone and your clearness shall envisage a good clarity in you and make you know that you are right and peeled away all the inabilities.

Love your Body

As you grow old you need to welcome the physical changes that occur in your health and as time goes we need to tend in the changes of health and simultaneously get into the groove of things that siphons your basic physic and health.  You cannot be definitely what you have been and get into the position of relenting your loss and health and start abusing yourself.  Do not give in to such feelings and start loving your body most.  Enter into some physical activity, if you are a sports person do engage in the activity as much as you can and feel redressed about your strength.  Start admiring all your surroundings and even a whisper of a butterfly would sooth your feeling and you will start enjoying the same,

Awareness of Immortality

We always have a feeling while going through the obituary columns in the Newspaper.  When someone dies of your age in the column you tend to feel and start thinking about your eternity.  Remember one thing life that Death and Taxes are two sure things in life.  Do not ponder into the realities of life, when it has to happen it shall happen.  Do not leave the moments you have at present and they are the one to get enjoyed and engulfed.  Live in the present and get into the role of self-satisfaction, start doing what interests you and get the bliss of doing the same. The gift of age has n number of opportunities to probe in and get engaged.  If you are writer start writing your experiences, if you have the passion for becoming an author of a book, start doing at once, it may sometime get you into greater levels and you start finding new horizons in life.

To be fit is the Right

When you grow old, do not leave into have a routine of things.  Like some doable exercises, yoga, physical fitness, or a sort of a game like playing shuttle if you are a shuttler or if you have the habit of going to club and meeting friends to play some card games, do not neglect and refrain such things.  All these things will not only keep you fit and engaging with others widens your wisdom.  YOU may impart certain new dimensions in learning and will also get into some valuable information’s of the world today and get lots of updates.  These updates shall keep you at the current levels and enrich your knowledge.

  • Maintain the Intellectual Stimulations right
  • Pursue hobbies and habits of interest and put your heart and soul in it and also some social activities like singing and dancing.
  • Strengthen your family relationships
  • Try to resolve the inter-generational conflicts
  • Keep engaged in adult educational challenges to keep your mind challenged
  • Identify your personal limitation and work according to your potentials
  • Plan for your retirement in advance and keep the funds to work in for the evening of your years.
  • Carefully manage your investments
  • Assure adequate insurance both for life and Medical to support your eventual needs.

To sum it up all in one statement, age is a process and which is sure to happen in every one of us and we need to face in reality.  It is not a curse and definitely a bliss if you follow the aforesaid in a meticulous way and you can still be happy than your younger days if you had planned properly and in a periodic resistance you had generated.  Aging is only a process and to live in that age in a most desired fashion and envisage the dos and don’ts in proper perspective, definitely you will be blessed person in life.

Every age has its face and you need to encounter and enable the beauty in you by exhibiting your intellect and enforce the criterion in a measured and calculated way.

Happy aging

T Mohenchander










Women are Underwhelmed

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Woman are Underwhelmed

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Ever since the independence of all nations throughout the word, we find still women are kept at bay and hounded by violence and torture by all methods.  When I say torture here, yes it is really alarming and when I read an article about women being abused to an extent which normally anyone can expect.  I was awestruck and bewildered when I heard the news.  There has been here there the news but the UNO has categorically stated through their medium that in the Universe about 20 crores of women being tortured by removing their Vagina and their lives are in sheer danger and there is also a prediction there would be no woman soon in the Universe and the whole world has to claim against such evil performed in various Countries without any norms and rules.

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The entire exercise is on the basis of superstitions encountered by some religious fanatics about removing the birth parts of the feminine as their customs and most affected are the children who are in between 8 years and 13 years.  On questioning they are informed that it is their custom and no one else has the authority to overrule this. The United Nations Organization has condemned this evil and they are coming out with all their might to prevent this mishap.  But still they are not at course and the evil practise continues and continues. They have also brought in very many sanctions against such happenings to many countries and in spite of all this stoppages the intolerable activity continues and you know one thing in the year 2014 alone there were 7 crores of victims were children in this universe.  What an alarming situation and we are not aware about the same.  We fight for various rights and regulations amongst us, but who has the rope to twine this evil and get these children out of the bay.

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Crime against women is very much prevalent in the African Countries and in some parts of Asia and some other parts in Central East Countries follows such traditions.

  1. The saddening points revealed by UNO are for your observations:
  2. For women children around seven years their flesh around Vagina has been operated except keeping a small portion alone.
  3. There has been a small hole let alone for passing Urine and the blood to ooze out during mensuration periods.
  4. When reasons sought by UNO they have been told that they are protected against Rape from Terrorists, social justice, Religious sentiments and above their safety are the reasons.
  5. For those who do not have any security and the low lying families have been asked to use some Razors, Knives to cut in their flesh of vagina as per their religious customs and conventions.images (77)
  6. This lands up in contagious diseases for the children and a lot of blood is being discharged indiscriminately.
  7. These children when they grow up they face the ordeal and treacherous experience on their giving birth to their child and during intercourse too. The pain they undergo is in explicable.
  8. To fight against this there has been number of deliberations in the United Nations and they have defined decisions on this painful encounter and that is the reason they have asked Nation’s to follow every year February 6th as the International Day for the Women and all this happenings against children and women have to be severely condemned.
  9. There have been lots of testimonies of women who have been encountered with such heinous crimes and one to mention here is Egyptian Woman who had reacted against such evil and represented to the UN.
  10. If the same rate of crime continues against women folks there would be no women at all in the next 15 years if the same rate of torture persists against women all around us. UNICEF quotes.
  11. Geetha Rao Guptha the additional secretary of UNICEF adds here that if the same continues against women like this based on their superstitions and religious fanatics this would end up against violation of Human Rights and the righteous people have to start rebelling against such unpardonable crimes.images (71)

As per the UNICEF statement and in their message they say the affected women are mostly from Egypt and 50% of their women folk suffer out of such evil practises. Supported by Ethiopian countries, Indonesian countries are also prevalent. 98% of the women children are affected in African Countries and that too in Somalia have been the target for this unbearable torture.

It is all the more astonishing when you hear that India is also not left out of this evil.  It is there with some peculiar sector of people follow these rituals and it is said through UNO some secret sector in Gujarat state follow this very privately and secrete. As there was a communication by the affected female in the Internet which has brought light to all of us, that is the reason it has been found there are probabilities that it has happened in India too.

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Whatever said and done, we are not able to tolerate such happenings.  We cannot just come out looking at it as this is a Brick and Mortar Store business. We need to open our eyes and ears and find all the measures to erase such evils and advocate all the superstitious beliefs of certain sectors to come out of this and educate them in proper forums so that they come to light and stop this evil menace. We should all treat this and make a fair copy of such happenings around us and start taking stock of such unwanted practises and put an end wherever possible. This blunder has to be stopped immediately and the governments of the States should rise up to the occasion now and see that women folk are kept under proper scrutiny and safety. The whole episode of women looks very awry to me and is not able to sleep over this matter and in right earnest we need fight against this.

We are really underwhelming our womenfolk.  Let us not allow this to continue, Do contribute your might by educating those vulnerable religious monsters who are against our conventions and customs.

Jai Hind.

The Soldiers with Extra-Ordinary Grit

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The Soldiers with Extra-Ordinary Grit

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I am sure you are aware about the recent disaster that has taken 10 precious lives in the Sachin area and their families have been shattered to pieces and their lives today have become clueless.  Who are these soldiers, when we eat and sleep in our houses, they keep vigil and unslept and face the onslaught in our border areas.  The Sachin belt is the area which is really 19000 ft above the mean sea level and an area which has to be protected all through the year to avoid confrontation and conflicts from our neighbours.  Especially Pakistan who can easily infiltrate into our territory if not guarded by our soldiers.  This is also closer to Chinese entry into our land and hence we need to be doubly cautious about our safety and infiltration by these two country invaders.

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We have obtained this area with spending our whole energy and getting into Siachin after a great task which was ultimately won by us and got us the ownership.  Hence the area has to be guarded day and night throughout the year.  That is the reason we have lost our precious soldiers (10) in the recent avalanche and to make us happy we were able to trace Hanumanthappa a soldier who was found alive subsequent his capture in the area at 35 feet down and the freezing cold of -25 degrees centigrade.  He was found and taken up and treated.  In spite the treatment we had tried on him, he was ailing for failure of his kidneys and lungs did not do the functioning because of the carbon di oxide encroachment in his body and the oxygen was deplete and he could survive only that lean time to give us all an anxiety and with great difficulty he breathed his lost soon.  It was really pathetic.  After the war with Pakistan we were able to retain the Siachin by great amount of sacrifice by our soldiers and we did that in style and made Siachin as our belt and the protection of that area has become imminent for us. Those who shed their lives for our cause the recent 10 people in which there were 4 Tamilians who were involved in the Siachin are protecting our motherland.

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We can never erase from our minds to what an extent our soldiers toil in that area which was got to us from protracted fighting with Pakistan from 1984 to 1997 and after which the same has come into our ambit.  Our soldiers spend in their time with so much of vigil and calculative risks and we have been losing many a soldiers in this attempt and the recent avalanche the lives have been very precious too.  These soldiers are trained and taught the nuances of the hillock and top mountainous radius and how to manoeuvre the onslaught in those areas.  Added to this there is another injury the Chines border around the Himalayas is also close and we need to combat their infiltration also in these areas.  The vulnerability of both the attacks has to be met in tandem and see through the procedures properly.  Just think for a moment about the temperature, climatic difficulties, temperance situations and tight corners wherein they have to handle the same in a deft way without even a smallest opportunity is  given for the infiltrators to enter our territory.

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You know one thing our earlier soldiers who were caught in the avalanche were tried for six months through their searching operations.  The news was kept in hide and with the belief that the operation could bring in some successive results and hence the same has not been revealed.  Now that during rescuing the present 10 commandos we have involved in hectic search through helicopters and the latest equipment’s used to thwart their difficulties. There were about 200 people involved in the rescue operations.  But in spite of the best efforts we have failed and have to lose the 10 soldiers.

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To protect all of us we have the backing from our own brethren escorting the border areas and they need to be saluted with pride and popular levels.  They have put their heart and soul into their operation and their only aim to save us and our border.  What an amount of sacrifice they all do and we are for ever indebted to their services.  We cannot just say through our lips, one thing we need to remember that they are also like any human being endowed with their propriety of living their full quota of life, but to save us from the attacks and infiltration they do a relentless task of protecting the area and unmindful of the environment, cold, sunny and what not you spell out, their only and one slogan is save the border and save our country.

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We dedicate through this article and every reader of this need to think for a moment the efforts and sacrifice they do for us and only for us. Hail the bravedos.


T Mohenchander






















Attitude of Tolerance & Intolerance




Attitude of Tolerance and Intolerance

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ThAere has been a saying in recent days that India is facing intolerance and to live in this country has become a real task.  There has been very many incidents to prove that we have been so tolerant on many an errant happenings around.  Switch in everywhere in India we find there have been some incidents to test our factors and leading to many mishaps and we need to watch all of them with a stint of a happening and we better shy away from the sequence and be with it. All these have been attributed to tie it against the Muslim Population in our country and there has been a big race claiming that this entire minority has been pushed to the back seat.  Even the earnest and influential writers, scientists, scholars have been opining about the same and explaining in detail about the happenings and surmounting everything against intolerance and so on.

images (61)

We all aware about the recent outspoken comment by the Popular Cine Artist Amir Khan commenting on a forum in front of Minister during an interview that he is really afraid and very particularly his wife is afraid of living in India due to intolerant activities in our country and they are interested in switching away their interests and wanted to go out of this country to get rid of this problem. His other name is Azad and Azad means independence and he has been living in a country with such an Azad and speaking about intolerance and what not. This is what India has given to him and to all of us.

We should remember one thing that during our country’s Independence fight along with Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, and Patel there has been a great soul who is known as Abdul Kalam Azad.  After Independence Azad has found India is the best place to live and wanted to live here and after death he wanted his body to be buried here.  Such was his interest in this soil and our country. And he was the first Educational Minister in the Cabinet. Ameer Khan has been the traditional sibling of this Azad Family and he has named his son Azad because of this inheritance.

images (51)

Ameer Khan can go anywhere because of his wealth and just remember where all these Indians would go who are living in this country fighting between hand and mouth and living.

Ameer Khan should learn to live with the prevalent circumstance and the environment and try to make use of the better solutions.  Please do not think of going anywhere out of this country, because this country has given you everything and the people live here have made you what you are today.  They have accepted you and if at all you want to change anything you should try to do for the betterment of these countrymen.  You have done shows like Sathyameva Jayate and that shows your interest, continue to do such things and try to be in with the meat and get in a quick retreat by your collective strength through you and your medium. We live in a country where there has been a wide spread of religions and caste and creed and each and every one lives in varied interest and still collectively prolonging their lives with peace and tranquillity.  This can happen only in India.  When there is problem to Muslim, the Hindu brothers would step in and vice versa too.  That is what India.  Take stock of the recent floods in Chennai which routed every area in the Metropolitan city.  Come what may all from the state and nearby start pouring in their help and unminding of their caste and creed.  They wanted their brethren and sisters to come out of the problem.  The collective strength of all religions has encountered the wrath of the nature in a befitting manner.  That is what is tolerance we have been living all these day and would continue to be with the same spirit and language in the future too.

images (64)

To cite you with an example of tolerance level in us please go through an article of contents written by the eminent speaker of Tamilnadu CHO Ramasway in his magazine TUGLUQ

images (57)


Subject: Real Tolerant Indians for centuries and
still tolerating: Read Cho Ramaswamy’s write-up in Mughlai

An English translation of a very good article that appeared recently in THUGLAQ–a Tamil weekly edited by CHO–

The President has complained that the people be more tolerant and understanding – Fantastic and very commendable.
Let us analyse our tolerance level and find where we are lacking.

images (62)

  1. Politicians have improved from their corruption target of few lakhs to 1.76-2.0 lakh crores and we tolerate them.
  2. Election time – self declaration wealth of 1000 crores, and we never asked them from where they got this from their previous statement of few lakhs 5 years back. Not only that we accept his so many privileges and subsidised everything from idles to plane tickets and “Z plus ‘security and traffic snarls because of their movement.
  3. We also tolerate that sons and relatives are the natural choice of becoming their successors in positions like CM, ministers etc. We justify that by saying we are used to Rajah and Zamindaris and we accept them as their right.
  4. Parliament and assemblies has become circus arena and fish market with shouting, counter shouting, flinging of objects and abuses. We appreciate their heroic sense of responsibility and praise them with poems and lectures on their achievements.
  5. For 50 years each successive government have promised to bring in the black money and they are still trying!Endless list of offenders, bank cheaters, fraudsters are published by all media with proofs. But they continue to live the same lavish style and are very well taken care by the politicians. They scratch each other’s back. We just don’t bother and ignore saying “nothing is going to happen “and just get on with our own miserable life.
  6. Fake doctors, fake lawyers, fake teachers, fake medicines fake everything! Many times they look better than originals-Do we complain – No, Mr President.
  7. Our pride, the” excellent” condition of roads, water contamination, power cuts, hospital hygiene, we never complain and we learn to live them and adjust to realities.
  8. images (46)

8.Doctors steal kidneys, teachers help students to copy ( even a DIG was caught copying recently) bank officials loot the bank cash in their own way, police help the criminals What happens – nothing It is all to entertainment news for us . We sit and enjoy the loud talk shows and debates and forget everything the very next moment. We are not ashamed that the rest of world is laughing at us and we are jeopardizing the values of our institutions and students.

9.Government lavishly throw money meant for development for freebies like to, mixies,grinders, goats, cycles and laptops ( only to their party affiliates ) and call it their achievement .We admire them and make posters ,cut-outs 50-60 ft. high right in the middle of roads and garland them.

images (60)

  1. Corruption in all levels and our bureaucracy is brilliant in devising ways to collect money from public. . Any alternate or improvement is shot down promptly, by devising method to subvert and bypass them. No can ever beat them in short circuiting the system and make it ineffective.
  2. Pakistan crosses our border and beheads our soldiers and China tells us to vacate from our own land. Do we object –NO.? We only warn them and we are tolerant.
  3. There is Power shortage, Rape, farmer’s suicide, drought, river water fights between states. Do we bother? We are only concerned with why Dhobi did not score a century in every test and why Salman khan did not smile at Shark Khan when they met!!
    We all know nothing happens to anyone who violates any civic or/and traffic rules or for that matter any rules!!

So Mr. President where did you find us intolerant and please be specific so that we can ‘improve’ further.

images (47)

This is what India is and all Indians have been engaging themselves in all these shortcomings and earning their livelihood.  Do we need to talk on intolerance any more…? Please note we have been tolerant and that has been our mainstay all these years.

Jai Hind

T Mohenchander




























Indian Parliament Functi0ns


Indian Parliament Functioning Today

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Just push in your thoughts for a few moments please, what’s happening today in our country and how responsibly our Members of Parliament are behaving excepting the ruling party.  Are we not spending the tax payer’s money to feed into the mouths of these unhealthy and unworthy parliamentarians? What is the right, they all have to stall the parliament whatever the reason could be?  The whole winter session left in for another few days has come to a standstill just because of flimsy reasons could be for some personal animosities also.  The National Herald case on Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi has become the talk of the town and they claim this case which has been referred by High Court and the same has summoned both of them for a hearing on the 19th of December 2015.  What is relevant to this case and functioning of Parliament?  They claim this as a personal vendetta. How could this be, it is totally an independent issue and whole parliament during the winter season has been prevented for unwanted reasons of the much relegated party like Congress and others.

images (38)

All these MPs flout themselves as public servants and they have been voted to power by all the fools like us to go there make a shabby performance in Parliament to show their strength in not attending or when attend, while away the time by visiting the canteen or the least sleeping in the Parliament spending all our money.  Are they really worthy of their choice.  How long we are going to tolerate like this.  The important bills have not been passed just because the ruling party do not have majority in the Rajya Sabha and hence the voting has taken a beating and they are voiceless though enjoy the two thirds majority in the Loksabha.  The important bill being the GST which would benefit almost all the States. Congress party has been the main reason filching the whole winter session of the parliament.  No one has put any effort to stay in with the bills and get them passed for the benefit of the people and the respective states.

The story is not far off and not forgotten so easily. While Congress being at the helm during the long 10 years before 2014 at the Centre and DMK at the State level in Tamilnadu conjoining themselves into all sorts of corruptions, scandals and scams which put them to get a beating and eat their own coins and the Indian People have sent them back to the barracks properly voting them out of power and bringing back the BJP to chair the podium.

images (40)

Congress has been always under the pretext that their party has been responsible for getting the freedom to our country and lavishing their glamour and credits only on those and feeling that they have been loyal to the citizens and feel this has been done eternally and nothing can be asked and moved out of their table anymore and anytime.  The same has proven wrong and they are into an agitation mood today that the whole parliament should not function and put in all the hurdles possible in not bringing in the important Economic and Infrastructure development benefits of the country.  They do not work anymore for the benefit of the common man. They can never claim themselves that they work for the benefit of citizens of this largest country in the world and striving to better the prospects of our states and people. It is not just enough Rahul Gandhi just visit farmers in Amethi and stay with them and has a couple of Roti and stage manage things with a click of a camera and the next day the same has been published in the media. What is he really doing in the upper house to thwart the difficulties of the farmers who are suffering today and their plight now?

images (44)

The whole of MPs are now doing a job of poppycock and evading the public request and sentiments and their well-being.  They simply forget the people of their respective constituency have selected and voted them to power and enjoying all the fruits of the life and leaving all of us in a lurch to enjoy their brickbats thrown on us.  Is it their responsibility for the people of this nation?  How much of money through our tax money is being spent for all their privileged life and their settlement.  Every day in Parliament is a cost and how much is being lavished by these representatives on very many things and they do not bother to attend or even attend do not participate in deliberations or by luck they are inside the house also, no effective functioning done.  At the most the sessions are stalled with being participated with the other opposition parties.  Excepting the ruling party MPS no other MP is just bothered about the parliament.  Everyone has to understand and admit their mistakes and follies and a huge amount is spent on them from a minimum of 800 crores per day.  Where are we heading and what cost? Without having any botheration on us and our interest all of them are Cooling their heels comfortably.

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The whole Indian Democracy has been driven by such MPS and they are mainly interested in their well-being, salary raise regularly, their Diem allowance, perks and what not. The constituent allocation funds, where does it go, does it really percolate down to the end user,,, a million dollar question.  When are we going to wake up and take and reprimand such un hearing representatives and put them in their place?  We are the ones, really I wanted to repeat that we and our temperament is to forget and forgive showing our godliness in us and keep on voting such unworthy people and send them back to their horses and let them have a comfortable ride.

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We are all still producing lakhs and lakhs of Engineers and they launder in the streets without getting job or a placement in the proper forum and so on.  We produce educationalists and educated youth, but as we do not produce any suitable Industrial background and Infrastructure to pave ways for their future they get disappointed and join the mainstream of the crying shoulders like us.  Where the end when there is  going to be a change. How long we can relent on the same issues every five years.

How are we going to develop the basic needs of our Country in very many fields like Agriculture, Industrial Production, Infrastructure Development, Improving our Exports and developing our International
Trade and improve our balance of payments efficiency?  How are we going to improve our facilities and improve Railways, Plans for renewed energy and other resources which would run in favor of the future generation and their interests?

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Of course the New Government under the leadership of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been working hard and turning every stone to meet the needs of our country.  He is striving his best to create the basics of Make in India Policy and for that he had toured almost all the world and continents and amassed enough financial support and cleared all governmental red tap-ism to invest in India.  After assuming power in 2014 in the last 18 months he had shown an increase of 40% in Foreign Direct Investments.  When we have a leader like him, how are we all supporting him?  All the members in Parliament have to be on their heels in promulgating his policies for the betterment of the common man and our people.

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When  are our MPs  going to learn their mistakes and start attending their duties and swim into the sea of sailing in the present current of improvement and bring in the laurels of this country and help the ultimate needy.

Come on raise up now, it is not enough you wake up now, start sprinting in the interest of our enviable Nation to progress and strive, which would take care of the people from whom you have risen.  This is the time and if you miss it, it will not come back to you,


T Mohenchander





The Teachers’ Plight





The Teachers” Plight

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There has been a saying always and we all have been educated by our elders like this…
Guru (Teacher)
The God
Each of us has been into the above and we all have been taught on the above lines from the moment we started learning the schooling. When we enter the age of schooling we have been admired by our Gurus, teachers and we have taken them as our guide and following all their instructions in letter and spirit. Our functions and our ethics have been totally advocated by them and we sincerely followed suit whatever the outcome may be. We have been trained by them in all our walks of life. That was the ethics we had as youngsters practised such habits and we have been very successful in our lives and our credits which we owe now are to their credit. That is history…

downloadWhat is today’s plight…? All of us are aware in today’s world the students are not afraid of their teachers, it is quite contradictory, the teachers are afraid of their students and each and every school is experiencing the fear of handling their students and mending them to proper ways are a big question and mostly and generally the teachers are taken to task when they start controlling their wards. We have been totally under their control in the yesteryears, now that mostly and generally all the parents are employed and they need to get into their routine, they have no other go than leaving the plight of handling their children with the teachers only. But today’s children are vulnerable to new ideas, new independence, new thoughts and they do not want any control or influence upon them for mending their ways. They are totally independent and any intermediary intervention will lead to them and the dangerous weapon they take on hand is committing suicide. Because of which the teachers are reluctant and afraid of advising their students to correct them and formulate them. Any questions asked about the behaviour or studiousness, the answers would be negative and of course the authorities in the School and Education department want their students to score 100% in all subjects and the total onus lies on the teachers only.

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News doing the rounds today that if a teacher beats a student to correct or mend him he or she has to face jail sentence and that is the order of the day. Even an 8th standard student is not afraid of the teacher because of the convenience of the law and its resultant action. This has developed into a stigma and anything and everything the teachers are taken to task and the student gets escaped with such ruling and the same has been published in all media and news magazines. This naturally prevents any teacher to take up any student when they misbehave or do not show attention on the classes and the lessons.
A recent incident in a school in Madurai which made the Headmaster go into awry as he had scolded some students in mending their behaviours and attention to the curriculum. You know what happened all the students of that particular class went in before the headmaster with a poison bottle and threatened him that they all would commit suicide by drinking the same and you will be put behind the bars. In another incident in a different school the teacher was suspended for taking action against an erring student.

im 10

If this status continues and it has been continuing throughout India in various schools and what would be the plight of teaching teachers. Is this change is going to fetch him better citizens from the schools or on the contrary in Madhya Pradesh the teachers have decided to quit and search for other jobs. Is it not the duty of the teachers to assess their wards and correct them when they go astray in mending them properly and showing them the right path and right perspectives? What is happening today in our education system? Everything has gone in favour of the erring students. The parents should understand this. Beating is not a punishment and they should understand that early bird catches the flight always. Any student has to be mended at the earliest age if he is not going to be altered when he is 5 years he can never learn when he becomes 50 years. We have been following this and this has put us all in right stead.

The new ruling is that till eight standards every student has to be naturally and automatically to be promoted. What is this, how does he start learning from the 9th standard if he had not properly gone through the earlier years on earning the promotion than getting it automatically. To bring in those students to pass level the teachers task is herculean. They need to work overtime and take in extra measures to those who are not capable and if they fail the responsibility lies on the teachers and they are taken to task.
When there is going to be an alteration to such eventualities. The teachers, the Headmasters plight are the most difficult one and they have to run helter skelter in getting the desired results or ultimately they are shifted for want of performance. How bad and poor treatment for our teachers.
Who is to bell the cat…? Yes definitely the Parents. They need to take stock of their children henceforth. They cannot take it for granted. They give all independence to their children, all comforts and whatever they want in life, from mobile to all electronic gadgets at the wrong time where he has to concentrate only on education alone, on the contrary he is plunging into all unwanted habits through his peers and friends. Getting involved in various illegal activities at the age where he is not supposed to know all blemishes and it has become very relevant in a student studying in the 8th standard.
It is high time they have to be mended and inculcated in all the good habits which would make them as the righteous students and ultimately land them into various fields where they have to emulate and follow the path of those who have been very successful in life just because they have been trained and ordained in the ways which were ethical and moral throughout their lives.

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We are all Indians and the population of this students are enlarging and there are the students who have to lead our largest country and we need them to be upright and honest to take in the virtues of tomorrow. We need to work on them in spite of the hurdles that are prevailing, we need a force to show this world we are not least against any one, we are not just citizens of this country, and we are really powerful of our own establishment of good things in leaps and bounds
Jai hind,

T Mohenchander